Broke down on live tv: Now, pouring the reactions into

For most viewers, it was not to fail to notice that the tv chef Claus Holm's feelings sat completely outside of the clothes, when he on Tuesday morning visited

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Ann McDonald
05 February 2020 Wednesday 19:00
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Broke down on live tv: Now, pouring the reactions into

For most viewers, it was not to fail to notice that the tv chef Claus Holm's feelings sat completely outside of the clothes, when he on Tuesday morning visited the 'Go' morgen Danmark' on TV2 to talk about the program's Five cool chefs', which right now is being aired on TV2.

Claus Holm in the program initiated a major loss of weight along with the chefs Umut Sakarya, Casper Sobzcyk, Mikkel Marschall and Jeppe Foldager, and when Claus Holm on Tuesday visited the studio in the Tivoli got a very special greeting to him to let the tears roll, so he had a hard time to answer the questions from the host, Mikkel Kryger.

Hello Claus, I think you is this, that you have decided to lose weight. I am sure that you will be much happier, and that you get much more energy. And in fact, is what means the most to me. I have a happy man, said in a video message from his wife, Anne, who stressed that she doesn't care how big or small he is, just he is happy.

Danish well-known - 27. dec. 2019 - at. 18:31 Therefore he moves: - I can't keep it off

According to Claus Holm had the sound down a little, he explained in the program, why the video made such a strong impression on him:

- Because I can't allow me to eat me fat and then die, said Claus Holm, while the tears still trickled.

You can see the moment here.

Here is Claus Holm, together with the other chefs in the program's Five Cool Chefs'. Photo: PETER ELMHOLT/TV2

Subsequently, it is passed in with reactions to Claus Holm on social media.

'You are so tough, and what a great wife you have. Tears rolled when I saw what she said to you through the video. Hold on. You can', writes one woman, for example, of Claus Holm's Instagram profile.

'You are so mega super cool. I'm rooting for you', writes another, while a third continues:

'You rocker, just like in a kitchen. Your wife can only be proud of you'.

For Ekstra Bladet says Claus Holm, he is completely overwhelmed by the responses he has received in the aftermath of her tv appearance.

- It is the whole game. I must say that I have been equally touched by the messages I have received, as I was in the television. It has been a great kærlighedsfamilie. I sat yesterday for two hours and replied to the messages, and I got simply tears in the eyes of the many personal stories that people shared with me, he says.

According to Claus Holm had he not thought that he would be touched during his visit in the 'Go' morgen Danmark'.

- for I knew not that the video would come, but when she came, I could not hold me back. It is Anne, and she means everything to me, and she said... It just went up for me, it is so true, and that I can't allow myself to eat myself to death. We have been together for 31 years, and it has not been a dance on roses, but we have always come through it, and I love her so much. She is my best friend, he says about his wife's fine gesture.

- How are you with that you shed tears on direct tv?

- I thought right at the beginning: 'Not hell'. But it is indeed me, and it's okay to show that you are sensitive, although it is 50 years. Maybe someone will call me a tudeprins, but Anne means everything to me, and I will be damn touched.

Claus Holm hopes that his story can help to inspire others.

- You know, that there is a meaning to life, when there is such a thing here. I'm just a man like any other, but if I can help to inspire, so I'm really proud of it.

- I'm struggling even with the bad self-esteem and have always done it, so it's so nice to feel that you can be an inspiration to others, and that others will want to share their story because of it, I do.

After his visit with TV2 shared Claus Holm a write on Instagram, where he thanks her followers for all the positive comments.

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A long day is running out of holmis a Go start on @gotv2dk and the premiere of the Five cool cooks - plus recording today - long trip on the road, the mind was allowed to run and I have the day received many cute greetings on the way weight loss lifestyle, and everything messing with .. we are never alone - always there is someone who can help and otherwise helps I... full speed on to throw pounds and live again - fully - thank you for all your love and care - I am so happy - Thank you

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