After drømmemål: Dane lønkonge in Italy

Lasse Schöne has been lønkonge in Italy. The 33-year-old midfielder changed in the summer Ajax out with the Genoa, and the Italian club has made the dane to t

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Ann McDonald
12 September 2019 Thursday 19:00
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After drømmemål: Dane lønkonge in Italy

Lasse Schöne has been lønkonge in Italy.

The 33-year-old midfielder changed in the summer Ajax out with the Genoa, and the Italian club has made the dane to the club's best paid player.

Schöne had in last season's big success at Ajax and made his name on the international starry sky, when he with an excellent frisparksscoring struck the final nail in Real Madrid's Champions League coffin.

the Goal was among the best in last season's Champions League, and it has hardly hurt him in the negotiations with the Italian club...

Genoa bought the the experienced midfielder for Ajax and was so keen to get him, according to the Italian sportsavis La Gazzetta dello Sport have placed him at the top of the lønhierakiet.

La Gazzetta dello Sport published earlier in the week Serie A players ' salaries. It should be noted that there is talk about sportavisens bid, and it is not necessarily the full truth.

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Lasse Schöne is approaching the 50 matches. He played in Georgia its 47. battle in red and white. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

Lasse Schöne serve checkout in Italy. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

Schöne cheering after the goal against Juventus. Photo: ALBERTO LINGRIA/Ritzau Scanpix

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According to La Gazzetta dello Sport servant Lasse Schöne 1.5 million. euro per year (approx. 11,2 million). after tax and is one of just six players in the Country with a net annual salary of at least a million. euro.

Schöne, who has a contract until the summer of 2021, earning over two million. kr. more about the year than the number two on the Genoas lønliste, and he is far ahead of the club's other danes.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport is Luke Leragers nettoårsløn just over five million. kr., while nyindkøbet from FC Copenhagen, Peter Ankersen, is relatively far down on the list with approx. The 3.75 million. kr.

FC north Zealand's former top scorer, Andreas Skov Olsen with the shift from Us-the club of Bologna has experienced a big pay progress.

He was, according to the Italian sportsavis serve just under six million. kr. for the year after tax in his new club and is thus in the middle of Bologna's lønhieraki.

Something surprising were to landsholdsbacken Jens Skims Larsen, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the dane, who earn at least a year.

He gets according to the newspaper three million. kr. paid a year in Udinese.

It serves the danes in the Series A

Lasse Schöne (Genoa) shall be eur 11,2 million. kr.

Riza Durmisi (Lazio) € 7.5 million. kr.

Andreas Skov Olsen (Bologna) eur 6 million. kr.

Andres Cornelius (Parma) 6 million. kr.

Lukas Lerager (Genoa) 5.2 million. kr.

Peter Ankersen (Genoa) 3.7 million. kr.

Jacob Rasmussen (Fiorentina) 3.7 million. kr.

Jens Skims Larsen (Udinese) 3 million. kr.

All figures are taken from La Gazzetta dello Sport. There is talk of annual salary after tax.

With the history of the Italian wages are hearing that there is a new tax provision in Italy, which makes the material more attractive to travel to Serie A.

If you come from another country and at least write a contract on two years, you will only have to pay tax on half of his salary.

It would effectively mean that you release with a contribution rate of around 21,5, and it has been a part of the explanation as to why Serie A once again starting to be able to compete for top players.

Lasse Schöne is the Series A-dane with the best annual salary, but he is very far from the best paid players in the league.

Not surprisingly, the topper Cristiano Ronaldo with astronomical € 31 million. euro per year (231 million).

It is more than what clubs like Udinese, Brescia and Verona, and has of the cost to their entire spillertrup. From Ronaldo is that far down to number two on the payroll.

The location has Lasse Schönes former teammate Mathijs De Ciently. He gets almost 60 million. kr. a year and can potentially score half of the individual bonuses.

In all, Juventus is a lønbudget of 294 million. euro (approx. Eur 2.2 billion. kr.), and the Italian masters are so far ahead of clubs like Inter and Milan, who have costs for well below half.

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