Big failure after a Farmer looking for love

the Final section of this place, ‘Farmer looking for love’ is just rolled over the screen on TV2. therefore, It is connect with to follow Martin Rathkjen, Mar

Big failure after a Farmer looking for love

the Final section of this place, ‘Farmer looking for love’ is just rolled over the screen on TV2. therefore, It is connect with to follow Martin Rathkjen, Mar

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Ann McDonald
05 November 2019 Tuesday 15:00
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Big failure after a Farmer looking for love

the Final section of this place, ‘Farmer looking for love’ is just rolled over the screen on TV2.

therefore, It is connect with to follow Martin Rathkjen, Martin Danielsen, Nicolaj Brown Nielsen, Jack Rasmussen and Niels Skov Pedersen on TV2, as well as Mathias Dam Jensen on Danish TV2 Play.

Already, as Lene Beier was on the return visit with the farmers in the program, it became clear that several of the pairs had already decided to go for her, since the love had not blossomed between them.

Only farmers Jack Rasmussen and Martin Rathkjen could reveal that they continue to be as the women, they had been on a romantic weekend trip with, and that they were well on their way to becoming boyfriends.

Now it turns out, however, that love also is a burst of Jack and Bobby and Martin and Mila. Thus, none of the six farmers, who in this instance have had good luck with finding the one and only.

well-Known Farmer-Finn: Fear to end up alone

even Though everything seemed to run on rails for the 25-year-old farmer Martin R. in the last section, went to the relationship with Mila still in the sink. Now he tells why it went wrong.

Mila and I'm talking not really together anymore. As we got to know each other, and everyday life really went in once, so fit we just not together anyway. It was too bad, but that is just the way it is. We had it good in the program, but then it was as if that it all slowed down a little, the more we got to know each other, tells Martin Rathkjen to Ekstra Bladet.

- It was probably a bit of me that lost the feelings to start with, and so she also began to lose them. So now it is a little quiet for themselves with love, but I also need to get some rest, after I have been with the program. Now, I just have countries again after the experience, he continues.

despite the fact that the young farmer has had good luck with finding a gf, it does not, however, to he regret his participation in the TV2 programme:

- It has been a crazy cool experience. It has only been a positive one. Now I have also tried the effort with dating-life, and it is nice to take the experience further. Now I'm a little more sure of myself, and I have found out, that I need not be so shy, unsure of myself. I've got much more self-confidence, he says and adds:

- I'm going to miss seeing myself on the screen. It has been fun to follow every Tuesday, so we now have to see if I should make more tv in the future. It could be fun.

The last we saw of Jack and Bobby in the TV2 programme, was that together they went on a romantic motorcycle treat. Unfortunately ended the romance between them after a short time.

- It ran out in the sand. She is a sweet girl, and we talk and write together yet. We also need to drive a motorcycle for the summer, so we've since kept in touch, but it is just as friends. We were not just together as boyfriends, we found out, as the cameras turned off, and it was everyday life, explains the 55-year-old Jack to Ekstra Bladet.

- So at present there is not so much with the love. I've got a whole lot of inquiries from the sweet women who will come over or meet up, so I am sure that there is a future boyfriend for me out there. So far I have not, however, just gone on with someone, but since I'm looking for the right, who is just as crazy as me, he says.

Jack beats, however, that participation in the program has been of great importance to him:

- I've got a new life. I've got no self-esteem, and I have become more aware of my feelings. I have learned a lot about myself by being in the program, and it's fantastic. So it has been super cool to be with, and I have come out of the bush to be with, he tells.

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There is no doubt that Martin D. and Kristinna had a lovely weekend together, but as Lene Beier in Tuesday's section was on the return visit, could Martin tell that the two had decided to be friends rather than lovers. The two have still contact to this day.

- We write when not together every day, but we write and talk together, however, it is still as friends. The hearts were not with us, and this was how it just, says 36-year-old Martin D. to Ekstra Bladet.

- It has been a great journey to be with in the program. I have met some wonderful people, and a lot has happened, he continues and explains that it is fallen into with offers from women, after he has participated in the program.

- I've probably got about 200-250 requests from women, so it has really been many. However, I have only the answer on a few pieces, since I just waiting, for the program ends, and there comes a little more peace, before I would involve myself in something new. I just need it a little at a distance, even though it is super cute messages. I have an awful lot of work that needs to be done first, he says.

The 25-year-old farmer Nicolaj had unfortunately no luck to find the only one in the TV2 programme. Here he chose to take on a weekend trip with Mai, but in the course of the summer ebbed in touch more and more, and they therefore chose to end the relationship.

- It was just there not really between us, so it flowed out a little. We are not adversaries or something, but we are not together anymore, " explains Nicolaj to Ekstra Bladet, who subsequently visited Helle, who otherwise he had chosen from the programme, as she urged him to choose Mai over her.

- I visited Lisa for some time after, that it was connected with Mai and me, where I told her what feelings I had for her, and that I liked her, but who knew she is still not what feelings she had for me. She was very unsure, but I could just not wait until she found out. So it was also closed, he explains.

It turns out, however, that Nicolaj after participation in the program has been successful in his hometown of Indianapolis.

- I met a sweet girl the 14-day time ago. I don't know how serious it is, since it is very new, but we dater, and she is sweet. We met each other down in the city, where we were both out to get a beer, he says and adds that he certainly has learned a lot from his participation in the ’Farmer looking for love’.

- It has been great fun to be with in the program, but also cross-border. I have also found out that I am a very sensitive guy, but I have so learned to open a little more and be more outgoing compared to what I was before, he explains.

well-Known Hjerteknuste Christian: You think 'shut up man'

It is now a few weeks ago, it became clear in the ’Farmer looking for love’, to Niels and Henning were better as friends than lovers. Now the 46-year-old farmer, what has befallen him since, the cameras are turned off.

- I suit my farm and my children, as I have done all the time, so this is actually it, the time goes with with me. In relation to love while I just a little bit and see time to pass. I just had to land after having been in a tv program. It is a turbulent place, so things should just lie, explains Niels for the Extra Magazine, which certainly have enjoyed to be with, although he is not always have been able to give himself one hundred percent to the program.

- It has been fun to be with and a great experience. However, I have also constantly been thinking a lot about things, since I have had my children in mind, so they were trapped in the school for the things I said and did. That is why I also come to seem a little more dry than I am. My children said to me prior to the program, that they didn't care to see a lot of kissy-kissy on the screen, and I chose to accept. So on the way I could not give me quite as much in the program, as those without children might have been able to, he tells.

On the TV2 Play went not with the young farmer, Mathias, in search of love. Instead ended up him and Laura to be friends, but in today's talks the two are no longer together.

- We wrote a bit together, while the program was running on the screen, just on the friendly level, but since we have not had any contact. It ran a little bit out in the sand, telling the 23-year-old farmer.

- It has been super fun to be with in the programme and my confidence has been much better, so it's great. I had also hoped, as it has never been so good, he continues.

Mathias has, however, been fortunate enough to find happiness for a couple of months ago.

- I have found a cute girlfriend. She called Ellen, 27 years old, and she wrote to me on Facebook, as she searched for something to remove the weeds, and it had I saw. I came out to her, had a cup of coffee and then we talked together ever since, " explains Mathias and continues:

- We don't live together, but I house her every day, when I have free. It is really nice. We have also talked about moving together at a time, but we take this just as it comes.

Already seeking TV2 new farmers for a new round of ’Farmer seeks love’. the

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