Eksdrabschef: Husbands and neighbours, spreading fear

Get efterforskningschefer have been more around in Provincial Denmark than Bent Isager-Nielsen, former drabschef in Rigspolitiets Team. It is the now 68-year-

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Ann McDonald
25 December 2019 Wednesday 19:00
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Eksdrabschef: Husbands and neighbours, spreading fear

Get efterforskningschefer have been more around in Provincial Denmark than Bent Isager-Nielsen, former drabschef in Rigspolitiets Team.

It is the now 68-year-old ex-politimands experience that nærdrab - it will say the killing is committed by a spouse, a father, a really good friend or a neighbor - in a narrow territory, is one of the most arduous that can hit a local population.

- A nærdrab has a completely different form of terror in itself than a fjerndrab, where the perpetrator is stranger. It is perhaps linked to the killing committed by a spouse or neighbor is not so easy to park, and that they are liable to create a serious crack in the confidence and cohesion of a small urban community, " says Bent Isager-Nielsen, who now feeds himself as a writer and lecturer, and tv host and expert on the Danish Radio.

Nærdrab shaking people
In his time in the 'road crew' and later as inspector in Copenhagen is Ranked the Police, he noted, that people after a killing in their local area often had, what the wishful thinking that the killer was 'one from the outside'.

- When the case is solved and there is decreased judgment, and that so very often turns out that the perpetrator is a local or a spouse, then is it really something that can shake people. This applies not only in the villages of the province but is also seen in a suburb to Aarhus or Copenhagen. Many said they were so cute, and that they had never imagined that their conflicts could lead to a drabssag, says Bent-Isager-Nielsen.

Bent Isager-Nielsen has published several books based on his experience as a drabsefterforsker in Rigspolitiets Rejseafdeling and Copenhagen is Ranked the Police. Photo: Jesper Stormly Hansen

He stresses that it is a different matter, if there is a prædofil with a sexual motive. It does, in his opinion, also a difference, if a nærdrab is committed by a person who perhaps knew the victim, but who lived in another end of the village and, for example, had killed a little girl, while riding her bicycle home from the hall.

- People in a local environment it is always best if they can put a drabssag down in the 'clean box'. But it is my experience that it has more far reaching consequences for the nearest, neighbours and other residents in a small urban community, if it turns out that the killing is committed by a person close to the deceased.

Hatred for love
The former efterforskningsleder determines that the subject is very often jealousy, revenge or love, there is hatred or a nuclear family, which is about to go in solution, in cases where a spouse kills his wife.

In homicides, where neighbors turn each other to death, he believes that the perpetrator often turns out to have been in the mental imbalance in difficult or milder extent, and that it also has been clear to his entourage.

Nærdrab occurs in all social strata and environments. But Bent Isager-Nielsen is not in doubt that in recent years there has been a tendency that the crime rate is 'moved more away from the major cities in Denmark'.

- It has happened, as socially disadvantaged individuals or families increasingly settle down, where there are cheap rentals and peace and quiet. We see more and more homicides in the cheap houses in the province, and it is not necessarily the husbands that beat their wives to death. It can for example also be killing in the criminal bandemiljø, says Bent Isager-Nielsen.

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Killing can trigger the lynch-mood

In cases of nærdrab in a local area, there may arise a mistillidskrise, where people are in relation to the police is afraid to get an informant role. It is Bent Isager-Nielsen's experience. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

Bent Isager-Nielsen, a former inspector and drabschef in Rigspolitiets Rejseafdeling, is not in doubt, that it can sometimes be harder to interrogate people in homicides, where the offender must be sought in a small town or another very restricted area.

- In the situation of the people say sometimes, anything that could point in the direction of talk about a stranger perpetrator. There may also, in the cases of nærdrab occur a mistillidskrise, where people are afraid to get an informant role, " says Bent Isager-Nielsen.

'he Strikes again?'
The former drabschef and the inspector points out that the fear of the consequences can be large, if a friend, a neighbor or a family member to the police courts a suspicion against a concrete person in his immediate network, and the suspicion proves to be unfounded. Not at least if it comes forward, who was the person making the declaration.

- They may go on living in the same communities. On the other hand, people can have a hard time living with the abscess, that there is a killer around in a small urban community. He strikes now again? It can evoke tremendous emotions and ultimately create a lynch-like atmosphere, where people are willing to go on with a suspicion on a resolved basis, than they otherwise would, says Bent Isager-Nielsen.

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