FCK enters into historic agreement with Carlsberg

Denmark's largest sportssponsorat continues for a further six years. Carlsberg will also appear on the jerseys of FC Copenhagen in the coming years, as a pro

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 January 2020 Tuesday 10:00
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FCK enters into historic agreement with Carlsberg

Denmark's largest sportssponsorat continues for a further six years.

Carlsberg will also appear on the jerseys of FC Copenhagen in the coming years, as a proof that the brewery continues hovedsponoratet.

There is talk about a historic agreement, as it is the largest sportssponsorat in Denmark.

FC Copenhagen have had Carlsberg as the main sponsor since 1999. The agreement was last extended in 2014, where bryggerigiganten according to Ekstra information paid in the region of eur 25 million. kr. of the year.

The new agreement is believed to refer FCK in the region of 30 million. kr. on the year, and exceed what several super League clubs have gathered in sponsor income.

the Agreement between the parties was signed on Tuesday morning at the Hotel Marienlyst in Helsingør, where the Park's president, City Rygaard, and Carlsberg's new director, Peter Haahr Nielsen, put the signature on the new agreement.

Carlsberg has in these days its vendors gathered in Elsinore to the new year meeting to present the plans for 2020, where the EM-the feast for the summer for the national team and hovedsponsoratet in FC Copenhagen are important elements.

- Our partnership with Carlsberg is extremely valuable, so we are very pleased with the new agreement. It gives us an even stronger common platform by far forward in time to the benefit of the club, the fans and for the development of the total Parken Sport & Entertainment overall.

- at the same time it is a continuation of a great shared story and journey for the two large Danish lighthouses, for which we are very proud to be a part of, " says chairman of the board in the Park Sports & Entertainment, Bo Rygaard, for FCK's website.

Carlsberg has beer sales for the many events in the Park. It is also what bryggerigiganten pay for. Photo: Anthon Unger

Also in Carlsberg, there is the joy of marriage with the Danish masters has been extended.

- Carlsberg has been a part of Danish football in my entire life, and our partnership with FC Copenhagen going almost as long a time back as our partnership with Liverpool FC and the national team.

the Agreement means a lot to all of us, and therefore it was natural to sign the agreement and celebrate our long, strong partnership with FC Copenhagen, here at Marienlyst. It is a big day for Carlsberg, a good day for FCK and all the fans, and an important day for Danish football, there goes a big year in the meeting, says director Peter Haahr Nielsen.

FC Copenhagen in 2018 total sponsor income of just over 85 million. kr., and 2019-the result will be in the same rent. The club has, however, previously been over the magical 100 million. kr. of the year.

For comparison, had the Brøndby in 2018 sponsor income of 64 million. kr., and the blue-gules hovedsponsoraftale with Arbejdernes Landsbank is far from on 'The level'.

Carlsberg has become synonymous with the FCK. Photo: Lars Poulsen
the Goal with the extension of the agreement is that the experience must be raised for the club's fans, and 'significant resources' are allocated to the development of fanmiljøet.

- part of our Strategy is to create a total experience for all who come to our matches and events. We have had a growth in the number of fans at more than 25 per cent. in the season we just completed.

- in Parallel with the high tilskuervækst we have had a close cooperation with Carlsberg to improve the experience for our spectators at the targeted to create the best possible framework around our matches. With the new agreement, we commit ourselves both to give fanoplevelsen even a significant boost with new, large investments in, among others, an integrated fanmiljø and other fan amenities.

- we could not without the partnership with Carlsberg. One of the first steps will be a survey of our fans about the wish they have to the experience to our matches, " says Katja Moesgaard, who is COO of FC Copenhagen.

Carlsberg has great expectations to the future cooperation could be to help to lift the fanoplevelsen to fighting in the Park.

- A key part of the new agreement is the very ambitious plan to attract more fans and make fanoplevelsen even better. We will involve the many passionate fans together to create the best fanoplevelser in the future.

- It is a very ambitious project, where we get even closer to the fans. We have a long and strong shared narrative, and we will strengthen and build on with the new action, as the fans to determine who can create great experiences going forward, says Peter Haahr Nielsen.

Carlsberg has long been deeply involved in football. They were the sponsor for the european championship finals of 1988 and up to 2016, in the in the autumn of 2019, the decided to drop the expensive major sponsorship for the finals.

Bryggerigiganten is also storsponsor in the English traditionsklub Liverpool, where the brewery has been a permanent collaborator since 1992.

In the beginning as the main sponsor, but since 2010 as one of the club's biggest sponsors. In the spring of last year was the agreement with Liverpool extended for five years until 2024.

It is an agreement, which annually brings Liverpool level of 100 million. kr.

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