Big gaffe in the tv program

In tonight's episode of the TV3 programme 'To dinner with ...' is it realitystjernen Amalie Szigethy, who is the protagonist. She invites actor Jan Linnebjer

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
19 September 2019 Thursday 06:00
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Big gaffe in the tv program

In tonight's episode of the TV3 programme 'To dinner with ...' is it realitystjernen Amalie Szigethy, who is the protagonist. She invites actor Jan Linnebjerg, dancer Mille Funk and bagedronning Ditte Julie Jensen for a dinner featuring dishes from different areas of Europe.

Since Jan Linnebjerg is an alcoholic, has guests throughout the program has been good to make sure that there are non-alcoholic beers and other non-alcoholic drink on the table for him, so he did not feel obliged to drink alcohol.

But Amalie's dinner get Jan Linnebjerg, who are struggling to keep themselves dry, served dessert wine.

Amalie determines that I should have some alcohol, and it must be my quota for the next many years, there is filled up, saith the Jan Linnebjerg, after he has drunk a glass of dessertvinen.

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For Extra Magazine tells Amalie Szigethy, she came to give Jan Linnebjerg the alcohol by mistake.

- I must admit that I did not even think about it. There, I must be completely honest. At this point in the evening we had been given some alcohol, and therefore served I dessert wine for him, as for any other, " she says, and continues:

But he decide themselves, whether he will drink it or not, it is not my job or my problem. So he must even lie and mess with.

In the 'dinner with ...' get Amalie Szigethy mistakenly served alcohol for Jan Linnebjerg. Photo: Bjorn Jakobsen

According to Amalie Szigethy, however, it was not completely thought out, that she served alcohol to the Other actor.

- I had bought non-alcoholic beer and other things to him. There was also the alcohol during the whole dinner, and then it's up to people themselves to choose what they would like to drink, but I must admit that it was a mistake, that I gave dessertvinen for Jan. Should I perhaps have thought me better, she says.

- But I really did not even notice that he drank it. I gave it without thinking about it. In the beginning I was very attentive, but towards the evening I was more snalret, and then I thought not as much of it.

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- But don't you think that it is a little disrespectful to serve alcohol to someone who is an alcoholic?

I thought, really not over it. Today I would not have served it. But on the other hand, it is not my job. I'm not his personal assistant. He must decide for himself what he is doing, and I can't evaluate what he can handle and what he can't, and what you do as an alcoholic, and what not to do. Of course you have to show respect, but I think I did. I had taken care of things for him.

- the Production quality, of course, also the champagne to the last, where the winner was crowned, so it was not just me, " she stresses.

For Extra Magazine tells Jan Linnebjerg, that he had nothing against Amalie Szigethy served a single glass of wine for him, though he usually keeps himself completely from alcohol.

- The door I not of. I'm not an alcoholic each day, and therefore I can also well handle a glass every now and then, he says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

- There is no harm in that I take a glass. It tasted good, and Amalie served it in the best sense. I also think that I after the entertainment had just the use for it. I could have said no, he says, and tells that now he is finished talking about his alcohol abuse:

- I am very tired of it being run so high up, and I think that 'dinner with ...' is my sentence for the here to chat about my alcohol problems. Now must I on, for it has been a tough trip. Not least for my family.

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