Bernie in the face of adversity after the unfortunate comment during a private meeting

Udskilningsløbet has gone into its decisive phase, in order to find the democrat to put up against Donald Trump in the presidential election this november. Th

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 January 2020 Wednesday 05:00
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Bernie in the face of adversity after the unfortunate comment during a private meeting

Udskilningsløbet has gone into its decisive phase, in order to find the democrat to put up against Donald Trump in the presidential election this november.

The first primaries will take place 3. February in the state of Iowa, but already now the waves high in The Democratic Party.

The general public has become aware of a private meeting between the two lifelong friends and colleagues, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, according to CNN, took place in an apartment in Washington in december 2018.

Here were the two topdemokrater discuss the future of the party, they now both want to lead. The goal was that the two experienced politicians should give the handshake that they would behave in a civilised towards each other in a possible election campaign. But already at the meeting arose the first sparks between the two profiles.

Politics - 20. dec. 2019 - at. 06:26 the Democratic candidates plead Trump at the last debate,

As Elizabeth Warren presenting her arguments that she would be the best candidate to challenge Trump, said that she is convincing in relation to the economy. In addition, she has a wider appeal to the female voters, she asserted.

Bernie Sanders said something surprising, that he did not believe that a woman could win the election and become president of the UNITED states. It confirms Warren over for CNN.

He did not believe that a woman could win, and I disagreed, it sounded from the female politician on Monday.

the Conversation has been referred to the american media by two of warren's people and the two persons who have knowledge of it, writes CNN. It has attracted much attention in the UNITED states. But in the second camp raging Sanders of the story.

early in his three favorites at the primary election, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.
Sad liars
The 78-year-old politician and senator from Vermont is denying that he should have spoken out the sexist during the meeting with Warren in 2018.

- It is crazy to think that I would tell her that a woman can't win the presidential election on the day when she told me that she puts up, says Sanders to CNN.

- It is sad that members of her staff lying about a meeting that took place a year ago. I think that a woman can win the election in 2020? Of course! Hillary Clinton got the three million more votes than Trump in 2016 (the last presidential election in the UNITED states, red.).

Just kønsdebatten has been a hot theme during the election campaign in the democratic camp. Especially after Warren on his valgtur have told a story about how she, during her campaign to become senator in 2012 got tudet ears full from male colleagues that she would smile more.

the Women appear more unattractive when not smiling, was the argument. In addition, Warren was advised not to make up, because she was a woman, she says.

To the presidential election, she is still a good bid to be the Democratic candidate to be up against Trump in november.

the Democrats three most likely bid on a contender for president of the Trump by the 2020 elections, the 77-year-old Joe Biden, former vice president, and Bernie Sanders, 78 years of age, the senator from Vermont, as well as just the 70-year-old Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts.

the Democratic convention where a candidate is found, will take place 13.-16. July.

the FACTS: They want to challenge Donald Trump in 2020

Obama's former housing minister Julian Castro has Thursday abandoned his attempt to be nominated as the Democratic candidate in the US presidential elections in november.

This is the field of hopefuls down to 14 people.

the List is sorted in order of the candidates ' position in an average of recent national polls.

the Date in brackets is the date they announced their candidacy.

* Joe Biden, 28,3 percent support, 77 years, former vice president (25. april).

* Bernie Sanders, 19,1 percent support, 78 years of age, the senator from Vermont (19. February).

* Elizabeth Warren, 15,1 percent backing, 70 years old, the senator from Massachusetts (9. February).

* Pete Buttigieg, 8.3 percent support, 37 years old, mayor of South Bend, Indiana (14. april).

* Michael Bloomberg, of 4.8 percent support, 77 years old, former mayor of New York city (24. november).

* Amy Klobuchar, 3.5 percent support, 59 years old, the senator from Minnesota (10. February).

* Andrew Yang, to 3.5 percent support, 44 years old, entrepreneur (6. november 2017).

* Tulsi Gabbard, 1.8 percent support, 38 years old, congressman from Hawaii (2. February).

* Tom Styria, 1.5 percent support, 62 years old, financier from New York (9. July).

* John Delaney, 0.5 percent support, 56 years old, former congressman of Maryland (28. July 2017).

* Michael Bennet, to 0.4 percent support, 54 years old, the senator from Colorado (2. may).

* Deval Patrick, support not indicated, 63 years old, former governor of Massachusetts (14. november).

* Marianne Williamson, support not indicated, 67 years, new age-writer (28. January).

Source: New York Times,

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