After the attack on firefighters: Now mix the minister himself

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 January 2020 Wednesday 19:00
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After the attack on firefighters: Now mix the minister himself

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After several attacks on firefighters new year's eve will the minister of defence Trine Team (S) raise the penalties to bother working firefighters.

write DR.

- This is something we will have to look at with great seriousness. It is not reasonable that the skilled firefighters go about their work and experience it here, says Trine Team.

the Whole 17 times firefighters have been attacked with fireworks over the past day.

It shows a inventory, as the Danish emergency response has issued early Wednesday morning in a press release.

Several places in the country went it seriously for themselves. Among other things, in the ghetto area of Gellerup in Aarhus, where buses and firefighters to be shot at. The latter while they proceeded to slukningsarbejde.

Here was attacked so fiercely that the firemen according to Our Fire brigade, had to withdraw from the site.

112 - 1. jan. 2020 - pm. 01:07 Ambush against firefighters: 17-year-old arrested

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Firefighters ambushed at night to 1. January. Photo: Kenneth Meyer
shot at by group
In Fosgården in Albertslund experienced firefighters the same appalling attack, as they went out to turn off the postage of fires in containers.

As the firemen arrived at the site, were they immediately shot at by a larger group of young people.

According to the vagtchef at Copenhagen is Ranked the Police Morten Steen was talk of a planned attack.

- When the firefighters went in to extinguish the containerbranden, they were heavily shelled by fireworks in it that looked like an ambush, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

the Firemen were very close to being hit. It exploded on the ears of the. They had to throw in the brandslangerne and running, elaborates vagtchefen.

A 17-year-old has been arrested and charged with arson and to bring the lives of others in danger.

the Article continues under the picture ...

In Valby, both the police and the fire brigade was fired upon by the fireworks. Photo: Kenneth Meyer
Had to pull
Also were four firefighters shot at by a group that fixed or more main gun barrels and rockets against them while they were in the process of slukningsarbejde by a containerbrand by Dianavænget in Odense.

- Which was shot very much against us. It flew about the ears of us out there, " says firefighter Michael Roed Jensen, TV2 Fyn.

At Danish emergency response takes the attacks with fireworks at firefighters very seriously, informs the organization.

- It is fortunately still a minority, who do not know how to celebrate the new year. We do everything we can to take care of our firefighters, and therefore is fyrværkeriangrebene of course something we take very seriously, says Cecilie Hedegaard Petersen.

the Danish emergency response reports that no firefighters are getting injured during the firing stops. Have you been witness to similar incidents in the night, asking the police all turn on phone number 114.

In the less dramatic end, there have also been 49 bilbrande in the free and five fires in motorcycles or mopeds.

Updated: 01.01.2020 19:00


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