Blake: - It is a relief to

the 'Appalling reading' and 'outright failure'. this is the sound of the finding after Kammeradvokatens impartial investigation of the extremely unethical

Blake: - It is a relief to

the 'Appalling reading' and 'outright failure'. this is the sound of the finding after Kammeradvokatens impartial investigation of the extremely unethical

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 00:00
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Blake: - It is a relief to

the 'Appalling reading' and 'outright failure'.

this is the sound of the finding after Kammeradvokatens impartial investigation of the extremely unethical conditions, several Danish elitesvømmere have suffered.

the Study behind the report was set in motion on the basis that Denmark's Radio in the spring of 2019 brought a documentary, which revealed a number of critical conditions for elitesvømmere under Dansk Svømmeunion in the years from 2003 to 2013.

Here it came, among other things, above, that public weighings was a method to follow svømmernes weight. The pressure to be internally reviewed did, that several of the elitesvømmerne developed eating disorders and general psychological discomfort in their time on the national team.

world Champion Jeanette Ottesen is one of the elitesvømmere, who took the blade from the mouth, and subsequently have told how the situation influenced on her exit at the National training center.

Hence comes the report as a 'relief', says Jeanette Ottesen, who is the world champion in the 100 metres free and 50 metres butterfly. In a TEXT message she writes for Ekstra Bladet:

'It is a relief that there has been a clarification, and a relief that now everyone knows, that everything, what we swimmers have told is true and no secret anymore.'

'it is Done, and we can't change the past, but it is nice that we can somehow close this chapter and look forward. And, it is also a relief that I'm (almost) sure, that these abuses no longer belongs in the Danish swimming', she writes.

Especially landsholdtrænerne Mark Regan from Australia and the Dutch Paulus Wildeboer has been responsible for the very non-traditional training methods, says the report.

- No medals are worth something, when it is at the expense of the practitioners, the best interests and well-being, says chairman of the board of Team Denmark, Frank Jensen, to Ekstra Bladet.

- It is a blemish in the Danish idrætshistorie, explains the chairman of the board.

in Particular, Dansk Svømmeunion have taken the consequences of the report's findings and dismissed director Pia Holmen.

the Attorney general takes the view, however, in its report, which among other things has been based in 44 interviews with various elitesvømmere, to the Danish sports confederation (DIF) has lived up to its responsibilities in the period studied.

Anyway sorry and apologize DIF 'strongly' for the frygtkultur and the psychological terror that pervaded the environment around elitesvømning.

- Completely unfair træneradfærd. There is, among others, talk about verbal humiliation. And it harmonizes not at all with the ideals we have in the world, said the president of DIF, Niels Nygaard, during Friday's press conference.

Something that also came up in connection with the release, is that the previous coach Paulus Wildeboer has handed the 'unknown drug' prescribed by a Spanish doctor for a variety of swimmers.

Medication, which can perhaps can be linked with positive drug tests, why the Team of Denmark at the time of writing has teamed up with The International anti-doping agency (WADA) in order to get to the bottom of the case.

- It is quite simple, quite natural, that we makes us some precautions and react as we do, when there is talk of unspecified drugs, says Frank Jensen.

He is 'incomprehensible' that the Dansk Svømmeunion have turned a blind eye to what regards the dispensing of the medicine.

Dansk Svømmeunion initiates a cooperation with Team Denmark, who, in return for financial support requires international results.

: Australian Mark Regan begins 1. march as national coach at The National training center (NTC) in Farum.

He changes the træningskulturen and several sources say to the DR, that he among other things talks degrading to the swimmers and introduce public weighings.

: Jens Frederiksen, who was the trainer for the Community elitesvømmere, in an e-mail 2. december to Kaj Aagaard, who was then president of the Dansk Svømmeunion, to the attention of Regan's tough training methods, but he gets no reply from the president.

The five-time OLYMPIC finalist Mette Jacobsen stops on the NTC because of Mark Regan.

Team Denmark adopts new guidelines where it is described that the weighings must be done voluntarily and in a secluded local. 23 swimmers tells the dog to DR, to the public weighing operations continue after 2005 and up to 2013.

: the Swimmer Jeanette Ottesen stop as the 17-year-old at the NTC, because she has developed depression and an eating disorder. Two years later, she comes back and becomes the most winning swimmer through the ages

: EM-finalisten Kathrine Jørgensen are after a stay at the NTC, with repeated public weighings affected by anxiety, depression and bulimia. 3. January she takes an overdose of painkillers and being admitted to the psychiatric department.

Mark Regan to stop as the national coach. He says to the DR that he has never done anything wrong.

Dutch Paulus Wildeboer becomes the new national coach, and he continues according to the DR's sources the public weighings and bully the swimmers with their weight.

: According to DR's sources introduces juniorlandstræner Michael Hinge public weighings among the young swimmers.

Sidse Kehlet is one of them, and she develops bulimia, depression and pillemisbrug and stops in 2014 his career as the 18-year-old.

Hinge deny the charges.

: Paul Wildeboer stop as the national coach. He died in 2014.

: Michael Hinge stops which juniorlandstræner.

22. april sends the DR documentary "Svømmestjerner - Under the surface", which reveals træningsmetoderne at NTC from 2003 to 2013. Here tells more Danish svømmeprofiler about flawed relationship with public weighings and condescending remarks.

6. may notify to the Danish sports Federations and Team Denmark, that they initiate an independent investigation, after several elitesvømmerne have criticized the methods.

Svømmetrænerne the NTC by Martin Truijens and Mads Bjørn Hansen terminates 12. June their posts due to disagreements with connected. It gets elitesvømmerne in a joint message to declare their mistrust of the management at Dansk Svømmeunion.

19. June notify the Team of Denmark in a press release, Pia Holmen, director at Dansk Svømmeunion, take a leave of absence from his job on the board as vice-president of Team Denmark, while the independent inquiry takes place.

Source: Ritzau

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