Denmark's new gulddreng: - I have a big ego!

AARHUS (Ekstra Bladet): Holger Rune has long been a tennistalent on a very special shelf. Already at the age of 14, he got a debut on the Danish Davis Cup tea

Denmark's new gulddreng: - I have a big ego!

AARHUS (Ekstra Bladet): Holger Rune has long been a tennistalent on a very special shelf. Already at the age of 14, he got a debut on the Danish Davis Cup tea

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
14 September 2019 Saturday 14:00
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Denmark's new gulddreng: - I have a big ego!

AARHUS (Ekstra Bladet): Holger Rune has long been a tennistalent on a very special shelf.

Already at the age of 14, he got a debut on the Danish Davis Cup team, and at the age of 15, he became the youngest male champion ever.

But the biggest result and popular breakthrough came when the 16-year-old kid from Charlottenlund in June won the French Open for juniors.

- It was my career interim peak, and it was a big stand with a Grand Slam victory at the age of 16. It was a great tribute, when I came home. Even the crown prince had turned up to wish me congratulations, " says Holger Rune with a big smile, en Ekstra Bladet met him in connection with the Danish Davis Cup team's match against Turkey in Aarhus.

Holger Rune after his great victory in the French Open. Photo: Anne Parker/International Sports Photos

the Victory of Roland Garros has undoubtedly sent Holger Rune right up front in the limelight. Touted to be a Danish tennis’ new gulddreng with the opportunity to reach the top.

Immediately, a violent pressure on a 16-year-old boy, but watching the main character it is not at all.

- I may well be in the center, so it suits me perfectly. I do not hide the fact that I have a big ego. This is a must have if you want to be the world's best tennis player, and I will!

- I will be the number one in the world and win Grand Slams. It is not something to stick your head in the sand. The great battles are not decided on runway 14 with ten spectators.

- It is not to sound smart or cocky, that I returned to. It is what I is, and in my eyes it's an invaluable trait when you are a tennis player. It is the eye of a needle to play itself among the 50 best in the world, so you must have a somewhat special character, says Holger Rune.

Holger Rune has certainly not mind the limelight. Photo: photo: Anita Graversen

With the objective of becoming the world's best tennis player has Holger Rune put it the worst possible legislation in relation to themselves. He could almost only fail and disappoint themselves and the outside world.

But again, the young tenniskomet using pressure positively and to develop themselves.

- This is a risk I'm willing to run. If you can't even set the bar high, who would? Tennis is the coolest in the world, and I believe I have a unique talent. I want it really, and there is nothing in the world that, somewhat roughly speaking, is more important.

- When this is how I have it, and I spend all my time at the tennis, why should I strive to be among the 100 best in the world? I'm ahead of my goals at the present time, and if my progress continues, so I have no doubt that I will achieve my goals, says Holger Rune.

Why only strive for the top-100, when one puts all his energy into tennis? Photo: Anita Graversen

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From junior to senior: - Has been difficult mentally There is a mental margin to take the plunge up to seniortennis. Photo: Anita Graversen

the Jump from junior to senior is violently for the vast majority of tennis players.

Just because you have been among the best in the world as a teen, it is by no means certain that the success will lead on to the ’adult’.

- When I won the French Open, was my great junior goal reached, and since then I have flirted with the Challenger tournaments. It is a completely different world. You really have to be on the mark. Particularly physically and mentally, it is much harder, " says Holger Rune, which has gone from being number two in the world on juniorranglisten to have a record of two wins and five defeats in seven seniorkampe.

- It has been something of a transition, and I must admit that it has been hard mentally. I feel my shortcomings have been on display.

- All errors will be penalized, and if I'm not 100 percent concentrated in all the balls, then a loser I am. As a junior you can phase out a little and still win. It goes no further, and I have worked hard to improve. Fortunately, it is something I can train on and get better at.

All errors are penalized, when you go from junior to senior tennis. Photo: Anita Graversen

Even though the Holger Rune has had to adapt from the winning majority of its matches to now to be challenged on a completely different level, so has nederlagene not shaken the young tenniskomets believe in themselves.

- It is expected to meet adversity when stepping up at senior level. I am, after all, only 16 years old and meet players who have been up, where it has been really fun worldwide.

- It is about being persistent in his training, and develop specific physical and mentally. About three years, I would like to be in the top-20 in the world, and I am well on the way to. Now I fully seniortennis.

With his victory at Blois back in June, Holger Rune the sjetteyngste player in the 21. century to win an ATP Challenger match.

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Either or, Holger Rune...

the World's best or the world's richest?

- My goal is to become the world's best tennis player. I don't play tennis for the money. I play tennis because I am passionate about it, and I want to bet everything to reach the top. One can then earn the right good to reach the top in tennisverdenen, it is just a bonus.

Tv or family, when you have free?

- Family. It is not only because they might be reading with that I say this... I travel so much around the world with my tennis, when I finally have a day off, so I would like to be together with those who matter in my life. My mother is coming around, while my dad and sister are supporting me fully when I'm in Denmark. I could not wish for better support from my family, which I owe very much.

Holger Rune after his win the French Open. Here along with father Donald and mother Aneke. Photo: Jan Sommer

James Bond or Indiana Jones?

Had you asked me some years ago, I had probably answer Indiana Jones. I loved him as a child. But I'm probably more to James Bond now. I am absolutely in love with the Bond films. Particularly Daniel Craig makes a great 007. There should be a new movie in the pipeline, so I am already on.

FCK or Brøndby?

- I must admit that I'm not watching so much football, but if you force me to reply, then I choose FCK of the two. I like to see the national team, and I think it was very exciting during the WORLD cup last year. It was a wild match against Croatia, and that I was probably a little fan of Kasper Schmeichel. He is an amazing player.

Christopher or Kim Larsen?

- Christopher. I hear most music that is a little young and hip. That match Christopher better than Kim Larsen. I generally like songs where the tempo and the lyrics are fresh and young.

the Blue book:

Name: Holger Vitus Nødskov Rune

Born: 29. april 2003 (16 years)

Club: HIC

Rank single: 1125

Ranking junior: 3

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