First class: Was the coworker crushing superior

The only rival, a Formula 1 driver can truly compare themselves with, is the colleague. For only he has the same car and in the starting point the same assumpti

First class: Was the coworker crushing superior

The only rival, a Formula 1 driver can truly compare themselves with, is the colleague. For only he has the same car and in the starting point the same assumpti

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 December 2019 Wednesday 08:00
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First class: Was the coworker crushing superior

The only rival, a Formula 1 driver can truly compare themselves with, is the colleague. For only he has the same car and in the starting point the same assumptions.

this is the sound of one of the truths of motor sport's finest class, which provides food for thought in a number of garages.

the Dominance of teamkammeraten was more the rule than the exception in the 2019 season, in which close-matched colleagues were minorities.

Looking more nuanced on the ten teamdueller than just the WORLD cup-the post, there were clear victories in six of them.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Kimi Räikkönen-Antonio Giovinazzi 6-0

After the summer break got Giovinazzi a much-needed resurgence, while the otherwise stable Räikkönen dropped in level. But seen over the season has the aging finn carried the team and are both in points during the qualification and in the race, clearly the best.

Antonio Giovinazzi can thank his nationality and Ferrari-related to show that he is still in Formula 1 next year. The team had chosen differently, had he not been Italian.

Kimi Räikkönen is no vårhare longer, but internally at Alfa Romeo was teamkammeraten Antonio Giovinazzi superior. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Daniel Ricciardo-Nico Hülkenberg 6-0

the Australian had to use a little getting used to the disadvantage of the Renault-racer after the switch from Red Bull, but there is no doubt about who was the best in 2019 of the two. Much is said and written about the terrible in that Hülkenberg has finished in the Formula 1.

One can clearly argue that Ricciardo is SO much better that the 200 million dollars in annual salary indicates, but after to have seen this matchup you do not understand also, why, for example, Red Bull refuses to employ a German. Hülkenberg is known as excellent during qualification, but lost the duel to the Riccardo, which quite substantially got a slap on the 15-6 of Max Verstappen last year at Red Bull. The numbers give no arguments for that Hülkenberg has the class to a topteam, when he's not hitting the popular australian.

Renault has paid a lot of money to lure Daniel Ricciardo to switch from Red Bull. The australian was also clearly the best. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Max Verstappen-Pierre Gasly 6-0

12 grandprixer got this constellation together, before the frenchman was demoted to the Toro Rosso - and since scoring his first podium. For the successor of Alexander Albon see the statistics a little more gentle, but it is aided by some unfortunate race for the Dutch superstar. Max Verstappen is one of the future big stars, and it will always be hard to be his teamkammerat, when Red Bull so unique bet on him as førstekører.

Max Verstappen is a difficult man to be up against. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Lewis Hamilton Valtteri Bottas 6-0

It was just exactly to tenniscifre, when Hamilton for the season's last contest ran a faster lap than his colleague. Bottas won the very first contest and continues its prosperity, but the class can't be denied as the season progressed. Hamilton is the stability itself and do practically never mistake. Both during the qualification and race, he is just the thank you better.

For the next year claiming Valtteri Bottas to have an ace up its sleeve, but that he must also have, as a minimum, in order to beat the now six fold champion of the world.

Valtteri Bottas must tighten up tremendously'an, if he is to beat Lewis Hamilton over a season. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Carlos Sainz Jr.-Lando Norris 5-1

With the timing in Abu Dhabi avoids Lando Norris just an egg. The young briton wins the duel 11-10. The chemistry between the two is brilliant, and Norris have made it decent, but no better. Seen with Danish eyes, there is an obvious parallel to the 2014 season. Norris has in his debutsæson scored barely a third of the team's points accurately, as Kevin Magnussen did it in 2014. The difference is just that the dane was kicked off in december, while Norris has the management's backing and was extended already in July. One could also argue that Jenson Button was a tougher fellow than Sainz ...

Carlos Sainz Jr. had his best season in Formula 1. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Kevin Magnussen-Romain Grosjean 5-1

the Dane has always been better to adapt to the difficult of the race than Romain Grosjean, that requires the perfect setup to deliver its best. In a grim season for Haas, where drivers often without guilt stood still in the races, is it worth noting how Magnussen dominated the qualifications (13-8), which otherwise is Grosjeans expertise. And on Saturday was, where VF19’eren worked best. The frenchman wins only in the ‘løbresultater’, where it plays into, that he proceeded out of the whole seven years. Some of them could have been avoided.

Kevin Magnussen was the team's best in an otherwise poor season for Haas. Photo: Jan Sommer

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

George Russell-Robert Kubica 4-2

it was Actually the pole udklasseret of his young colleague, as many - despite the lack of points in the slow Williams points to as the year's most impressive rookie. Kubica scored a lucky team one point and thus the best result in the chaotic regnvejrsløb in Germany. Without that one run, would the post have been a totally clear 6-0 in Russells favor.

In Abu Dhabi, completed Mercedes-the talent the perfect qualification; 21-0, and thus the days of Fernando Alonsos record over Stoffel Vandoorne from the year before. Williams’ miserable car and season hides the biggest difference between the two teamkammerater this season and recalls the very same Alonsos debutsæson for Minardi in 2001.

Robert Kubica lost 0-21 on Saturday for his rookie-teamkammerat. Photo: Jan Sommer

The nuanced head-to-head


race results*


Fastest lap**

Laps in the top-ten

Best result

*Inter-accounting when both have completed the course. Add nuances to the picture, if one side of the garage has been harder hit by the technical problems

** only Counts when both drivers have run a place in the race

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