Expert: Iran will go after to humble the UNITED states

Iran will not necessarily respond with the same. But there will come a very strong response to the US's annihilation of general Qassem Soleimani. The Rasmus

Expert: Iran will go after to humble the UNITED states

Iran will not necessarily respond with the same. But there will come a very strong response to the US's annihilation of general Qassem Soleimani. The Rasmus

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 January 2020 Friday 07:00
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Expert: Iran will go after to humble the UNITED states

Iran will not necessarily respond with the same. But there will come a very strong response to the US's annihilation of general Qassem Soleimani.

The Rasmus Elling is not in doubt. He is associate professor of intercultural studies at Copenhagen University, author and one of Denmark's leading experts in iranian conditions.

- There is no doubt that Iran perceives the assassination, as a regular act of war. It confirms the iranians that the UNITED states is a terrorstat, and the question is not whether there will be an answer, but how and when it will come, says Rasmus Elling.

The 42-year-old Iran-expert, describing the deadly attack against the architect behind Iran's foreign policy, and the deputy commander of the country's core leadership and management as 'unprecedented' and as a 'very hefty action'.

- We can therefore not know whether modreaktionen will be out of proportions. It will in the coming days to show, assess the Rasmus Elling.

Iran,-the expert draws attention to Iran since the embassy crisis between præstestyret and the government of the UNITED states in 1979, has prepared himself thoroughly to respond with all possible tricks, if the superpower would dare to orchestrate what Iran perceives as an act of war.

Philip Christian Ulrich, who has a thorough knowledge of american foreign policy explains why the attack is happening right now. Producer: Lasse Brøndal.

- What opportunities do you see for you?

- the Iranians want, certainly not a direct, conventional war with the UNITED states. The country will be completely destroyed, if it should develop in the direction. But the problem is, of course, that with the here action from the USA's side becomes harder to control the development and prevent a war.

- I think that the iranians will perhaps beat again in The Persian Gulf and try to exhibit the americans as incompetent. As a superpower that is unable to ensure the country's oil interests. There may also be retaliatory attacks in Iraq put in the work of the pro-iranian militia. It could be the attack on the u.s. embassy.

the Rasmus Elling assesses that Iran likely will resort to symbolic acts that hurt the UNITED states'self-understanding. The iranians are experts in using all possible tricks to put pressure on the players in the Middle east. The regime has developed methods of waging war, which does not involve a direct confrontation.

The high-profile general in the iranian population considered as a possible future candidate for the presidency of the financially strapped middle eastern country. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

- there Is reason to fear terror attacks aimed against civilians?

- I don't believe It. Iran has generally not supported the terror that goes after civilians, in the same way as for example ICE cream or Al-Qaida. But you can easily imagine attacks on oil installations, military bases, embassies, consulates or the companies, as is u.s. or cooperate with the UNITED states.

- we Can be witnesses for direct personangreb against u.s. officials?

- It can not be exclude.

- Why was Qassem Soleimani so detested a figure in the UNITED states?

- The u.s. government could see that he has developed into a popular figure in large parts of the iranian population. Here is perceived as a war hero in the fight against the Islamic State and as a leader who defends the interests of the country, compared to just american imperialism in the region.

the Middle east-expert Deniz Serinci elaborates, whom Qassem Soleimani was. Producer: Lasse Brøndal.

For the UNITED states was Qassem Soleimani after Rasmus Ellings view the symbol of a military leader which, by means of proxy wars and diplomatic pressure acted against u.s. interests in key countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

- How strong was his influence?

- He was tipped to be a possible future candidate for the presidency. Soleimani was a very exposed figure, and had also an immense influence on iranian foreign policy. We know with certainty, that he was a part of the core of leadership in Iranian politics and has managed the country's course of action in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and Lebanon. Countries, which to a great extent also of interest to the UNITED states.

the Relationship between the UNITED states and Iran have been tense since the embassy crisis between the two countries back in 1979. Photo: Hussein Faleh/Ritzau Scanpix

Rasmus Elling describes the now killed the general as number two in the hierarchy within the military, and should he compare him with american conditions, it would be similar to that of Iran in the murder of the deputy supreme commander of the armed forces of the UNITED states (James C. McConville, eds.).

- How popular was he in Iran?

- It is complicated. Many iranians saw him as a hero, for example, defended the interests of the country over to the Islamic State. It also applies to the iranians who would otherwise oppose præstestyret. But there are also people who have perceived him as a symbol of the regime's repression.

- What you put in, that the attack unfolded in Iraq?

- It is not a coincidence. Precisely Iraq has been the main theatre of the conflict between Iran and the UNITED states, and it signals that no iranian leaders can feel secure outside their country.

- And the timing - is it random?

- not at all. The assassination, is included directly in the power play of who should set the course for the Iraq and determine which direction the country should go in now. For while Iran's economy weakened, but it is the country's military and overseas operations. There we have actually seen an escalation.

the Rasmus Elling has even lived in Iran. The 41-year-old associate professor was released earlier in the year a work on 'Iran's modern history'.

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