Chug on the league leaders: - Pure Circus

to even a League-topbrag between FCM and FCK. In a bold backdrop to a chock-full stadium! I have high expectations, and I am pleased, but it is nevertheless a

Chug on the league leaders: - Pure Circus

to even a League-topbrag between FCM and FCK. In a bold backdrop to a chock-full stadium! I have high expectations, and I am pleased, but it is nevertheless a

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 November 2019 Sunday 03:00
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Chug on the league leaders: - Pure Circus

to even a League-topbrag between FCM and FCK. In a bold backdrop to a chock-full stadium!

I have high expectations, and I am pleased, but it is nevertheless a topopgør with a tang.

I can feel on the mood in the middle of jutland, that they do not feel they get enough credit, even if the FCM has turned their pointrekord and downloaded 38 points of 45 possible.

Even the assistant coach Bach Baks wife has written a blog on the subject – that is, the culture that it apparently is no longer good enough ’just’ to win (we should not just remind her of that FCM smoke out of Europe against Rangers and Fremad Amager in the battle – both in the first cut).

Kristian Bach Baks (foreground) better half has been out with the rake in his blog. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

But you know what? I'm damn sure not impressed with the game!

all of the FCM's seasons in the League, and only three times of the 19 previous seasons, FC Midtjylland scored fewer goals in the first round 15 than now, when the man has made 21 goals. We should be completely back to 2009 to find the last season during the 21 – here was one of 19 goals.

When one is accustomed to see the FC Midtjylland filings many boxes, so is it clear to the fans and the experts respond, when it does not happen.

But 9 out of 12 victories have come in the house with a etmålssejr. Fine enough, but it does not go! It will start to tip at a time, with less central jutland find the song offensive.

Junior Brumado are too often the small... Photo: Jens Dresling

Right now, unique in scandinavia because the top team, the absolute least målfarlige frontduo... It is in itself remarkable. And it will damn sure not better of that Sory Kaba and Junior Brumado combined cost of approximately € 40 million. kr. So it is in no way because, FCM has gone on the compromise here!

But right now are FCM-offensive, pure Circus.

before you play the chances dangerous. It seems to me that the goal should be a ’sturt sturt number’, which included a piruette, a tunnel and a minimum of one contact for all of the offensive players before the ball can be kicked in the box in front of goal – and it can Kaba and Brumado so also did not find out...

Sory Kaba on glatis. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

Now, it should not sound like that of FC Midtjylland can't play football. They are located where they do for a reason. And it is their defensive...

Jesper Hansen is unique in scandinavia because the best keeper and has by far the best save percentage of 85,7 percent!!!

in Front of him is the league's best forsvarsduo in Scholz and Defends. Nine out of 15 matches ended with a clean sheet.

Jesper Hansen has a big share in the FCM's success. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

to use my review of all of the SL-seasons for the FCM, then six Greek targets the lowest number ever after 15 rounds. Yes, actually the lowest in the whole unique in scandinavia because the history.

Great credit for it, and it may be that in Nsw can cover themselves under the flosklen that the attack sells tickets, while defense wins championships... Maybe it's here, mrs Bach Bak must find its answer...

In Copenhagen there is a man slipped through the difficult period, where one in five SL games only scraped four points together. It sailed in Hillerød in the cup, and actually it was in the recession of only two wins in nine matches in all tournaments...

In spite of the few victories can FCK still decide things in Europe, and it was impressive recently in the cup against FC Nordsjælland.

Solbakken and He has affyrret a little shelling against each other. Photo: Lars Poulsen

In the League have FCK downloaded just as many points as last year, and has a fine fat in the FCM, in spite of the close fixtures. If not FCK loses in Herning, denmark, everything is actually joy and gammen, even if the alarm bells slowly had begun to call at a time.

has as usual been filled with small snarky greetings to each other across the country. It belongs with, and it is cool with something, lir!

I think, in fact, that Stale Solbakken was explained just fine in the ’Offside’-the studio, when he elaborated his ’suppository’ for FCM, where he said that if central jutland had had FCK's injuries and fixtures, so the league is already settled now.

Stale Solbakken has not been able to restrain himself for to send a small suppository from the mid. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

The beat Brian Priske back on and sent Stale Solbakken return to school, since it would be the first time in History that a championship would be decided already after 15 rounds. Good smooching!

I think really, the Norwegian believes it when he says that he is impressed by FCM's pointsnit that is ’out of this world’. His point is simply that the FCK is an international club, while FCM can easily challenge the national. At this point I will not say Stale against...

with that, FCK must of course be able to play in three tournaments with the spillerbudget, and it is also true that when N’Doye and Wind breaks, so buying one just Santos and retrieves Bendtner in. Thus you preserve the width and spilkonceptet.

the FCK has the means to fill up with bl.a. Michael Santos, when other attackers get damage. Photo: Jens Dresling

But I would damn like to see any other team where you pills the two overriding, offensive profiles out of the team for a longer period of time and come through it on the way, FCK have done. It is not in the least other in the premier League, who would be able to solve.

It ought to be the FC Midtjylland, as neither Sory Kaba or Junior Brumado can score goals anyway...

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Tøffes spåkugle – today's games:

Hobro lose rarely at home. Zealand rarely wins out. It smells of a cross... the Defeat is especially a ’no go’ for Peter Sørensen, who is without win in the last six showdowns.

MY bet: 1-1


The last three mutual encounter ended with a draw. So it goes again. Lyngby will get pulled a part points in the country at home, and a pointdeling against the number four will also be acceptable.

MY bet: 1-1


After three defeats in a row must point in the account of denmark lost. It's going to go beyond entertainment, but the south Jutland loses rarely out. I doubt David Nielsen overfaldsfodbold and omstillingsspil is enough for victory.

MY bet: 1-1


After five defeats in a row to vestjyderne can Brøndby surely not underestimate Esbjerg. I think also, the shoal is broken today, and Brøndby will get a narrow win - even without Wilczek. Esbjerg is the league's worst away team with one point in six matches.

MY bet: 1-0


A sold-out topbrag, I can only look forward to. There will be a bang! Central jutland has kept the upper hand at home in denmark with the full dividends for the last five mutual matches, but I don't think your hosts ' lethargic offensive provides more than one point.

MY bet: 1-1


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