FIFA-bossens hypocritical homage of Donald Trump

not much Snow over the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, but there is hardly any doubt that he spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. mirror, mirror

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
22 January 2020 Wednesday 19:00
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FIFA-bossens hypocritical homage of Donald Trump

not much Snow over the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, but there is hardly any doubt that he spends a lot of time in front of the mirror.

mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the mightiest man in the world here?

obvious, but with klædelig modesty biting he it in him, when he is out in the public. Even then.

now, Take the speech he has just delivered to the us president, Donald Trump, during a dinner at the World Economic Forum in the swiss Davos. Infantino had Trump at the table, and on the same day as rigsretssagen against the u.s. president began in Washington, elected the FIFA president to underplay its own format.

addressed to the Trump, he said:

’You might wonder why it is the FIFA president, who introduces the president of the UNITED states here in the evening. I have been told by any of your employees – I mention no names – that I am today is the second most important man in Davos. It is of course not true. You are far more important than me, but it is nice to hear such a thing.

But there are three good reasons why the FIFA president introduces the president of the UNITED states. First, because of football's power – or soccer as you call it in north America. Soccer is more than a game. Four billion as the recent football WORLD cup. 1.2 billion as the women's WORLD cup last year, as the UNITED states won. Congratulations with it.

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Infantino presents the WORLD cup trophy to the UNITED states's Megan Rapinoe. Photo: Bernadett Szabo/ Ritzau Scanpix

The second reason is the UNITED states and soccer. And allow me to say that the US is becoming a fodboldstormagt. We will organise the WORLD cup in 2026 in north America. And president of the Trump have been with us from the beginning. He desired that the championship was to be arranged, together with Canada and Mexico, a prelude to the amazing trade agreement you signed in the previous week. On the way is soccer also a precursor to the trade.’

go ahead with the Infantinos speech, may I just interject that it's probably come from behind at the Trump, that he was a contributory cause to the UNITED states along with Mexico and Canada secured the WORLD cup in 2026. It is certainly not the impression I have got, after that I several times have met the u.s. WORLD cup organizers. But let the danger now. Back to Infantinos speech:

’The third reason is you, president. President Trump is definitely a sportsman. I'm so lucky that I through life have met the world's best footballers. President Trump is made of the same material. He is a konkurrencemand. He wants to win. He wants to show who is the best.

He actually says what many are thinking, but most importantly, he makes it, he says. It means that the american dream is becoming a reality. And you are sure that with your help, president, with your contribution and with the contribution from everyone here at the table, we will make sure that the american dream will be fulfilled, not just in the UNITED states, as we have seen, but in the whole world.’

not late to thank you for the speech. And he took more credit for the fact that the US got the WORLD cup in 2026, and the Los Angeles OLYMPICS in 2028. He called consistently Infantino for Johnny and, in fact, he believed that they were made of the same substance.

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Donald Trump labbede hyldesten in itself. Photo: Jim Watson/ Ritzau Scanpix

Now there are enough individual, who will wonder why Infantino spend time with the world powers in Davos, instead of being present on all manner of fodboldarenaer. The answer is to be found in the self-understanding that prevails at changing the FIFA presidents.

The brazilian stortyv Joao Havelange consorted in his time happy various dictators and heads of state. Sepp Blatter took it to new heights. He ate like dinner with The president, the mass murderer and krigsforbryderen Charles Taylor, for the next morning to visit the leaders in Moscow or Washington.

the very same Blatter, who proclaimed that FIFA was the world's greatest superpower, because there were several that played and then football, than were residents of any country in the world.

The thought has Gianni Infantino obviously taken to him. Especially when he stands in front of the mirror. The last year he has got a big order of the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, as he soon sees more often than his own family.

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They are also best friends. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

also incessantly to China, where he together with president Xi Jinping, the country has several agreements. Among other things, China must be the host of the new enlarged Club WORLD cup with the participation of 24 teams in 2021. I wonder if Infantino has told Jinping that China is becoming a fodboldstormagt.

Anything else would look like him badly. And one should not be stingy when you now even is the world's most powerful man.

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