After criticism and unrest: Stop the collaboration immediately

The undefeated, Danish WBO champion of the world, Dina Thorslund, stop with immediate effect the cooperation with its German boxing promoter Team Sauerland. I

After criticism and unrest: Stop the collaboration immediately

The undefeated, Danish WBO champion of the world, Dina Thorslund, stop with immediate effect the cooperation with its German boxing promoter Team Sauerland. I

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
12 February 2020 Wednesday 02:00
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After criticism and unrest: Stop the collaboration immediately

The undefeated, Danish WBO champion of the world, Dina Thorslund, stop with immediate effect the cooperation with its German boxing promoter Team Sauerland.

It confirms the 26-year-old Thorslund opposite Ekstra Bladet.

- We have chosen to stop the cooperation - a joint decision. I have previously expressed my dissatisfaction, so it is a natural solution, we now go their separate ways, saith the Dina Thorslund.

Since Thorslund back in december for the first time, levelled sharp criticism against the Sauerland, as she believed that the promoter-business to ensure without thought let her career stagnate, there has been great uncertainty about the hard-hitting superbantamvægters future: Was a break with Team Sauerland inevitable, or the two sides could clinch the shards?

Since 2016, the Danish hardhitter raged in the Barn Sauerland with the particular promoter Pixie Sauerland as the man with the big strategic overview, but now has the WBO world champion from Struer therefore chosen to say conclusively stop.

- I can't give an exact reason as to why we ended up here. But eventually, Thomas said, and I, that we would not stand for it any more. Luckily we all agree on the solution: We stop here. At some points, it has been the same smear in the last four years - it has not been enough. So I would rather go a different route, continues Thorslund, who is now looking for other avenues in the hope of capturing more great WORLD cup titles.

the Sauerland and Thorslund stop the cooperation. Photo: René Schütze

- It looked like we would be two different things. Therefore we have thus also chosen to terminate the cooperation, says coach Thomas Madsen, who admits that the past good six years of inactivity, and the associated uncertainty, has been instrumental in the Thorslund-camp and Team Sauerland have agreed to split up.

- The last year has not been optimal for Dina at all. It has Dina also even expressed in the past - so for both parties ' sake, it is best that we now go each to his own.

- In the end the cooperation with the Sauerland with immediate effect - why not just let the contract run out 29. February?

- I can't say much more, but I can just find that in the last week has been a lot of turmoil and some hard bargaining negotiations, for everyone's sake, thankfully, ends in the here.

Thorslund, which has been mentioned earlier aired his great dissatisfaction over the state of things: The 26-year-old superbantamvægter that even mean, she currently is in his life form, has, as I said, not been in the ring in over half a year.

In december felt Thorslund more or less pressure to the keys, since she is in a Facebook-posters created a stir: ‘Patience is a virtue, but I'm about to run out of it! Especially when training is going so well and my motivation is at the top and so there is not any concrete information my way... I'm ready and Struer is ready!’.

How to wrote Thorslund, which at the time meant that she was made a fool of Team Sauerland.

today, she looks conversely more positive outlook on the future:

- I choose to take the positive glasses on. The future is full of opportunities - I'm not seeing the limitations anymore. We puttering with a project at home, so I hope it really becomes something, " says Thorslund.

- In the long term, it may well be that a different promoter might be interesting, or that I could be interesting for others? But in the short term - the next year's time - we try even to stack anything on the legs, she says.

At Team Sauaerland will not slam the door in relation to the future.

- We have had a long and successful collaboration with Dina, which made her ungdomsverdensmester, European and world champion. After discussions with Dina and her team, however, we have decided to release her from her contract.

- We wish Dina good luck and happiness in his career. We have at the same time, retains an opportunity to work together with Dina in the future, if there should arise a appropriate occasion, say Pixie Sauerland in a press release.

Dina miss to beat in the ring. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

In december asked the Fairy Sauerland the right, however, baffled by Thorslunds criticism:

- We are working on a new opponent at the moment. And with regard to the kampdatoen it seems that it will be 29. February. It by both Dina and her trainer, Thomas, said the Fairy in the Sauerland at that time to the Extra Blade.

But it is, as you know, has come to nothing, and now it seems the parties are in the place to go each to his - even before the end of contract.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------


What has been the Team Sauerland response to dinah's discontent?

- we have not really really been in a genuine dialogue: the Dialogue has not been present for the last six years. It is precisely what has been part of the problem, says Thomas Madsen.

Why has there not been a dialogue, do you think - Dina is, after all, the world champion?

- Yes ... But evidently you have no longer interest in Denmark.

Is this how you interpret it?

- Yes.

What do you do now?

Now Dina even - so now we have plenty of time to find out what is going to happen. We report anything out of her next match in a couple of weeks, hopefully. Dina comes to defending his WORLD title soon.

Who must attend to her interests now?

- It should, we, Dina and I.

You as a manager?

- Yes.

Is it wise to run solo?

- Yes, what we are thinking. The support is solid in Struer, then we are not at all nervous.

- There is no doubt that I am thankful for what we have achieved together over time - I would not have been achieved without Team Sauerland. I will look back on the things, that was something, but it has also been hard to reach the results. But we managed to reach in spite of all some great things together in the four years, says Dina Thorslund. Photo: René Schütze

with an international network in bokseverdenen as well as experience with matchmaking?

- We are already in a dialogue with a potential opponent to dinah's next title defense. An opponent, as the WBO has already accepted, says Thomas Madsen, who at the same time, aims to draw on its experience as the promoter and matchmaker of TK Promotion.

But Dina must not be a part of the CODE Promotion?

- No, she should not. It is also not the plan. She boxer next fight on home soil, and then we take it from there.

But what is the big goal now?

- the Goal right now is a title defense in Struer, a double WORLD cup match and, of course, also to send Mahfoud on pension, says Thomas Madsen.


Dina Thorslund is undefeated in his 14 fights - with six knockoutsejre to follow. Thorslund has not been in the ring since his successful title defense back in June against the australian April Adams.

In January 2017 conquered Thorslund WBC's Youth title in superbantamvægt against Xenia Jorneac.Three months later the same year she became european champion in the same weight class with a KO victory over Gabriella Mezei.In 2018 was Thorslund WBC's interim champion in superbantamvægt with pointsejren over Alicia Ashley.At the end of 2018, she became the WBO world champion with victory over Jessica Arreguin Munoz. A WORLD cup title, she has defended two times in 2019 against, respectively. Alesia Graf and by so against April Adams.

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