Bond-brothers of the guises, and the blurry images

if you have heard of the song, from the 1972 recall. The two voices on a wide sydvästskånska a bluestakt the battles, on the other: ”Out going "Gösta", in com

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Bond-brothers of the guises, and the blurry images

if you have heard of the song, from the 1972 recall. The two voices on a wide sydvästskånska a bluestakt the battles, on the other: ”Out going "Gösta", in comes Gösta, in comes Gösta and say hello, he says hello, he says hello, good, good, good”. And so it goes with the poor story-telling.

Martin Rössel, in the Judgment of the Silliest heard of Philemon Arthur and The Dung, when he was 12 years old. He was deeply fascinated with.

" I thought the whole album was great, and the thing – amazing lyrics and is so very uncompromising music. A urbota of expression, he concludes, when we meet in his studio, on Vanadisvägen.

the Swedish proggrörelsen, but their bångstyrighet was not samtidskorrekt. The lyrics were absurdistiska submissive, satirical and socially aware of each other. The music is a kind of stenålderspunk.

Eight years later, in 1980, they played the Silliest album of the duo's song, ”But what the hell”. They sent the cassette to Silence, the record label that had been given to the elusive artist's album. A year later, the landing of a sudden, a picture postcard of the Rössels mailbox, sent from Denmark.

”I've been listening to the band, the almost, and in some, death was not to be,” writes Philemon Arthur. ”on the contrary, 'But what the hell' has been made, just as I'd fantasized it would be to let these days” praises him.

and Then there is silence. Sixteen years go by. In 1996, they are the Silliest yet, in a way. Now, on to the uteliggarbetraktelsen ”Jack in tarpaulin, that he who sleeps under the open sky, in the harbor, where it 'feels' as if it were twenty degrees of cold, he has his cover on, but that's all.”

Hemlighetsmakarna behind-the-PHAATD respond once again with a warm greeting. Now, forty-seven years after Martin Rössel heard of their shift in music, and for the first time, and they play well together.

"We've fused together our band in the recording process," he said. For us, it has been a matter of finding the combination of the turn and the urban scene of this country as they do in their texts, referring to grandma Duck and the cows, they have all the agro.

the unexpected from skåne in the south two years ago from a non-spårningsbar e-mail address. For that to be based on a single version of the duo's song ”Nothing in your brain is” hyper-active, with a contribution of suddenly the bottom of his e-mail inbox. The files containing the new grovsång, an accordion and a haunting harmonica. Judgment is Silly, contributes to the song with a contemporary beat, reggaepiano, bass, and loop-the-loops, plus the singer is from the band's singer Lars Cleveman.

the Song was released as a video, to be included in the Judgment of the Silliest coming of the album ”Demento”. The text is from 1972, but could just as easily have been written by an angry british punk in 1976, in a very savage way with the american hardcore band of the 1980s, or the rappats of the day Trumpkritik.

”You have food in your stomach and if you have the money in your bank, and if you have petrol in your vrålåk / and you'll have the color on your tv, but you have nothing on your mind / no, of nothing on your mind and if you have a stereo, and if you have water in your simpöl and if you have booze in your veins / and you will have a oxstek in the pantry, but you have nothing on your mind / no, nothing's on your mind”, yelling, the two bands joined together.

" I have no idea. However, we have probably sent a hundred e-mails to each other in the last few years, so I was able to, through the conclusion of these reject all of the names that has been speculated about over the years, " he says.

" I can safely say that they are not a creation of, for example, Peps Persson, two brothers, Michael and Thomas Wiehe, there Is the Risk, or the Danielsson & Pekkanini. And, in order to avoid being identified, they have put out a red herring. For a couple of decades ago, ripped off they are – with the help of a false-Schools-report to the people – the people who tried to reveal their identity.

" They've got this image of being in the skåne country boys, who sings about horses and cows, but I do have an indication that they have a lot of money. I don't think any of them have had to work hard to earn a living.

PHAATD's raw hemmainspelningar, lo-fi, twenty years prior to the world-class artists such as Beck, the concept of hip was made with a guitar, an accordion, a chinese leksakspiano, and fiddle with the pots, pans, cookie jars, and the elements of percussion. Before the lp was brought to the attention of the P3's, the Band goes for you with a tape recorder”, in which two of their tracks were played. The second time was in the air as he appeared, the duo under a different name.

”it was a once-in radio show, under the name of Hegbert Bruce's Picture. Then there was the ”I'm so sick” and ”well, If I had one,” explains Philemon Arthur and of the ROTOR in one of his e-mails.

on Their debut album, were awarded in 1972, is a Swedish Grammis in the category ”Best grupproduktion”. The selection of the winner, resulted in a strong anger among opponents, and the record label that the concert was shut down. It was revived first in 1987. It had an interest in scania särlingarna the plant even further. Magnus Uggla produced the same year, the hip-hop-influenced version of ”In, Vietnam. Philemon Arthur & The Dung-released music on cassette. ”Sketches of the 1914 annual caps”) was packaged in a tin can marked with the words: ”Real Scania sounds of nature”.

since Then, among other things, a mejlintervju has been published in the new york times, a documentary film have been shot, two compilation albums have been released, as well as the song, ”Hello, Svejsan,” which was created by the PHAATD together with a group of the Pagans (and the work was accomplished through the, sent files).

In DN's case, to Philemon, Arthur, what is the key point of being anonymous is, " he says.

”It's the record company who had to take all the credit”.

(In The interview in 2002, was the answer to the question: ”We are, but to boast is not in vain”).

”We simply do not have the thought that we are anything other than a Fnöskebom”.

it's More accurate, he appears to be when it comes to the inspiration behind their music. "

”Hyngwald Mud was often. Similarly, the Out-and-About the Orchestra. Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters. The Lightning Said. John Lee Hooker. By Jimmy Reed. Elmore James. The Troggs, The Kinks, Cream, Yardbirds, The Beatles, And Jussi Björling. The Count of Five, Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments, Family, International, Harvester, Pretty Things, Small Faces, Jimi Hendrix, Mose Allison, His first album, Creation, Wilbert Harrison, Anita Lindblom, Frank Zappa, the Sopwith Camel, and 144 in the other. And Bo Diddley. Slim Harpo. The Marx brothers,” says Philemon Arthur.

the next Day, she sends an email to a add-ons:

”Maybe we'll be able to add to a band called The Rolling Stones, and Povel Ramel, Larry Finnegan (forget about the non-influence of 'the Dear One'), Thore Skogman, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Shanes, M, A, Numminen, the Devil's Anvil, Joel Jansson, shall not be forgotten”.

Martin Rössel and liked from the very beginning of their secrecy. It is genuine, in order to be visible in each release.

" today, our time, useless, narcissistic, kändiskultur that is, if you are about to appear, so the position is even more radical, and cool. In this way, they are still fantastic – they really don't want people to know who they are, he points out.

" That's fine with their relationship, and that permeates everything that they do, that is, of course, that it does not matter who they are, they have done what they have done. Nothing more than that, their music is an interesting one.

One of the ways to escape the attention is to the team. The mask and the blurry photos are an important element in the cult of the PHAATD. Also, the Judgment of the Silliest has been performing in all sorts of disguises, and under the stage names as a Child-Lazlo Vanura, Truman Kaput, Holy Body, and by Bengt-Buddha Stekes.

"Philemon Arthur & The Dung, are masked in order to conceal his or her identity, and while we like to morpha, and go out in a variety of roles," says Martin Rössell, and points to the ”very gray” and David Bowie's, was as a stage performer before he began to experiment with the clothing and the nickname Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

" That has given him the to be kultmusiker, which is only a few, very few, linked to know what it is called. Another reason could be that they actually are quite shy.

" Exactly the same effect. However, just as I thought, the first time I heard their music, it is amazing that they have been seen to remain, entirely unknown.


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