Expert in ecstasy: - It is completely unheard of

on the Night of Monday won the south Korean film 'Parasite' somewhat surprising an Oscar for best film ahead of favourite '1917'. Just the victory was qui

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 February 2020 Monday 06:00
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Expert in ecstasy: - It is completely unheard of

on the Night of Monday won the south Korean film 'Parasite' somewhat surprising an Oscar for best film ahead of favourite '1917'.

Just the victory was quickly touted as both 'historic' and a 'sensation'.

Now explains so much Jacob Lucas, who works as a filmredaktør at Soundvenue, why the victory is so remarkable.

- It is a sensation, it is completely unheard of, and it is total old. Never before a movie, there has been in English, or a silent film, which won for best film. For this reason alone, has this victory changed Oscars history, he says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

One had assumed that the film called '1917', which is a more classical drama, would win. That 'Parasite' can win makes you see the academy in a new light, he says.

According to Jacob Lucas, it's great to see that finally being given space to a non-English films among the winners in the category best film.

- the main prize has in many years been called 'best film' but 'best film'. But the fact is that it has been the English-language film that has won every time, so it is refreshing and super cool, that one makes up with it now. In my eyes, we have really been witnesses of a historical moment, and it shows that there are changes on the way, he says.

'Parasite'-the team immediately after the great victory. Photo: Matt Petit/Ritzau Scanpix

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- How is it to be witness to it, when now you are filmelsker, as you are?

- It is the whole game feeling. We are accustomed to think that such a little exotic movies can be a personal favorite, but when it is the Oscars, we are going to talk about the great american films. Hjertebørnene is not represented, he says, and continues:

- But with the 'Parasite' is it gone up in a higher unity. The audience loves it, industry loves it, the critics love it. In such a time where there was much talk that the film is in crisis, it is a liberation, and it is a movie that everyone is talking about.

- Now that you themselves, it is clear to see that there are changes to the Oscars on the way with this victory. Can you put a few words on how you see it?

- This victory is both a result of a number of changes, and so heralds the changes. They have taken new members into the academy, which comes from places other than the UNITED states, and filmsynet gets in the way of something else. A guesstimate would be that there are about 50 and 60 Danish members, and the members take a film like 'Parasite' as seriously as the american films, he says, and continues:

- So on the way there has been a softening. When you see that a movie like 'Parasite' can win, it can create a precedent for other years can believe that foreign films also have a chance. It is totally time and better seen than never, and it is a huge step and really nice with a surprise, he stresses.

the Whole team on the red carpet. Photo: Valerie Macon/Ritzau Scanpix

Here are all the Oscars winners


Renée Zellweger for 'Judy'

Joaquin Phoenix for 'the Joker

Bong Joon Ho for 'Parasite'

'Love me again' from the 'Rocketman'

'the Joker'




'Lemans '66 (Ford vs. Ferrari)



'Lemans '66 (Ford vs. Ferrari)

Laura Dern for 'Marriage Story'

Best short documentary: Learning to skateboard in a warzone (If you're a girl)'

Best documentary: 'American Factory'

the Best costumes: Jacqueline Durran for 'Little Women'

Best picture: 'Once upon a time in Hollywood'

Best short film: 'The Neighbors' Window'

Best adapted screenplay: 'Jojo Rabbit'

Best original screenplay: 'Parasite'

Best animated short film: 'Hair Love'

Best animation: 'Toy Story 4'

Best male actor in a supporting role: Brad Pitt for 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

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