Drug suspect on the run: Figured with the money on the street in the Vanløse

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Drug suspect on the run: Figured with the money on the street in the Vanløse

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 17:00
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Drug suspect on the run: Figured with the money on the street in the Vanløse

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A suspected drug dealer stack of from the police with 700.000 kr. in a bag and attempted to delay the pursuing cops by throwing huge bundles of money up in the air.

The 38-year-old was, however, arrested, and helpful citizens helped the police to gather about 200,000 kr. together in the street in Vermont.

the Incident happened when police secretly arrested four men on 20, 27, 38, and 48 years 9. december last year and accused them of trading with the dangerous and in Denmark, are quite rare drug methamphetamine.

the Fabric is much stronger than the regular amphetamine and cocaine, but not so widespread. It is highly addictive, and abuse can lead to serious brain damage and death.

The four accused, who deny the guilty, has just been expanded the charges, and varetægtsfængslingerne is extended in four weeks by the Court of Frederiksberg. They are accused of possession for sale of total 3.854 grams of methamphetamine and 300 grams of cocaine.

It appears by the order of the court; which Ekstra Bladet has had access to.

the 1.8 kilos of methamphetamine was stored in a garage in Vermont, along with the 300 grams of cocaine. The 38-year-old, who was already wanted by the police, the thrust of the from address with the money and a part of the narkoen, when he discovered the police.

In the garage kept a VW Touran, and when the police searched the car, found a Beretta pistol-caliber 22 with seven live rounds in the magazine. Three of the four imprisoned men are accused also of the gun.

An apartment in Copenhagen NV was, according to the charges, central in the deal with the methamphetamine. The amount of the sold drugs are, among other things, estimated from the detected drug accounts.

the Investigation of narkosagen has led to the elucidation of a hjemmerøveri in Valby, which was committed 31. October of last year.

Police have now charged the 20-year-old arrestant for hjemmerøveriet, where a robber entered an apartment at. 00.30 and attacked the resident with kicks and blows from a slashing weapon.

the Robber demanded money, but the resident had no cash, after which he again was beaten in the head with a slashing weapon and dragged down a flight of stairs, so his head dunkede against trappetrinnene. He was also kicked several times.

The 20-year-old refuses hjemmerøveri, but recognises partially serious violence.

By searches beslaglade the police, among other computers, and it has been shown that the 48-year-olds computer was 2007 photos with child porn, which he also accused of. He acknowledges in part the possession of the images.

the Investigation of narkosagen continues.

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Methamphetamine gives brain damage and rotten teeth Methamphetamine is manufactured in illegal primitive laboratories, among others, in Eastern europe. Photo: Lithuanian police

the Case of barely four kilos of methamphetamine is big by Danish standards, because the hazardous substance has not so far been widespread in Denmark.

– It is not something we see often. I am aware we have not previously had a bracket of this size, says inspector Torben Svarrer, Special Investigation East, who are investigating the case.

According to the European drug report 2018 there were 9000 seizures in the EU of methamphetamine in a total amount of 500 pounds - far less than the amphetamines and cocaine.

Alone in Denmark were seized 378 kilograms of amphetamine in 2018. The same year there were only seized 0,57 kilos of methamphetamine in crystal and 3,29 kilo in powder form.

Methamphetamine is a synthetic central nervous system stimulant, which is far stronger, more expensive, more dangerous and more addictive than amphetamine. According to the EU-the report is produced primarily in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland and to a lesser extent in the baltic countries and Germany.

The past 10 years is the supply of methamphetamine has increased in Europe, but is still far less than amphetamines.

Methamphetamine has for many years been a big problem in the UNITED states, where it is called Crystal Meth or ICE, when it is available in krystaliseret form. It can be purchased as pills, powder or crystals.

the Production in small clandestine labs are also dangerous due to highly flammable substances, which can lead to explosions.

Abuse increases the risk of stroke, blood clot in the heart and heart rhythm disorders. A common phenomenon is ’meth mouth’, where teeth are rotting. Long-term can you get brain damage, that goes beyond emotions and memory, severe anxiety and depression.

Read more about metamfetamins hazards on health.dk

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It has the Danish police seized Methamphetamine powder from an illegal laboratory in Lithuania. Politifoto

In relation to how much amphetamines seized in Denmark are the quantities of methamphetamine seized are still small, but increasing through the past 10 years.

It shows figures from the national police.

In 2019 were seized 206,68 kilos of amphetamine, while police found nine kilos of methamphetamine distributed on 2,42 kilos of crystals and 6,68 kilo powder.

the Figures are provisional, however, with the police districts still to report this year's seizures to 1. march 2020.

How has the development of the methamphetamine seized has been in since 2010 compared to amphetamine. First, in 2015 began the police to see methamphetamine in the form of crystals, also called ICE.

2010: Amphetamine 193,97 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 0,08 pounds

2011: Amphetamine 240,29 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 8,80 pounds

2012: Amphetamine 301,51 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 0,40 kilos

2013: Amphetamine 287,79 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 0,82 kilo

2014: Amphetamine 291,59 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 50,07 kilos

2015: Amphetamine 189,80 kilos

Methamphetamine crystals 0,43 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 2,53 kilos

2016: Amphetamine 345,28 kilos

Methamphetamine crystals 1,21 kilos

Methamphetamine powder 40,70 kilos

2017: Amphetamine 314,42 kilos

Methamphetamine crystals is 1.08 pounds

Methamphetamine powder 6,56 pounds

2018: Amphetamine 378,40 kilos

Methamphetamine crystals 0,57 kilograms

Methamphetamine powder of 3.29 kilos

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