Art review: the Bauhaus, came from Weimar, and was brought in Dessau

the jubilee celebrations of the Bauhaus movement, the 100 years is now in the home stretch. Germany's world-renowned art and design school, has been investigat

Art review: the Bauhaus, came from Weimar, and was brought in Dessau

the jubilee celebrations of the Bauhaus movement, the 100 years is now in the home stretch. Germany's world-renowned art and design school, has been investigat

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
19 September 2019 Thursday 12:00
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Art review: the Bauhaus, came from Weimar, and was brought in Dessau

the jubilee celebrations of the Bauhaus movement, the 100 years is now in the home stretch. Germany's world-renowned art and design school, has been investigated in lines of large-scale exhibitions, festivals, seminars, conferences, and books, along with the opening ceremonies of the renovated Bauhausbyggnader, and the more expensive museums in the world.

In the spring opened the large Bauhausmuseet in the first year, in which it offers experimentskolan was founded in 1919. For jews, the harassment moved to Dessau in 1925, and this past Sunday was Bauhausjubileet as Angela Merkel has officially opened in the city, a museum.

”A wonderful thing,” said the chancellor, and described the Bauhausdesignen a ljusfyr during his childhood in the former east germany's ”wealth of tastelessness”.

in Germany, however, is surrounded with disagreements, just like a time that the Bauhaus itself. The school has over the years become synonymous with a pure and functional style. However, his story has long been distorted or simplified in everything from nazis, communists, and devota fan, to the patriarchal structures of power and the school's own myths.

but the research in recent years has been significant, and the anniversary made a lot of the artifacts, and the Bauhausmiljöer than it has ever been. First, it is now possible to grasp what Bauhaus truly was – I'll say from my own pilgrimage to Weimar and in Dessau. The centre of Bauhausorter, in addition to the school's final stop is in Berlin (which, however, will have to wait until 2022 and the expansion of the wide-ranging of the Bauhaus archive.

- a natural start to a Grand tour of modernism” (as Bauhausassociationen to encourage on their website, with an interactive map, and six routes, is in the first year. Ceramics by Theodor Bogler in the first year of Photo: Renno

the town, with a dozen or so unesco world heritage site on the Unesco world heritage list, as did the belgian art nouveau architect Henry van de Velde at the turn of the last century. He was an important modernist precursor, and the president of the ducal konsthantverksskola. It was also he who, in 1919, was found by his successor of Walter Gropius, who was the merging of designskolan of the academy of fine arts of the infant Weimar republic was the Bauhaus, the legendary school principal.

At the New museum in Weimar, describes the delicate the exhibition, ”Van de Velde, friedrich Nietzsche and modernism around 1900” is how a group of kulturpersoner that paved the way for the avant-garde art.

across the street, to continue the history of the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. After a decade of debate, a plot of land that slopes down to the park. On the other hand, there is the neo-classical Gauforum, a bombastic, complex, as the nazis were built with a resisted occupation from the nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald.

the gray-betonglådan at the back, which cost a total of eur 27 million. A minimalist objects, with a few, small windows, and five levels, which is cleaved by a narrow, steep flight of stairs. The German critics have likened the museum is in a bunker or a tomb, a mausoleum to modernism”.

the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau in the ”Open stage”. Photo credit: Thomas Meyer/OSTKREUZ

" Yes, it is, bunkerkänslan real. However, the architect Heike Hanada (who also won the competition for the Stockholm city remodeling has stated that the ”stand up” to the politically-charged environment, in a city where there is now also a right-wing Alternative for Germany is growing rapidly.

It may museikonceptet to grow on me. The interior's high ceiling and airy room, with open passages, and a vertical shaft which gives the overview. The museum also has a large window facing the park, and the led lights in a horizontal band, which, at night, the heavy main body of the house, to the light.

168 the object as a second daughter, anna, packed up at the museum before the move to Dessau, boxes that are not opened, and thus was never discovered by the nazis. At long last, were inventoried, the tax of the communist regime, and was placed in a less suitable location.

today the collection has expanded to about 13 000 objects from around the Bauhausperioden, including the furnishing of the rooms of the school, who was the last president of the Mies van der Rohe. About a thousand of numbers are presented, thematically, in the long glasvitriner, the platforms and the walls in vibrant colors with sound and moving images. Including a reconstruction of Oskar Schlemmers the playful ”Triadisk ballet”.

In the first year, the school had a medieval bygghyttan as a model. With a collective piece of work, the craftsmanship, and the fine arts would be a better society will be created. The original teacher, Johannes Itten, decreed the breathing exercises, as well as a vegetarian diet. It was drowned in so much garlic that a second daughter, anna, first wife, Alma Mahler, was protesting wildly against the utdunstningarna, revealing the museiappen.

the New Bauhaus Museum in Dessau. Photo: This Boesener,

, hippieaktiga way of life of wild parties, attracted a lot of attention in the småstadsmiljön. In parallel with the growing political tensions in the Weimar republic grew in the years of the internal conflict between the left - and högerkrafter, esoteriker, and man, the advocate of abstract art and of the rational, industrial production.

However, in the school of creative chaos, the creation of great art, by the name Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee, sculptural ceramics by Theodor Bogler and design classics like Marcel Breuer stålrörsfåtöljer, Marianne Brandt, geometric metallkanna, and was Wagenfelds tight table. Museiklenoder, along with the practical heminredningar and educational toys Alma-Siedhoff-Buscher. She was accepted into the Bauhaus school, is the earliest modellhus, the Haus am Horn, which is even a unesco world heritage site in Weimar, and as a återinvigts of the year.

the Furniture of Marcel Breuer, in the Dessausamlingen. Photo: Gunter Binsack
In the museishopen, I can't resist the Wagenfelds coffee / tea making facilities in the Jenaglas – ursnygg, but not very functional, I must say. Fixed the household items in this high-temperature, glass was an important product for export in the German democratic republic time.

a major industrial centre, which had initially realized the benefits of a modern design academy. This was the Bauhaus, a stronger focus on industrial serial production and also as a arkitekturavdelning. Dessau has the highest number of Bauhausbyggnader in Germany, 11 of them, including the Gropius handsome school building, with the famous window front can be, and lärarvillorna in the assay mix. The houses are bombskadades during the war, but it wasn't until the ' 70s, before the communist regime recognized its value and began to renovate this unesco world heritage site.

the Alma Siedhoff-Buschers båtbyggsats in the first year of Photo: during the voting games of the AG
the New Bauhaus museum in Dessau, has been jubileets largest contract, € 28 million, which has resulted in protests in a city with a high unemployment rate. Also, the location of the central park, is a hot topic for debate, but the residents of the purchase, had an ”open stage” at the ground floor, the spacious entrance hall. The admission is free and the museum is up a flight of stairs, enclosed in a ”black box”.

the Spanish Addenda architects has designed the long house, an imposing construction in which the upper surface is attached by the bridge engineering test, and the entire house is wrapped in glass, the: ”very Bauhaus,” according to the architects. However, it remains to be seen whether it's energy-efficient heating and ventilation system, inspired by an andalusian-style interior patio, and can be used in a German environment.

it seems museidelen cramped and cluttered. The Bauhaus foundation, managing 49 000 items in the museum are pushed from 1 to 200 objects, photographs, documents, sculptures of light, bildprojektioner, etc. The furniture and the art rests on a metal grid, and the world, it is also for the protection of light-sensitive objects, at the same time, there is a lot to read. One visit is not enough, even though a lot of the items are the same as those in the first year.

In both of the museums, it is clear that there is not a single bauhaus style, or the orthodox approach. It was a diverse school.

this is the View from the new Bauhausmuseet in Dessau, Photograph: Thomas Meyer/OSTKREUZ
In Dessau, special emphasis was given to innovative teaching methods and good teachers, elevrelationer. Stuck without power analysis. The Bauhaus school attracted over 400 female students, but in spite of the vision of the down the hierarchy of gender, class, and art was often referred to in the textile, or of a photograph. The majority of the married teachers, who gladly took all the credit for a joint project.

Bauhaus-the of research on women's strong contribution, but it is still happy some of the time. The young woman looks so happy, relaxed, and in relation to the men in the rufsiga pagefrisyrer, or cheekily trimmed, sometimes dressed in a shirt and tie, and often, in long pants.

Taschen has recently published the book 'the Bauhaus 'mädels', where 86 of these women pioneers were portrayed. The biographies are short, and the lack of imagery in their work, but porträttfotona show unequivocally the passage of the strong, modern woman, with dreams to keep alive a new, better society.

for more information, see The influential Bauhaus school, the school is turning 100 years old.

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