Breaking the silence: Now he says goodbye

Christian eriksen's last time at Tottenham was characterised by a part of uproar. Buh-cry, he reached even to the ears in its very last matches for the Londo

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 January 2020 Thursday 13:00
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Breaking the silence: Now he says goodbye

Christian eriksen's last time at Tottenham was characterised by a part of uproar.

Buh-cry, he reached even to the ears in its very last matches for the London club, where half-hearted performance and the certainty of his wanderlust quickly did hjemmepublikummet apathetic towards the former so-popular dane.

A few days after he finally got the future on space in Milan, he chooses now, in spite of the unfortunate afskedsfase to send a message to tottenham's fans on his Twitter.

Transfersagaen about Christian Eriksen has reached its end, and it was for either danes or Tottenham fans any rar reading much along the way.

the History of Christian from Middelfart, denmark, which had captivated his homeland, impressed in Ajax and later had been loved at Tottenham. But he dreamed big and Spanish on a new life in Barcelona or Real Madrid.

He thought of the dream, but he told the world about the early. The dream burst, and the first he got the cold shoulder by Real Madrid, then from the previous so loving hjemmebanefans, now buhede of him in anger at the great failure.

After a painful half a year, where the Danish dreams were caught in the bad mood in England, where strong criticism of the athletic performance went hand in hand with the malicious rumors, and the 27-year-old dane had so much great through and through, hope finally on the horizon.

Januartransfervinduet was the bailout, and our Danish hero could finally get away, when he was sold to discount-price to Italy and Inter. And so ended the might still very well.

Eriksen articulate in his message, among other things, the so tense and eventually hostile atmosphere around him on the battens.

- I got no time to say goodbye, though it felt as though I played a lot of matches, where everyone said and thought that I would be gone the day after. It topped of what was a not-so-love the mood to eriksen's afskedskamp against Norwich last Wednesday. After he was substituted in the second half of the match was that sent massive buh-cry in the dane's direction every time he received the ball.

Any special hard-working and dedicated effort from the dane, it was unlikely, and it is not the first time that the dane's attitude frustrated the fans.

I have so many incredible memories from my six and a half years at Spurs. I enjoyed so much to be on træningsanlægget every day and play matches at the stadium, but sometimes you just want to try something new! says Eriksen and paraphrases thus the words that started a half a year with mixed feelings at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

It came to pass in those days.

- I feel that I have a place in his career where I might want to try something new, said Christian Eriksen to Extra Magazine in June. It was the famous words that instigated the whole miserable transfersaga, if the length and end the protagonist himself probably had not foreseen.

At the time it was the dane in what looked like a substantial sommerflirt with Real Madrid, and under all circumstances, so it would seem that the dane simply had to blink their eyes to get a kontraktudspil stabbed in the hand from one of the world's biggest clubs.

It seemed, at least to the fact that he himself was convinced, as he said very openly to a question about whether he saw a future for themselves just that.

- It is a step up. But it does require that Real Madrid are calling for Tottenham and says that they will have Christian. And they have not done so yet, as far as I know, he said at the time.

As most of the gradually, then developed flirtation never to the emotions, and the Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane had so little scam to Eriksen, he vetoed to get him to the club.

Now it was as Serie A and Inter in the site. Not exactly a step up closer to a step down if you ask most experts, including the Extra Magazine's own team he will play for Allan Olsen.

Allan Olsen - 28. jan. 2020 - pm. 20:39 Verdict: A step down

Quite sad it ended, however, for there waiting since, after all, a nice paycheck for the Christian. He is going to earn approx. Eur 7.5 million. euro per year - after tax. This corresponds to 56 million. kr. To this must be added various bonuses.

the Contract with Inter runs until the summer of 2024, and Eriksen will hope that he can assist coach Antonio Conte for the Italian championship and, at least in more metal than he had in his time at Tottenham.

Tottenham - 29. jan. 2020 - pm. 11:33 Respond promptly: Eriksen-millions burned by the

Italian football - 28. jan. 2020 - pm. 14:00 Official: Christian Eriksen enters for the Inter

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