Climate hypocrites: Here the royal CO2-bluff

Morale is good, double standards are twice as good. the Proverb is ironic, but the royal family are living targeted upon it in an obvious klimahykleri. Part

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
28 December 2019 Saturday 21:00
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Climate hypocrites: Here the royal CO2-bluff

Morale is good, double standards are twice as good.

the Proverb is ironic, but the royal family are living targeted upon it in an obvious klimahykleri.

Particularly the queen and the crown prince and crown princess are in sync with the danes ' increasing climate awareness has begun to express great concern for the huge amounts of greenhouse gases, that causes the temperatures to rise dangerously haste, so the poles are melting and the oceans rising.

Turn down the CO2 emissions

Mai Villadsen, there is klimaordfører of Unity, hope, that the royal family will lay klimahykleriet to the side and screw down the numerous flights.

- You can't know how their internal affairs are, and the queen is an elderly lady.

- But we are all going to put our lives in relation to the climate, so I certainly hope so, they have factored in, she says.

Michael Minter, who is klimaekspert at the green think tank Concito, voices in the.

- We know that the aircraft is the most forurerende mode of transport. So completely objectively, it would be nice if they chose more climate-friendly modes of transport.

But it will be at the forblommede words.

at the same time flying the minister shuttles between the islands of Zealand and Jutland in the Danish Defence is not as climate-friendly helicopter and aircraft, the royal couple are on summer vacation aboard the CO2 bomb the Dannebrog, and thousands of unused square meters in the royal family's many castles are held at museumstemperatur year round.

It costs all costly to the environment.

You should not further back than October, at dinner in Copenhagen at the C40 climate summit for a number of international cities in order to find big words from the royal family.

Here reminded the crown prince to his guests about their responsibility for the ailing climate.

- As the C40 mayors and ambitious leaders of large and important cities around the globe are in the front line when it comes to solving challenges posed by urbanisation and climate change, said crown prince Frederik.

It takes danes

Niels Frandsen, retired

- Is there a contradiction in what the royal family says, and what do they do?

- the Royal family has a lot of representative commitments, and we have to also to say that there are some places where we can't avoid to contaminate the climate.

- they Can per definition not be hypocritical?

- I believe that they have some obligations which they have to live up to, and so are they (the royal family, red.) not just what the environmentalists seem - you should not fly or sail with Dannebrog.

Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Valerio Dalla Ragione, 24

- What do you think about the royal family on the one hand, emit disproportionately more CO2 and on the other hand speaks for the climate awareness?

- It is always a compromise between what is good for a country, and what is necessary politically.

- One can therefore ask why at all should have a royal family. On the other hand, the royal family is a large symbol of a country.

- if you Think that the royal family is hypocritical?

- It is, of course, but our whole society is hypocritical, for example when we transport ourselves in cars and on the other hand, the claim that we are green.

Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Trine Orbe, 48

- What are you thinking, that the royal family flying alone in the aircraft and helicopter - up to 30 times a year, and at the same time?

- I love the royal family. It is probably the sus and dus and all that stuff, and it could be cool if they could make it.

- if you Think that it is hypocritical?

- I don't know what I should say to. It is both and. On the one hand, beats the drum for the climate, and on the other hand, they emit very even.

Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Astha Dhole, 20

- What do you think about the royal family doing something, but say something else?

- I'm thinking that they contradict themselves, too. It is careless talk. It is empty words, and you do not believe in it.

- Conversely, the out to visit the country in order to give an impression of Denmark with other countries.

- Flying the royal family too much?

- If you have some important tasks abroad, it can be difficult to put the cut, but they can always take the train.

Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Later in the speech, prided himself of Denmark's major efforts:

thinking green has been a part of the Danish dna for decades. Denmark was forced to think smart and green in the early 70's more due to rising oil prices in the Middle east.

- As a consequence was the foundation for many of our successful green businesses today, said the crown prince.

Margrethe worried about the climate in the new year in 2018, but sputters undeterred tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere on his many journeys. Photo: Tycho Gregers

number of strangers
Frede has neither his not-so-environmentally-friendly lifestyle or klimaparolerne from strangers.

His father, prince Henrik, used several times for the royal yacht Dannebrog for private chores. By 2012, the ship sailed him all the way to Brittany in France, where he attended a yacht race for dragon boats.

Ekstra calculation showed at that time that the journey with the Dannebrog cost 138 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the more 51.850 litres of diesel, the ship burned.

he Was flown with ruteflyver he had spared the environment for emissions of 137 tonnes of CO2

And Fredes mother, queen Margrethe, held klimafanen high in nytårstalen as late as last year:

- We must have consideration for the future. We need to think about in a timely manner.

In Greenland melts the ice. Here are the changes also clear, said the minister.

the Royal family: Using common sense

the Extra Leaf has been addressed to the royal court to ask why the minister and co. do not save on CO2 emissions, since they care about the climate.

- We use our common sense and thinking every time, what mode of transport is most appropriate to use in relation to the individual event, informs the Royal family's communications department.

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