Crushed Amalie: - Nobody likes me

Thursday evening a new season of realityprogrammet 'Forsidefruer' premiere. Here tells a sad Amalie Szigethy that she, in a longer period of time has felt v

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Ann McDonald
07 February 2020 Friday 00:00
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Crushed Amalie: - Nobody likes me

Thursday evening a new season of realityprogrammet 'Forsidefruer' premiere.

Here tells a sad Amalie Szigethy that she, in a longer period of time has felt very much outside among the other first ladies, after she and Janni Ree, as she was previously slyngveninder with, in a longer period of time has not been on speaking.

- I am very alone in my life in general. Not only in the group. Now I feel I am very alone. There is no one that can like me. There is not someone who writes to me or calls me, says Amalie Szigethy in a conversation that she has with forsidefruen Karina von d'Ahé, in the program.

- in the Past I had Janni as a close friend, but in and with the emergence of the here conflict, so have Janni been really great to take all the other ladies under her wing, and then I closed out, she tells on.

For Extra Magazine tells Amalie Szigethy that she, as a consequence of uvenskabet with Janni Ree sometimes have had it really bad in connection with filming of 'Forsidefruer'.

- It was really uncomfortable. It is never nice to feel excluded and not welcome, and that's how I felt it. It is my reality. It's not something I try to convince others. But it was how I had it, she says.

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According to Amalie Szigethy she has as a consequence felt very lonely during the filming of the program.

- I was not invited to something, and I made no recordings with the other, that there was not any interest in. You would like to feel liked, when you are together with other people, and otherwise you don't want to be with those people, and I did not feel that I was. So it was not very nice, but I felt that I was forced to do it. I just tried to drag me and prioritize time with my daughter, when we not were to record, say, Amalie Szigethy.

Amalie along with the rest of the fruerne. Photo: Jonas Olufson

- When now it has been so hard for you with the footage, have you considered to pull you from the program?

I have considered many times. But I'm a fighter. I will not have that someone knocks me out. I would like to speak up, but my stubbornness came to, and then I thought 'fucking no'. For I are as much worth as the other, " she says, and continues:

- And I also think that we are having when we are enjoying ourselves, and we have had very many good experiences. But the last two seasons has gone in the wrong direction, and it is really too bad.

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Amalie Szigethy stresses, however, that she and Janni Ree today are on good terms again.

- We can easily be in the same room and greet each other. I hope that if we need to do more to make it nice for everyone.

Amalie Szigethy still have the mod in more 'Forsidefruer', despite the unfortunate experiences in the program. Photo: Jonas Olufson

- do you Have the courage to make more seasons, despite the experiences you have had?

- I have. I have the mod on it, I don't want to let it go myself. I'm too stubborn for that, I even returned me out of the program. It provides experiences and something fun, and it does, of course, that we have something special together, she says.

- It was really difficult, because you have a muzzle on. You don't say anything, so I stood very much alone, and I could feel that when you had been on admission, he had no desire to run on drama and intrigue. I tried to get quiet and be with my daughter.

the Extra Leaf has Janni Ree several times told me that she and Amalie Szigethy really enough has become good friends again.

- We have good mood again. In fact, we had had a meeting the day before, where we agreed to look forward, and so we met for a TV Price. We have agreed that we 'turn a line' in the sand, have Janni Ree previously told Extra Magazine.

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