Danish the potential held in the airport: They believed not on me

The well-known realitydeltager Rikke Chili have underwent a series of operations on his body to achieve his own ideal of beauty. And it was the other day at t

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Ann McDonald
19 September 2019 Thursday 02:00
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Danish the potential held in the airport: They believed not on me

The well-known realitydeltager Rikke Chili have underwent a series of operations on his body to achieve his own ideal of beauty.

And it was the other day at the cost of her trip home to Denmark from Turkey, where she had been made a 'brazilian butt lift' and a tummy tuck in the chin. She is now calling on others who have been tampered with, to check their passports.

it has gradually become a 10 year old picture in the passport looked like no longer the person who stood in front of the staff in the Istanbul Airport.

- Already when I came to security, he looked quite wild, and asked if it was me in the picture. I am used to, for I similar not completely my image more. But when we were up in the plane, they stopped me and said that it could not be done, because I do not like the person in the picture, tells Rikke Chili for Extra Magazine.

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She tried to explain to them, that she often has been in Turkey, and that they could check the stamps in the passport, but it didn't help anything.

- So I was pulled to the side, and there came a man more. They called the police, and pictures were taken of me from all possible sides, I tried desperately to show them pictures of the times, I have been operated on, so they could see that something has happened. I also showed pictures of me 15 years ago, but it was not, says Rikke Chili, who feared missing the plane.

She had very hard time to prove his own identity, and it was no better, when she was asked to write his signature as it appeared on passport. She could not remember how so out, and while there were taken several pictures of her, which was put up in a collage, so that they could compare with the person in the passport.

Here it was thought that the person in the picture had the same nose and lips, and the face was thinner. His eyes was mad with, even though she never has changed in just them.

one of the worst is when they are standing and discussing in a language you don't understand, and you don't know, whether you may come with the plane. Because the police could not come, they had to stand and send the pictures to them and make calls back and forth before they finally gave me permission to come with, says Rikke Chili.

Rikke Chili tried to show pictures of his intervention to explain why her face had changed. Among other things, this. Photo: Private

the Whole session took about 10 minutes, but felt much longer, when the plane was ready for departure.

- I can well understand them, but it was just frustrating, she says.

- How was it having to stand and convince security that you really had yourself?

- It was so stupid, because I had to show them my Instagram account, Facebook account and a driver's license, which I do not have. I had to show them that I was me, but the problem was that on my Instagram, I named Rikke Chili, and my name is Rikke Ulstrup Rasmussen. On Facebook, I named Rikke Chili Rasmussen, so it is believed they do not. Every time I tried to convince them, it felt like going 10 steps back, laughing she.

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Rikke Chili is not in doubt that it is her intervention that was the problem. For she looks like no longer the person in the passport photograph, and she therefore sends a call to the other, who has a penchant for cosmetic surgery.

- If you are looking at your pasbillede and thinking 'this is good enough something happened', then you have to get it changed. I also had problems when I two years ago had to get into the UNITED states. There I had only got my næseoperation and filler in the lips, and there I was close to not being allowed to come in, she says and continues.

- I don't think there are many that think about it, and I did not even, before I stood in it, says Rikke Chili.

She has already been down with the Citizen to get himself a new passport.

- It is there I dare not again. I should soon have made a new passport anyhow, but I thought that it had to be done now. You can say that I have been made a part, and I'm super happy about it, but it just has its price. And it is a new passport, she ends of.

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