Fear to be broken in along

I can almost not believe that they will do it. It will be for the game. It is not only on the island, that the more fear a possible Kattegat connection. See

Fear to be broken in along

I can almost not believe that they will do it. It will be for the game. It is not only on the island, that the more fear a possible Kattegat connection. See

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
19 February 2020 Wednesday 00:00
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Fear to be broken in along

I can almost not believe that they will do it. It will be for the game.

It is not only on the island, that the more fear a possible Kattegat connection.

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the Citizens of Røsnæs is also nervous over the fact that the Danish road directorate continues to spend millions on a feasibility study of the possible monster-project.

– the Highway will do the peninsula on along. The state's own studies show that there will come an emanation of noise in both directions at a mile, which would exceed the limit of what is defensible in terms of health. It's actually the whole of the peninsula, because it is only two kilometers wide, so noise is a really big thing, " says Anders Jørn Jensen, the association No to motorway is found to Ekstra Bladet.

For Anders Jørn Jensen, it would mean that he is going to stay 500 metres away from the motorway in his holiday home on the peninsula Røsnæs. The noise level is therefore high on the list of the possible consequences, which he fears will come to dominate everyday life on the island.

the Same concerns have a board member in the association Dorete Dandanell, who has lived on the peninsula since she was nine years old. She fears for how it will be to stay on the island in the future with a highway.

– It will degrade the quality of life very and a unique nature. Here is the Storebælts-climate with a lot of rare flowers and vegetation and many conservation areas. We think it will be terrible, says Dorete Dandanell for Extra Magazine.

the Plans for the highway show that it will go through two protected areas, called Natura 2000-areas. In addition to the noise there is great concern that the highway will destroy the unique nature, as the peninsula, according to the Røsnæs citizens.

– It is one of the 15 most unique areas in Denmark, and recorded in Denmark Naturkanon. It is both because of the biodiversity, but also because the landscapes are very special. They are very beautiful, you almost see it. It is special, because it is a great ice sheet that has pushed the Røsnæs up, so it is a randmoræne with cliffs and hills, " says Anders Jørn Jensen.

the Decision of the highway is, however, far from settled, and if you ask Anders Jørn Jensen, and, so doubt he is on, it becomes a reality, when now the area is a part of the naturkanon.

– I can almost not believe that they will do it. It will be for the game, but the business is very much for it, because Aarhus and Copenhagen will almost become a single urban zone.

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the Landscape is unique on the peninsula Røsnæs, believes Anders Jørn Jensen. And why does he think that there must be taken care of it. Photo: Per Rasmussen

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Hope in the tunnel

– We are strong opponents of, that there shall be a highway, says Troels Birch Kristoffersen, who is the president of Røsnæs Development and residents ' association.

He believes that a highway will put a stop to the development of which he has experienced in the last few years on the peninsula. A development he considers mainly due to the association's project is found Around, where people have become aware of the unique nature of.

the Project is about the celebration of nature, which accommodates a kystrute of 25 km, where there are 13 landmarks. Therefore, the project will be destroyed if a highway is found.

– we are pretty bored of, when we now have got time in an association and in the school and community. The whole area has changed, he says.

Troels Birch Kristoffersen hope, therefore, that you will look at what other options there are to make a connection across the Kattegat sea. He thinks that a sænketunnel along the coast can be the solution to avoid destroying the naturperlen Røsnæs.

Neither No to the highway of Røsnæs or Røsnæs Development and residents ' association is pr. definition against a Kattegat connection, but both associations say ' no ' to a highway.

Facts about Kattegatforbindelsen

Just now the Danish road directorate to use the 60 million budget-dollars, which are allocated to review the project. When the equation is completed next year, it is up to Parliament to decide whether to give the green light to 15 years in bridge and road right in the middle of the kingdom.

the Bill for history's most expensive construction project on Danish soil is estimated as a minimum to approx. 130 billion a year. dollars for a combined road and train connection from Zealand to the south of Aarhus.

it Gets the thumb up, you can about the 15 year run in car from Copenhagen to Aarhus on two and a half hours.

the Resistance against the project is very large in denmark on the west and on the island.

In the 11. time there emerged an alternative proposal. An almost 40 km-long bridge in one piece, which should go further to the north, across the Kattegat sea, between Sjællands Odde and Djursland.

anyway, this model has the transport minister Benny Engelbrecht (S) recently separately asked to get involved in the equation, if the upshot is expected with tension on both the Samsø and Røsnæs.

the Extra Leaf on the island of Samsø

the Extra Leaf sets this week focus on the island and has set up a temporary editing in Tranebjerg, where the picture here is taken.

Look past the Langgade 35 and get a newspaper, a chat and a cup of coffee.

If you want to talk with Extra Magazine's editor-in-chief, Poul Madsen, you can meet him on Wednesday at. 12-14.

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