Bendtner tried to bribe the cop with 100,000 dollars

FC København - 4. nov. 2019 - at. 10:39 There's familiesorg: My father took our money In foromtalen for Nicklas There's book, ’Both sides’, he promises, and

Bendtner tried to bribe the cop with 100,000 dollars

FC København - 4. nov. 2019 - at. 10:39 There's familiesorg: My father took our money In foromtalen for Nicklas There's book, ’Both sides’, he promises, and

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Ann McDonald
04 November 2019 Monday 05:00
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Bendtner tried to bribe the cop with 100,000 dollars

FC København - 4. nov. 2019 - at. 10:39 There's familiesorg: My father took our money

In foromtalen for Nicklas There's book, ’Both sides’, he promises, and co-author Rune Skyum-Nielsen to deliver a story that did not spare anyone, and least of all Bendtner even.

It holds. All the way. From the locker room to detentionen and back again. For in the book appear the details and stupidity, as the 31-year-old striker easily could have chosen to keep from himself.

An example is the concession, he comes up with, in connection with the one of the three scandals in Copenhagen, we share a selection of here.

to get out of a predicament, he offered namely a cop 100,000 dollars in bribes. A misdemeanor that could have brought him a far higher punishment than he has received over the years.

Nicklas Bendtner leaving the district Court met with his then-girlfriend, Julie Zangenberg. Photo: Mogens Flindt
28. February 2013 is Juventus-lejesvenden Nicklas Bendtner in a period of time for rehabilitation for an injury at home with Arsenal in London, when his mother finishes a course of treatment for his cancer. He gets to go to Copenhagen to rejoice with the rest of the family, for which he writes.

But before he reaches there, he just in town with a buddy, and after a three to four drinks’ they will move to a place just 150 meters away. Against the one-way system.

’Anyway, I put me to trundle the car – a Mercedes leased the day before – to there. I once just put me in before it knocks on the pane. It is a police officer’, says Bendtner, who only has an expired driving licence from England on the care.

He is asked to take a breath test which shows a bac of 1.75. He must, at the police station, he gets to know, and he will panic.

There's scandals 1 of 14 2009 Nicklas Bendtner in kæmpebrandert. 2 of 14 2009 Nicklas Bendtner in kæmpebrandert. 3 of 14 2009 Nicklas There leaving Bougis nightclub after a very wet night after his Arsenal team lost 3-1 to Manchester United in this years Champions League semi-final. Photo: Insight Celebrity / Xposure Photos 4 of 14 2009 Nicklas Bendtner drove wrong with the 160 kilometres an hour. 5 of 14 2009 Nicklas Bendtner drove wrong with the 160 kilometres an hour. Photo: NOBLE/DRAPER 6 of 14 2011 Bendtner kicked the person down and stack of. 7 of 14 2012 the Price of Nicklas Bendtner has plummeted to 9 months. 8 of 14 2011 SORRY! Open letter from Nicklas Bendtner. 9 of 14 2012 Nicklas Bendtner runs on the field and shows the name of the irish bookmaker firm Paddy Power on the waistband of his underpants during Euro 2012 soccer match against Portugal at the New Lviv stadium. 10 of 14 2013 There wild night, how did he drink out of the track. 11 of 14 2013 Cheap released, must still run the car abroad. 12 of 14 2013 Nicklas Bendtner and girlfriend Julie Zangenberg leaving the district court after having been deprived the driving licence for 3 years and got a fine of 842.000 kr. of drink driving against the direction of travel at Gl Strand with a bac of 1.75. Photo: Mogens Flindt 13 of the 14 2018 Nicklas Bendtner charged with assaulting a taxi driver. 14 of 14 2018 The voldssigtede Nicklas Bendtner is on the way from the Copenhagen city Court with his lawyer Anders Németh. Photo: Jens Dresling

’So, I thought about the envelope I have in inderlommen. 100,000 dollars. They are thought of as a gift for my parents. 'You get them here, if you let me get rid', he says to the police officer. 'Keep your mouth shut, right now', says the grim-faced answer.

It goes up for Bendtner, he really has dummet themselves.

’Fortunately, have mercy on the cop itself. I will not be charged for attempt at bribery. So, it had first seen the rubbish out’.

Shortly after hitting the story the media, and the case rolls. It cost him, later, a fine of 842.000 dollars and a withdrawal of the driving licence for three years, like DBU decides to give him a half year's period of reflection from the national team.

Back in Juventus he unleashes the cheaper. There grines that of the episode.

Karly There's the book “Both sides“ is published on Tuesday with lots of colourful details of his career. Photo: Ole Steen
’There are things that I can not defend. In any case of myself. And there are things that are complete brain-dead. Once I would have explained away the whole thing. Also the brainless. I would have called it the pranks. But the innocence is long since used up, and all the stupid episodes are taxasagen from two of the dumbest ever’, write Nicklas Bendtner about a episode in march 2014.

That episode is so idiotic, he explains that it goes beyond a taxi driver, who haven't done him anything. Bendtner calls himself ’a wild animal in the zoo’, when after a drinking spree will hire a taxi.

While the driver was putting a bicycle in his bicycle rack, playing Bendtner and follow a little with his radio. A quarrel follows, and the driver threatens to call the police. The intoxicated young people get out, and he trills away.

’But something trigger me. Who think he is right, he is? I put in a spurt and catches up with him at the traffic lights. I take the belt and buttons his pants up and stands then and rubs me up by the car's rear end, clean doggystyle. Spanker with the belt’.

’The stunt was not smart’, he admits.

Nicklas Bendtner on the way in the Copenhagen city Court with his lawyer Anders Németh in order to receive a judgment, which he is still bitter about. Photo: Jens Dresling/ritzau Scanpix
The two incidents should, however, be clearly surpassed, and this time supplemented with violence and imprisonment.

In september 2018 was Bendtner again in the city in Copenhagen, and when he is on his way home from the exclusive nightclub Lusso together with her boyfriend Philine Roepstorff, he will come in seriously an argument with another cab driver who end up with a broken jaw.

The episode he describes, however, with the bitterness of facing the opposing party.

In the book, he sets the scene in detentionen on Bellahøj, where he sits and stares into the wall.

’My night has evolved in a way that no fortune-teller had been able to foresee. Completely horrible’, he recalls and describes a long evening, where he in the taxi first quarrel with her boyfriend and then with the driver, who is running in the wrong direction.

he progresses from the cart, before the fracas develops, how the driver turns the car and running after them while he's screaming ’whores’ out of the window after them, before he rises out of the car, comes running and throws something against them.

He remembers, ’we both raise our arms, and that I turn first. A single roll makes it. He hits the cart on the way down. It looks out violently. To a car stop. I panikker. We take the escape. That we when home to my apartment. My hand is raised. I say the same thing, again and again. ”They come and fetch me. They come about a little”.

It did four cops, and in the cell runs a new phrase on repeat: ’I'm done. I'm done. I'm done’.

Philine Roepstorff is the latest woman in There life, and she also was during his latest escapade with a taxi driver. Photo credit: Armi/Ritzau Scanpix
Then describe Bendtner, how everything tumbles about the ears on him. How a colleague of the driver calling and offers that you will drop the notification if Bendtner cough up ’many a day’.

He also tells how the former boxer Brian Nielsen, telling him that he has played a poker tournament in Vermont, where the people driver has been sitting at the table ten hours and ’blistered with the case’.

A video of the episode as well as the reactions on an Instagram lookup about the case from his girlfriend gives him some optimism, until he sits in the court, where he with a sense of unreality, hear the judge read the verdict on the 50-day unconditional imprisonment up.

’The case was lost in advance. It was not just a taxi that overtook me the night. It was my story. All the things that I have previously messed me out in. With compound interest’, he notes bitterly.

He was allowed to serve his sentence with a fodlænke in his apartment. A period of time, which is also described extensively in the ’Both sides’, which was released Tuesday.

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