Danish comedian can do it all

See also: not so funny: Comedian may go down in price Rune Clan previous show was called 'Childless' and was not surprising if he and his wife's years - an

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 January 2020 Thursday 18:00
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Danish comedian can do it all

See also: not so funny: Comedian may go down in price

Rune Clan previous show was called 'Childless' and was not surprising if he and his wife's years - and at the time of the unsuccessful struggle to have a child. In the meantime, they have adopted a now three-year-old boy from south Africa, as the focal point in the current show, entitled 'Hopeful', was quite naturally the 43-year-old echo new role as a father. And about the relationship with his own father.

About absent fathers and present fathers. On the relationship between heritage and the environment. And about memories. Among many other things. Yes, one could actually say that there was talk about a kind of philosophical fabuleren over the concept of 'father'. If it was not because that it sounds much more dry and boring than the case was.

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For Rune Klan is not just a funny man. He is also a man with something on his mind. Now we have promised not to reveal too much about the content itself - not to take the moment of surprise from the many who will experience the show for the next four months, where he will be touring all over the country after the start of The Royal Theatre.

however, We can reveal that there is a both comical and thought-provoking mix of standup, popular science, life experience and much more. It's all listed in a homebuilt design, which are an active part of the performance. And then, of course, added Clan mark trylleriet, which in addition to being attention-grabbing in itself, often used to emphasize points in the story.

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It is umanerlig well screwed together - just his small lecture on a DNA-string, set-up, the whole ticket's worth - and Clan memories are not really about any other comedians at home. There is nothing wrong with just driving it home with a single microphone - it certainly can also be an art - but Other highly visual style makes him something very special. There is actually a thought behind the tricks and gøgleriet (the last one must definitely be understood positively), and not just grandstanding.

he manages to get a coherent and meaningful whole out of the many digressions - we mention indiscriminately the industrial revolution, H. C. Andersen, Henrik Pontoppidan, mindfulness, rubiksterninger, scorpions, sex and the murphy's law - and in a way or another reach from the website babyklar.com to community singing with Anne Linnet. It is really quite impressive.

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in addition to being highly entertaining, quite funny and quite enlightening is 'Hopeful' in between also downright touching. It is actually quite rare that all four of these elements are in play at the same time in a comical show. Clan sticks deeper than most without sacrificing the elegant flow and interesting delivery. If you don't already have secured a space, there is not much to go wrong. I doubt that anyone will go empty-handed (or, rather, the tomhovedede) home. It is right to be hopeful of.

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