Family extorted NemID and put in debt: the Fear of losing a residence permit

Mhishkhl Idrees Rahman is on the way to his work in Copenhagen, as Ekstra Bladet meets him. - I'm tired, stressed and scared, he tells, as one of the first.

Family extorted NemID and put in debt: the Fear of losing a residence permit

Mhishkhl Idrees Rahman is on the way to his work in Copenhagen, as Ekstra Bladet meets him. - I'm tired, stressed and scared, he tells, as one of the first.

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Ann McDonald
04 November 2019 Monday 01:00
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Family extorted NemID and put in debt: the Fear of losing a residence permit

Mhishkhl Idrees Rahman is on the way to his work in Copenhagen, as Ekstra Bladet meets him.

- I'm tired, stressed and scared, he tells, as one of the first.

In august, both he and his wife Lana extorted their NemID-information of telefonsvindlere, and now, they are on bills and loans, which threatens to send the young couple in the RKI.

- I fear that this case may cost us life in Denmark, says a concerned Mhishkhl.

- Our residence permit will be reassessed for January, and everyone knows that there must not be much to, before being thrown out.

- If I stand in the viral marketing, is emerging I as a troublemaker. What can the few of importance? I don't know what I should do.

Mhishkhl and the wife Lanar was started to create themselves a life in Denmark, until telefonsvindlere called in august. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Although the debt of about 55.000 dollars, not formed by the Mhishkhl and Lana, threatening the banks to send the pair in the RKI in a few days.

- I can not see how we should pay. We have not even enough money to cover the interest rates and fees, tells Mhishkhl.

Both him and Lana are in education and receives around 5,000 in the month. And fritidsjobbet at the pizzeria brings only a very modest amount, since most of the money goes to transport from the Mhishkhl home in Skibby and work in Copenhagen.

- When we have paid our fixed expenses, we have only 2,000 dollars left, which also must cover food, clothes for our child, the transportation and so on.

the Pair have therefore considered dropping out of their courses and get full-time jobs. It has got to be one of their trainers to go into the matter.

- Mhishkhl and Lana are conscientious students. They are well-liked by the teachers and started to build a life. Now I can see how they are becoming more and more resigned every time there comes a new expense, says professor Jacob Krogmann, which is trying to help the young couple.

'We have no family, but for us it is Jacob as a father. Had it not been for him, I had given up', tells Mhishkhl grateful for the help he has received from his teacher Jacob Krogmann. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Jacob Krogmann and Mhishkhl have reported the matter to the police, contacted the legal aid, contacted the municipality and made a kreditadvarsel.

They have been stopped further abuse of the couple's information, but it has already made the debt can not be deleted.

'Since you have given your personal information to another person, we don't consider this case as a fraud day.(..) The granting of the loan will, therefore, continue (..) You want a lovely day,' writes, for example, Express Bank.

- the Banks should take a social responsibility. They destroy people's lives, but is numbing to care. It offends me, " says Jacob Krogmann.

- It's pretty much psychological terror. Bills and threats of marketing, strategy falls in a row, and at the same time with that Mhishkhl and Lana can either get help or pay the debt, which just grows bigger and bigger because of interest and fees.

In an email to Ekstra Bladet writes communications manager from the Express Bank, Nina Johansen:

- I don't know the case referred to, but in general we try, as far as it is possible to do is always to find a solution together with the customer. We feel with the victims and look very seriously at fraud.

- We will put ourselves together in the morning (ed. Monday. 4 november) to find new solutions on how we across the organisation can be better to help our own customers, writes Nina Johansen from the Express Bank also in his mail.

On the meeting get any importance for Mhishkhl and his wife Lana, time will tell.

Good advice to avoid misuse of personal information

Ida Marie Moesby, an economist at the Consumer Think, has three tips on how to avoid identity theft as, for example, abuse of NemID.

First and foremost you basically never disclose its personal information such as NemID.

If you're called by someone who ask for such information, one should be critical and ask questions, although it can be difficult. Many scammers are skilled at winning people's confidence or in pushing on, but think you always have an extra time.

the Consumer council Think has, in cooperation with, among others, banks and the police made an app you can download for free. It's called My digital self-defense, and the purpose of the app is to inform users about pending cases of fraud on the web, for example phishing emails in circulation.

If you are in a situation where you have been defrauded and extorted money, one should immediately contact his bank. If the bank will not replace the lost amount, you can appeal to The financial appeals committee. It costs 200 crowns to complain, but if you win your case, you will get your money back.

At the police nationwide center for it-related economic crime, it also calls for the to be critical if you without even having turned being contact by someone who is pretending to be from the bank. As a starting point, the bank or other authorities never contact a person and ask for information.

If one were to have abused his or her personal information, you must first contact the bank, as far as possible to stop the transactions. Then you must contact the police.

Source: the Consumer council Think and LCIK

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Mhishkhl and Lana have fled from Iraq.

Lana's family would not have that she talked to me. They would have her married with a family instead. They beat her, and one day they cut her in the back with a knife, because they discovered that she had been on the phone with me, tells Mhishkhl.

They fled to Denmark, where the three years came to stay on 10 different asylum centres. Last year, they got their residence permit.

- We have been good at the language in a short time, is going to take education and both have dreams of getting good jobs. But now it's all stalled, says Mhishkhl.

- I can't see myself out of debt. No one can help, and I can't pay, and I feel that it's all my fault.

Whether the situation can be of importance for the couple's residence, rejecting Leif Randeris from InvandreRådgivningen. He does not believe that Flygtningenævnet may refuse to renew the permit, as long as the pair is in danger in their home country.

- Hopefully the debt is of no importance in relation to their residence permit. But the sheep and has already had a big negative impact on their progress and integration in this country. It is here destroying the whole of their ongoing development, says a frustrated Jacob Krogmann.

- I get angry and harm of systematics; the fraudsters are going deliberately after the weak and vulnerable, and when the accident happens, there is no help available in the system, says Jacob Krogmann.

Jacob Krogmanns parents fled to Sweden during the second world war. He is therefore very much up in the to help those who come as refugees. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Typically, the telephone-trick: Couple from Iraq is not alone

Extra Magazine has previously written about cases in which private have lost money, because the scammers have cheated them personal information.

- It has affected me mentally. I have had it very bad with it told, for example, Ulla Hansen, who had cheated 100,000 dollars.

Ulla Hansen was cheated 100,000 dollars, which was a replacement, she received after a sequence with breast cancer. A lot of money for Ulla, who works as a to become a care helper. Photo: Per Rasmussen

Like Mhishkhl Idrees Rahman and his wife were Ulla Hansen called up by the scammers in the month of august in the year.

- We have seen a slight increase over the summer in the number of cases where the victim is being called up and extorted some information by someone pretending to be from a bank or an authority, have the Trine Møller told Ekstra Bladet.

She is the chief of the police nationwide center for it-related economic crime (LCIK), and according to her, takes the police this form of identity theft very serious.

- the Consequence for the individual is serious. There are many who lose a lot of money on it here, and it can also have some psychological repercussions, she says.

See also: Gorm got NemID stolen: Now the hunted he of a debt collection agency

While police have not yet charged anyone in the Mhishkhl and Lana case, then it is successful the police to arrest and aim of the eight young men in connection with Ulla Hansen's case.

The eight young men are supposed to be behind the fraud of the number of persons, and although the scope of the case has not yet been fully determined, has the prosecution considered that there is a total amount of 'not less than four million dollars'.

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