After Mercedes-feint: Rødovre be examined

a Little too smart? Ankestyrelsen is now entering in the case of the mayor, Erik Nielsen (S), parking its tax Mercedes-Benz 350 GLC Hybrid of a private parkin

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
28 December 2019 Saturday 16:00
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After Mercedes-feint: Rødovre be examined

a Little too smart?

Ankestyrelsen is now entering in the case of the mayor, Erik Nielsen (S), parking its tax Mercedes-Benz 350 GLC Hybrid of a private parking space in a nursing home against his home. On the way to ensure his comfortable drive to the Rødovre town Hall 850 metres away.

Extra Magazine revealed the creative feint shortly before christmas.

In a press release, according to the Ankestyrelsen:

'Ankestyrelsen have been aware that Rødovre Municipality, according to information in the press make a car available for the mayor of Rødovre Municipality.

the Information in the presseomtalen provides Ankestyrelsen occasion to re-examine whether the scheme is in conflict with the law.'

the Rødovre Municipality has repeatedly insisted that the Erik Nielsen's use of the car is in order, because driving between home and town hall in the municipality's eyes is not happening between the home and the town hall, because the vehicle is on a municipal nursing home.

the Article continues under the picture ...

Private parking space 50 metres from the hovedøren. Photo: Linda Johansen

To the nursing home is located just across the mayor's private residence is in this respect subordinate to, do you understand. The municipality is, however, not more skråsikker, than to kommunaldirektøren has asked the Social - and the Interior ministry for clarification on the issue.

below you can see the short drive and private parking space.

See the mayor's 850 metres drive from the town Hall here. Photo/editing: Linda Johansen, Signe Skov

Social and interior minister, Astrid Krag (S) has called partifællens private car park and use of the Mercedes'one for the 'strange'.

The sounds of the rules of the borgmestres service cars, that they may be used for transport to and from home, if the mayor has a chauffeur. And it has Erik NIelsen does not.

the Rødovre Municipality welcomes Ankestyrelsen go into the matter, and stresses that they themselves also have been addressed.

'Rødovre Municipality does not accept that there can be raised doubts about the scheme. Therefore, Rødovre Municipality on Thursday, 19. december approached Ankestyrelsen to get their assessment of the concrete practice for the use of the Rødovre Municipality repræsentationsbil,' it sounds it in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

file 1 of 3 the Mayor on the short walk from home to his Mercedes. Here he has just left his villa and goes over the quiet residential street to the parking lot. Photo: Anthon Unger 2 of 3 There is a path straight to the p-square. Photo: Anthon Unger 3 of 3 Erik Nielsen puts her things in the backseat before departure. Photo: Anthon Unger

the Danish policy - 18. dec. 2019 - at. 16:38 Rødovre-director of doubt: Czech Mercedes-mayor

Bird food
the Same pitch sounds from Flemming Groves Østergaard Hansen, there are generals to Erik Nielsen and a member of Rødovre municipal council.

'I find it natural that Ankestyrelsen ask Rødovre Municipality, on an opinion, when media questioning the legality of a municipal scheme. In this case the use of the car. On Ankestyrelsen find the occasion to travel a certain supervisory matter in the light of the opinion, or whether the agency assesses that there is 'bird food' on the case, time will show,' he writes in a text message.

For the past has said to Ekstra Bladet, the mayor's bilordning, which expires in 2022, when the lease on four years will cease, probably not get renewed.

- It may well be that I and probably other reaches, that there is the same need that you have assessed previously, when you made the decision that the car should be leased, said Flemming Groves Østergaard Hansen before christmas.

Mercedes'a cost nearly 400,000 dollars in leasing fees over four years. Nyprisen on the luxurious SUV is at least 850.000 dollars.

Erik Nielsen has announced that he after 25 years on the post not standing for re-election at the local elections in november 2021. Therefore, his successor, only half a year's time in the fine car.

below you can see how he reacted, as the Extra Magazine would have the answers to why he uses his tjenestebil, which he does.

See the Extra Magazine in the confrontation with the mayor here. Video: Anthony Unger. Editing: Mikkel Cramon

Several of the Additional Magazine articles about Erik Nielsen's creative use of the borgmesterbilen.

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