Big roars in the X Factor: - I regret really

It was a clearly frustrated Kasper 'Kali' Andersen, who on Friday night gave its input to this year's 'X Factor'-bootcamp with a sensitive rap about his ni

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
14 February 2020 Friday 17:00
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Big roars in the X Factor: - I regret really

It was a clearly frustrated Kasper 'Kali' Andersen, who on Friday night gave its input to this year's 'X Factor'-bootcamp with a sensitive rap about his nine-year-old daughter.

Everything went far from according to plan during the 31-year-old rappers appearance, and several times he had to start all over again due to nervousness. It is much to the frustration of 'Kali' herself, who was clearly annoyed with the situation.

- I was even a little mushy. It is something completely different here. I'm sorry, said the rapper addressed to Oh Land, and told him that he had just finished his song.

I took a chance. I have written it in the last week. It is brand new, he said on to Oh Land, who took the whole episode very nicely.

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Oh Country chose to take the 'Kali' with, despite the mistakes he committed. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

For Extra Magazine tells Kaspar 'Kali' Andersen, that he certainly was not satisfied with its performance to bootcampen.

- You can sense my frustration that it didn't go so well to start with. It was just pure disappointment and frustration with myself, he says.

Especially the fact that it was a new text, howled 'Kali' out of it.

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- It was an entirely new text, and I had almost written it in the plane on the way to bootcamp. I think it was the nervousness that took over, because I really wanted to deliver. I thought on it really, and put too much in it instead of enjoying it, he says, and continues:

It irritated me that I had 'nailet' it several times perfectly before. So should I provide, and then it went completely wrong, and I had a hard time controlling my frustration. I stood in a pressure situation in front of the camera, and you will really like to impress, he says.

Despite the 'Kalis' error bootcampen selected Oh Land yet to send him on to the live shows, with reference to the fact that he is very 'real'.

'Kali' hope that he can be to contribute something new to the 'X Factor'. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

- How are you with, that you are so clearly frustrated, and that people need to see it on tv?

- It seems I'm a little practice. I had hoped, it was not shown. It was only myself, I was frustrated and not others. I would not want people getting the impression that I am a person who responds to hverdagssting. People may get a wrong impression of me, but the feelings run of with me, and I could not control myself, he says, and continues:

- I regret really, that I reacted in this way. I wish I had been more calm, he says.

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- But Oh the Country chooses to send you on despite the error. How did it feel?

- It means more than everything to me, and when you finally get recognition, it's big, says 'Kali'.

- in Fact, I think to start with I believed it, Oh Land said. She drove it up to that, I had not gone far, so when she finally said that I had gone on, jumped in my heart a second time. I can't remember how I reacted in the moment, but my emotions came in earnest, when I came out to Sofie Linde.

- I had a hard time to grasp it. I was prould like hell, and the whole thing was so surreal, but at the same time I thought also: 'Fuck. Now is there one of the other good, which is smoked out at the expense of me'. I'm a rapper, and the underdog, and then I go ahead in front of the talent as Elina and John. I'm thinking, 'What the fuck is happening'?, says the rapper, however, is extremely happy that he has moved on.

It was a relieved 'Kali', who on Friday evening went on to the live shows. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

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