After the nightmare in the DR program: Now is everything changed

It was with great expectations that the 52-year-old Gitte Pedersen of years back bought a house in the small village of Fensholt in eastern Jutland. But bolig

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 04:00
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After the nightmare in the DR program: Now is everything changed

It was with great expectations that the 52-year-old Gitte Pedersen of years back bought a house in the small village of Fensholt in eastern Jutland.

But boligdrømmen soon proved to be something of a nightmare. For as Gitte Pedersen came in depth, it appeared that everything was far from being, as it appears.

Just 14 days after the acquisition, it began to rain in through the roof in together with another house, and it quickly became clear that there was going to be renovated for many hundreds of thousands of dollars, before the home could be to stay in.

While Gitte worked 50 hours as a self-employed accountant, she tried also to get the time to renovate his house, but neither Blaine or the economy could follow, and she ended up going down with stress in the middle of the construction project, while she had a growing debt hanging over your head.

Therefore, set the Blaine house up for sale and went down to 32 hours a week.

But it was completely quiet in the house. In a year there was only one possible buyer, who ordered a showing - much to the disappointment of David, who most of all wanted to move to Sealand, where she could be close to his friends and his family.

due To the increasing stress moved Gitte home to his sister on the island of Zealand, in a room at the ni m2, while her adult son, Marc, took care of the house.

But the problems eventually became too much for Betty, who therefore chose to sign up for boligprogrammet 'In the house for the throat', which was posted on DR Wednesday evening.

Here one can see how a desperate Gitte gets the help of the designer Søren Vester and real estate agent Line Franck to renovate the house and create a cosy family home, which hopefully can spur some activity in the house.

being worn out and dragged in together with another house. Photo: DR

And since the program and makeoveren of the house, it is gone strong for Gitte.

Just a month after the filming of the program wrote Gitte namely, under a contract for purchase of 1.490.000 euros. An elderly couple had fallen head over heels for the house and 1. February they took it so.

- It is quite wonderful that it went so quickly afterwards. Even after a month of filming, we had written under, and 16. december they got so use to the house. It is here couples so the house with the same, and so they knew that they would stay there, and it was just wonderful that they were 'hooked' on the house, and that they were interested from the start, " she says, and continues:

Sales have made, that I did not think of the house more, and it is a really wonderful feeling. It can not be described. I never think about it, and it really is a big burden gone from my shoulders. It has indeed been bad for many years, and it has been a struggle to earn enough money to live there, so it has changed everything, I no longer need to think about the house, she says.

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even Though Gitte dream to get his own place to live, she lives still with her sister on the island of Zealand.

- I still live with my sister, for I have no private debt, and the struggling I still get paid. So there goes probably a little bit yet. It works, however, fine with to stay with my sister. I'm happy for her and her family. We have it good together and enjoying ourselves, " she says, and explains further about his dreams for the future:

- I would like to have a small apartment on the ground floor or a small house, where one can get out. I should be able to have my dog, for it is the way that I am doing my challenges, she says.

Gitte and her sister, Susan, in front of the house. Photo: Matias B Olsson/ NFTV

Since the DR programme has also gone forward with Gitte mental health. Sometimes struggling, however, she is still with the feeling of feel stressed.

- It have required any ago program. I have gone to stresscoach through the last year and a half, and so I've got an online course with a personal trainer from my son, where I started 1. december. It has done that I have started to work out and eat healthier, and it has also helped on the stress. There are still situations where it comes up, but I'm really heading in the right direction.

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- How was it for you to be in the program when you were marked by the stress?

- It was really hard to be in the program. I do completely together down by the mechanic, since it is clear that I need to with my car. For here goes it's really up to me how 'fucked up my life is, and that I have debt, which I get difficult to get in and out of.

Therefore, the fits Gitte also still on the to having too much on the ears.

- I'm still where I was before the program. It is still at 32 hours a week, I work. It does not come up again, it's going to cost dearly in the end. I should be able to reach to wind down, because otherwise the stress is not better. I use the very mindfulness, and then helps the workout to me too much. It gives really good energy, " she says, and reveals that she also has lost weight a lot since the program:

- Which has lost five pounds since 1. december. So there has been little. I have realized that I need help, and it is really worth its weight in gold to use his family and friends when offering it.

Here is the designer Søren Vester and broker Line Franck, who helped Blaine out of his boligmareridt. Photo: Matias B Olsson/ NFTV

- How are you doing so now compared with when you started out with in the program?

- There is a wild difference. For I do not have all the hard thoughts around the house, and before they filled all the time. They are gone, and it is liberating. It is a big stress factor, which has disappeared, " she says, and continues:

- During the building of the house, it was really hard. I only had one path to go on, and I had a big reason. Now I have nothing so extensive, that must be cared for. It means that I have more energy for other things. It is only now that I'm starting to think of myself. There are profits to think about my life and what I want instead of always having to back home and knokle.

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Therefore, she is also very happy that she has got the help in the DR program.

- It was a super positive experience. Throughout the process. Both before, during and after. It was wonderful people all, and so I regret in no way. My house is sold, and it had not been otherwise. So I'm just happy that my niece persuaded me to sign me, " she says, and continues:

- Now that I have it really good. There is, as I said, no way, before the stress is gone, and it can trickes' quickly. So I fit in myself and enjoying all the good people I have around me.

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