Big Byttedag: you ever make shopping mistakes and hadegaver for 300 million

there Is nothing worse than receiving a bra that is too big? It should then just be a pair of panties that are too small. the Danish business estimates that t

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
27 December 2019 Friday 18:00
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Big Byttedag: you ever make shopping mistakes and hadegaver for 300 million

there Is nothing worse than receiving a bra that is too big? It should then just be a pair of panties that are too small.

the Danish business estimates that there will be spoils christmas gifts for 300 million crowns, corresponding to between four and five percent of received christmas gifts.

But the kind of potential parforholds problems had the majority of danes, as Ekstra Bladet met in the mall Field's and on Strøget in Copenhagen, avoided completely.

In any case it was very few who would prey well-intentioned, but completely the wrong christmas gift Friday morning, which is otherwise known as the Big Byttedag.

They had just taken a trip to the city to browse a little sale, but few had had the scrotum by the pocket. Each had, however, done exactly as the shops dream about, and bought gifts at full price.

Quite as easy to make happy is Extra the Magazine's readers, however, are not. In a vote, in which about 45,000 readers have participated, the equivalent of 25 percent, that they shall exchange one or more christmas gifts.

quite A few danes had a break from sofahygge and christmas parties and went shopping in Copenhagen 27. december. Photo: Aleksander Klug

the Danish Occupation assessed at the beginning of december, to this year's christmas sales would be a little more subdued than the previous year.

According to the trade organization will be bought gifts and christmas dinner for the 9.2 billion crowns, which is a slight decrease compared to the year before, where the danes pulled the entire 9.4 billion, up at the pockets.

If the forecast holds, it will be the first time since 2007 that the christmas sales will not increase.

- There are still laid up for the great christmas gifts for the danes, although the level is expected to be slightly below last year. The decline is expected despite record low interest rates, high employment and low unemployment, have a marketing director in the Danish business, Henrik Hyltoft, previously explained.

This is because according to him the particular Black Friday and the newer initiatives like the Cyber Monday and Singles Day.

a total of 27 percent of the gifts under the tree is expected this year to be bought on the web - an increase of a single percent compared to the year 2018.

for the January sales progress something more dramatic in Aarhus, denmark, in 2003. Here was a long queue in front of Salling, but back then they had to wait completely for 2. January shopping spree. Photo: Klaus Gottfredsen/Ritzau Scanpix

How is byttereglerne

There is no obligation to exchange goods or take them back, unless the store offers it.

the Store can even put the deadline for exchange or return, which then must be complied with.

the Store can also require proof that the goods have actually been purchased there. It can be in the form of byttemærke or receipt.

On the net is as a rule 14 days, but some stores have extended right around christmas.

It is the buyer who must pay returporto. Some stores offer free handling charges.

the Product must be unused and returned in original packaging.

IN the EU is always a 14 day return policy, just like in Denmark.

Outside of the EU are the possibilities described in the individual commercial terms and conditions. The same applies to the shipping costs in connection with the exchange.

Source: the Danish business.

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photo Gallery 1 of 5 Katherine Marie Brandt, ten years, and Rikke Brandt. From The Holte. Katrine: - We have exchanged some christmas gifts, and then we look at the clothes. I have a shirt, but it was good enough not on sale. Rikke: - I have swapped a pair of shoes for a different size. They were not on sale. 2 of 5 Anna Ida Riise, 42 years old, and Tom Nielsen, 51 years old. From Tårnby. Anna Ida: - We have not got so many gifts, it is mostly our boys. We have swapped a Checkered Ninja-doll, and have not bought anything yet. Tom: - Some of it, that must be exchanged are purchased on the net, so it must be sent back. 3 of 5 Alexander, 20 years old, and Gustav Olsson, 20 years. From Malmö. Alexander: - We are taken to Field's to buy alcohol for the new year. In Sweden there must be no deals on alcohol, and we like the offer, haha. Even with the price of the bridge, it might pay to go to Denmark. Gustav: - We must have beer, gin, vodka and Small acidic (shots, red.). But we do not buy second – the swedes are better for clearance sales on clothing. 4 of 5 Jarnick Jonassen, 35 years old, and Louis, two. From Amager. - We need to exchange some clothes we had bought for him here. But it was not a christmas gift. We should look for a jacket for my wife, but it wasn't there. In fact, we have not purchased anything other than an iced tea. 5 of 5 Nan Yu, 25 years old. From China. Studying in the Uk. - I am taken to Copenhagen on holiday. I think the buildings are very beautiful. I will look in toy stores like Disney and Lego.

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