Divorced a few months ago: Now should she marry again

the Tv doctor Charlotte Bøving told two months ago that she had been divorced from his wife Pernille Lok, as she had been married with in two years. Shortly a

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04 January 2020 Saturday 01:00
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Divorced a few months ago: Now should she marry again

the Tv doctor Charlotte Bøving told two months ago that she had been divorced from his wife Pernille Lok, as she had been married with in two years.

Shortly after, she revealed that she had once again found love and had fallen in love with Christina Jørgensen, as she now called her boyfriend.

Now Charlotte Bøving as been on his knees for his new girlfriend, and the two must therefore be married.

It reveals the pair on their Instagram profiles.

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She said YES... #doulamamachristina @doktorvarde #charlottebøving ##love #magic #loveislove

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'She said yes', write the 52-year-old Charlotte Bøving to a picture, where she keeps on Christina Jørgensen.

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Also, Christina Jorgensen has shared the joyful news on his Instagram profile.

'I will not risk losing you, said the world's sweetest and my Charlotte. I melt. And I'm happier than happy. In the tree of life on my neck, there is a slip of paper with the words 'Dear Christina. Will you marry me', she writes.

Here we see the couple together for the premiere of 'Last Christmas'. Photo: Anthon Unger

the Extra Leaf tells a happy Charlotte Bøving, that she went on her knees for Christina Jørgensen on new year's eve.

- When the right rang, we jumped into the new year, and there I was sitting on my knee and looked up at Christina. She was confused and asked if I had turned myself, but then I asked her if she would marry me, and she would happily, say Bøving with a smile and tells that Christina Jorgensen in the occasion was a very special piece of jewelry, which symbolizes the tree of life.

- We are insanely happy. I have been happy, ever since our love melted together. Therefore, I have also planned frieriet for some time, and then I thought: 'What day is better than new year's eve, where you are in the company of all his friends'? she says and adds:

- So it was a great party, and we danced, for I could not go more, but it is just great when it is of joy. Both christina's cubs were also enraptured, so it is just great.

Although Charlotte Bøving is aware that their relationship has developed very quickly, as she stresses, that it feels totally right now to have proposed to Christina.

- It is and has been a tempestuous infatuation. We have already had many challenges in our relationship, in the short time we have been together. We have a big distance between us, and so there has been my kræftforløb, and she has just been there every time, when it has been hard. We have stimlet even more, when there has been resistance, and she is not run away. I am very grateful for.

Although frieriet only just taken place, is the pair already started to plan the big day.

- We already have a mariagedate, which is the 20.06.20. We are both junibørn, and so it was a day where our friends and family can participate. So it was just good. It will be a big party at the Carolinelund in Fredericia, says the nyforlovede the tv doctor.

well-Known Smaskforelsket! – God, where is she sweet

Charlotte Bøving has several times told openly about the fact that she is living with incurable bowel cancer, which will be held in ro.

a few months ago, the doctors however, a number of spots on her lungs, and it got the tv doctor to the fear that the cancer had spread.

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Luckily, Charlotte Bøving positive response after a series of extensive studies. The stains were almost gone as well.

I sat with goose bumps, when we should have the answer, and my gf broke down and cried for half an hour. She was so relieved, told the Charlotte Bøving in the connection to the Extra Blade.

- this is The first time that I've been nervous before a scan. I've got so much to live for with my new girlfriend, family and so on. You can't avoid to go around and think that it can be a completely new cancer, but I have allowed myself to live the while, she said further.

There is so much love in the air. Photo: Anthon Unger

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