FIFA greases for brutal China

president, Xi Jinping, is totally crazy about football. His big problem is that his compatriots are not very good at the game on grønsværen. It holds, however

FIFA greases for brutal China

president, Xi Jinping, is totally crazy about football. His big problem is that his compatriots are not very good at the game on grønsværen. It holds, however

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
02 November 2019 Saturday 20:00
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FIFA greases for brutal China

president, Xi Jinping, is totally crazy about football. His big problem is that his compatriots are not very good at the game on grønsværen.

It holds, however, not Jinping from to rumble forward on the international fodboldscene, and now he has really put the pace on his ambitions to make China a fodboldstormagt.

proclaimed he, that China should host the WORLD cup, and China to win the WORLD cup. The last have a good enough long-term outlook, but the first wish must have come true either in 2030 or 2034.

The trailer just how far the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino will go to bend the FIFA rules in its efforts to make its good friend and ally of Xi Jinping happy.

be in no doubt that Infantino will go even very far. In the last week was FIFA's board, the so-called Counsil meeting in Shanghai, and here assigned to the China the first edition of the new Club WORLD cup with 24 teams. A tournament which should be conducted in the summer of 2021.

At the same time, opened the Infantino and his people for the possibility that China can get the WORLD cup with 48 teams in 2030. It was the goal of Xi Jinping in addition, set when he returned in 2011 opened its vision to lead a fodboldstormagt.

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FIFA-the president is both the bowing and scraping.

a situation where FIFA for economic reasons need China, and how China has use for soccer ball in it, you can call for sportshvidvaskning.

China is not any mønsternation. It is hardly many who disagree. But then you can always use the sport to Polish the facade. And Infantino are indifferent to China's dark sides.

the Club WORLD cup to the chinese, he said in Shanghai, to well enough to FIFA's sense of social responsibility, but he's not going to do it by attacking or criticizing anyone.

even if the freedom of speech in China is not existing, and that dissidents are being imprisoned in droves.

to him, apparently, a høstblomst, the chinese regime put tremendous pressure on the many who are fighting for democracy in Hong Kong. He also looks through the fingers to the brutal chinese regime has detained more than a million Uighur muslims in Xinjiang province.

instead, said Infantino on China's Club WORLD cup:

’This is a historic moment for football, because FIFA's Counsil unanimously stands behind the decision to designate China as the host. The new Club WORLD cup will be a tournament that everyone who loves football, will look forward to. It will be the first real WORLD championship for the best clubs in the world.’

thus, not get my arms down. But he is also in debt to the chinese. After the many corruption scandals in FIFA, in connection with the awarding of the WORLD cup to Russia and Qatar escaped many western sponsors from the FIFA. When Infantino took over from Sepp Blatter in 2015, there was to be low tide in the box.

But then moved to the big chinese companies have entered and laid the money on the table. FIFA entered into a number of milliardaftaler with gigantic sponsors such as Alibaba, Wanda, Hisense, Vivo, and recent mejerikoncernen Mengniu.

filled FIFA's pengetanke, and now is the first installment in the form of the new club WORLD cup paid back. More will undoubtedly come. With more than a billion inhabitants, China is a new market for FIFA. And maybe learn chinese, one day, to play football. Currently, China is only number 69 in the FIFA world rankings.

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The fight over WORLD cup in 2030

The chinese president's dream of becoming a host for the WORLD cup in 2030 should not be able to come true, but it makes it perhaps anyway.

Since the FIFA in december 2010 awarded the WORLD cup to Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022, it was decided that the WORLD cup of the future must go on switching between konføderationerne.

in Addition, it was agreed that countries from the same confederation as the VM-host can not apply for the next two WORLD cup finals.

As the Qatar hear the China to the asian confederation, and, therefore, should China at the earliest, could come into play for the WORLD cup in 2034.

But FIFA's meeting in Shanghai last week held the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino more than an open door for the chinese. The decision on who should host the WORLD cup in 2030 will only be taken at FIFA's congress in 2024. Thus, just six years before the finals, which shall contain the 48 team.

the Rules for who can bid on the finals, will be published in the spring of 2022.

As mentioned, Qatar to host in 2022. In 2026 is the USA together with Mexico and Canada for værtsskabet, and if we follow the thinking in the FIFA rotationsprincip, it should be Africa get the WORLD cup in 2030.

Africa was last hosted in 2010, and Morocco has five times in the past, sought to become a WORLD cup host. No luck. This time is expected Morocco to search together with Algeria and Tunisia.

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Morocco is a great fodboldnation as five times, in vain, sought to become the host of the WORLD cup. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix.

But others have also already put the ticket in.

by 2030 it is 100 years since the first WORLD cup was held. The host at the time was Uruguay, and the south americans like to celebrate the 100-year, together with Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

From Europe, England has signed up as a possible candidate, along with northern Ireland and Wales.

the Other european bids can be in Spain together with Portugal and a joint bid from the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece.

A WORLD cup finals, is a dance about the golden calf, and when you think about how much money China has invested in FIFA, it will not wonder, if the principle of rotation must ultimately give way to the wicked mammon.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Nothing the Club WORLD cup without Europe

When China in 2021 is hosting the first new Club WORLD cup with 24 teams, it becomes in the high level european clubs, that's going to draw the load.

If they make up. Originally, Europe was allocated 12 seats at the finals, but it said the UEFA no to.

instead, it has been to eight seats, but the ECA, the association of european clubs announced earlier in the year, not to make up, because they do not believe there is room in the calendar for such a big tournament.

But, of course, makes the european clubs up. It is just a matter of payment and, in addition, will a Club WORLD cup without european involvement never be interesting for spectators and tv-viewers.

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As the winner of the Champions League 2019 is Liverpool guaranteed a place at the new Club WORLD championship in 2021. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix.

FIFA expects the Club WORLD cup will be a tremendously big business, but it requires the best teams with the biggest stars make up.

The 24 teams will be divided by eight to Europe, six to south America, three to Asia, three to Africa and three to North and central america. The last square must exist in a playoffkamp between a team from Oceania and the chinese competition.

In the starting point will be the eight european teams, the winners of the Champions League and Europa League from 2018 to 2021.

It is the tournaments, as Spain and England dominate, but FIFA would like to have more countries/clubs represented - read Bayern Munich, Juventus and PSG, so there will no doubt be a limit to how many clubs from the same country, which must participate.

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