Chaos with the new year's eve menu: - They took us as hostages

A scandal. A ruined new year's eve. Never again! Avoid Karma sushi for all in the world! It is not just good karma that flows over the sushi restaurant Karma

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
02 January 2020 Thursday 05:00
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Chaos with the new year's eve menu: - They took us as hostages

A scandal. A ruined new year's eve. Never again! Avoid Karma sushi for all in the world!

It is not just good karma that flows over the sushi restaurant Karma Sushi from disgruntled buyers who had to look far for their new year's eve menu from the branch on Trianglen in Østerbro in Copenhagen on the last day.

They have expressed their dissatisfaction on Trustpilot, on the restaurant's Facebook page, and an Extra Magazine.

It was a scandal. They took us as hostages from 15.30 to 22.30. For all the time went, with the focus on whether we got our food, " says Christina Madsen, who was celebrating new year's eve with his 12-year-old daughter.

They had been looking forward to getting my teeth into a delicious sushi menu for 785 dollars, but the evening ended with the daughter went crying in bed, before the food came.

- We tried otherwise for a long time to keep spirits up, but eventually it was just too much for her, says Christina Madsen, who lives in Perth and had ordered the food for pick-up at 15.30 on Østerbro in copenhagen.

They had to drive back without food, but when she subsequently spoke with them on the phone, she was constantly told that she should try to call again in twenty minutes.

the Night was destroyed. It filled so much, that I always had to be in dialogue with them. I also tried to write to them at 21 the time, I just needed to give my daughter a slice of rye bread instead, but we pulled it because we constantly got to know that the food was on the way

the First seven hours after she had ordered the food for pick up, food was delivered in a taxi.

The 785 dollars for the menu is a big print for her, and she would wish that Karma Sushi refunded her money.

Also Mattias, who lives on the outer Fringes, saw the chaos in the place of karma in the restaurant on Trianglen.

- I have never experienced anything like that, he says.

He had to celebrate the new year with her boyfriend and their daughter in over a year.

They had ordered a two person menu for 650 dollars for. 16. But when he showed up at Trianglen a quarter of an hour before, he was greeted by a queue of about 50 people.

After three minutes of waiting, the came a English-speaking woman out and complained that it would take minimum of an hour, before the man could get his food.

Mattias then went home and tried to celebrate the little new year with her little family.

It was the first new year's eve with my daughter with truthorn and it all, and had I'm going to use in a different way.

He got first his food at 20.40 after having been back and forth several times. In total waited he over three hours on site.

And this is what annoyed me the most. For if I had been able to get a time, I could just be taken home and spending time with my daughter, because I live nearby. When I came home, she was laid in bed, he says.

He also expects that Karma Sushi provides a form of compensation.

- It is a pity for the employees, for it is someone higher up in the system, which has made a big gaffe.

Many had to give up to get sushimiddagen in the house from Karma Sushi for this year's new year's eve party, before the queen held her new year's speech. Private

Mads Schramm from Østerbro in Copenhagen, who had ordered sushi for himself and his wife, had the same experience as Mathias. He gave up, however, to get the food, after he had been back and forth to the restaurant on Trianglen three times and each time was greeted by long queues.

I arrived to show my order of a quarter to seven, and there I heard that there was a waiting time of one hour. At the time I would be home and keep the new year's eve, he explains and adds that he occupied the queen's new year speech, so he and his wife instead, so the at 19.30.

- It was absolutely absurd chaos! And it was also sad to see the poor people, who were at work, and was left behind in the chaos. I think I had said up, if it was me. It was certainly not their fault, he makes it clear.

He wonder why Karma Sushi have not given the many disappointed guests an apology on their Facebook profile, but instead has advertised for 'good karma' for just a short time ago.

- It seems quite absurd that they have not been prepared, how many menus they had sold. And even more absurd, that they do not come with an announcement, he notes.

Mads Schramm had fortunately bought oysters for the appetizer, so he and his wife did not go to bed hungry.

the Extra Leaf has repeatedly tried to get contact to the director of Karma Sushi, Morten Hansson. It is not succeeded to get a comment from him or another from Karma Sushi, despite several attempts. The restaurant also did not answer the disgruntled customers on Facebook, even though they have posted posters in the same time period.

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