After the violent crash: - I've changed me

In the spring of 2018 entered the actor Jakob Oftebro check on the set of the series 'Hamilton' to take the role as a young version of the popular Swedish age

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 January 2020 Wednesday 10:00
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After the violent crash: - I've changed me

In the spring of 2018 entered the actor Jakob Oftebro check on the set of the series 'Hamilton' to take the role as a young version of the popular Swedish agent, who for more than 40 years we have had the iconic status both in books and on film.

A drømmerolle for Oftebro, whose passport good enough, says Norwegian, but if the heart says dane.

in recent years he has appeared in major productions such as 'taking hostage', 'Warrior' and 'Rich 45'.

But on the set of 'Hamilton' it went horribly wrong. An accident with a molotov cocktail meant that Jakob Oftebro was badly burned in the face and the filming was immediately stopped.

There was a year before the actor began filming again, and when he did, it was with a somewhat different view on the role of agent Hamilton.

- When the accident happened, was we for various reasons have to record it all again from the beginning, so we started over from scratch. And then when we went again, I could feel that I had changed me, he says.

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Therefore he had a different approach to the role as agent.

There had been some things in the meantime, I'd like to try to get into the character of Hamilton, that he not only was a machine, but I also got the man, and you could feel him, explains the actor.

- In the starting it might be a very stereotypical character, a classic action hero. But here was an opportunity to give him some more shades and more human traits and allowed to be fun and laugh in between. He is not just the soldier, it is that no, there is, says Jakob Oftebro.

It is not just the accident that has changed Jakob Oftebro.

For while the actor went home and healed, was his girlfriend, Hannah Foldøy, pregnant. In February of this year, she gave birth to a little girl, and thus can Jakob Oftebro now call themselves father.

After Hamilton-recordings, he went on maternity leave, and he thinks it is a privilege to be able to go back home some months and be quite close with her daughter.

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But he also notes that fatherhood has put a lot of thoughts about gender roles and gender equality, and, not least, how he acts when he is not in front of the camera.

- For me, what it means to be a real man never has been synonymous with the big beard and go around and be an asshole and come home and sit in the couch with your hand stuck down your pants. It is not what it's about.

- I think it is masculine to be able to solve a conflict, whether it's about diapers and formula at home or on the guns and the borders, he says.

Therefore, took the actor it upon himself to try to pry on some of the performances on the classic action hero.

- If you had to do, as it is very up in time, you could do two things. You could either let a woman play the role of a Hamilton, or you could try to make him the man he is written as in the books, and then work with the how, showing, modern, masculine man are today, says Jakob Oftebro.

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He can feel that his daughter has meant that he is more concerned with what it is for some stereotypes and prejudices that prevail in the society.

- I am thinking much more about it, and I will of course continue to do as she grows up. When you become a parent, one becomes much more responsible and think less of 'me, me, me', and more on how society works and how we can change that, says Jakob Oftebro.

Even he in his own words made a career of talking about feelings as an actor, but it is not easy for everyone. It's also about the role models we grow up with, he believes.

And here he has perhaps the chance to move to something in virtue of its subjects.

the Boys also need to see some, who dare to talk about their problems and feelings, says Jakob Oftebro, who would wish that a series like the Norwegian 'Shame' had existed when he was younger.

- I would like to have been able to mirror me in any as a teenager that had problems with acne and premature ejaculation and porn and were just ordinary guys with ordinary teenageproblemer, says Jakob Oftebro.

His own role models at the time - actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone - gave with their bulging muscles and macho attitude the breeding ground for complexes.

- But back then Kim Bodnia spite of everything, still be sexy, even if he had a little bit of hair on the back and a small stomach. It mandebillede do not exist at all anymore, says Jakob Oftebro.

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He is however not in doubt that a figure like Hamilton has its merits, both as entertainment and in real life, where we need someone to protect us.

- We live in a time of climate crisis and terrorist attacks and new threats all the time. If we were moving towards a greater understanding of each other and våbennedrustning and a substantive climate change debate, it could be, it was different, but the trend is that we are closing down us more about ourselves, we close our borders and put fences on our well-being, and Danish values.

- We are scared and more cautious, and what we see is, unfortunately, situations as with the Krudttønden and with Breivik, and therefore it would be naive of us to think that we don't need women and men to protect us. We live unfortunately in a world where more and more people are taking the law into their own hands, because the on the web and via social media only sees the view of the world, they even believe in, says the actor.

'Hamilton' has premiere the 1. January 2020 at the C More.

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