Accused director admits: Hidden purchase of properties in Mallorca

The former Hesalight-director Lars Nørholt used a clever trick to disguise that he had purchased private properties in Mallorca for the company's money. he a

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 February 2020 Monday 19:00
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Accused director admits: Hidden purchase of properties in Mallorca

The former Hesalight-director Lars Nørholt used a clever trick to disguise that he had purchased private properties in Mallorca for the company's money.

he acknowledged a few days ago, from the dock in The high Court, where he sits accused of fraud, breach of mandate, fraud, fraud by creditors and forgery of more than 500 million. kr.

According to a submitted minutes of a board meeting he had in december 2015 allowed to borrow 25 million. kr. of Hesalight. The money was according to the minutes used to expand the headquarters in Roskilde.

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Hesalights head office in Roskilde was raided by the fraud squad 18. november 2016. The same day went the company bankruptcy. Photo: Rune Aarestrup Pedersen

But in reality it was never the director's intention to use millionerne on it. He had already used them on two private properties in the fashionable seaside village of Port d'Andratx, Mallorca.

- It is absolutely true, acknowledged the 48-year-old Lars Nørholt.

He got in January 2019, a sentence of seven years " imprisonment for fraud in the district court, but has appealed to the high court, where the case is now pending.

in Order to blur the private real estate transactions provided the director of the that there were made two different loan documents.

The one gave his personal company, Nørholt Holding, the right to the loan on the 25 million. kr. from Hesalight - against that the money was spent on the extension in Roskilde.

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It was among other things the purchase of this land with water views in Port d'Andraxt, as Lars Nørholt tried to blur the opposite its board of directors. The plan with the reason was to build a gigantic villa. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

But already the day after was made a new lånedokument, who sent a large part of the money on to a Spanish company, which was also owned by Lars Nørholt.

The Spanish firm had two months earlier paid tens of millions of dollars for the two properties on Mallorca. With the money from the Hesalights box. And lånedokumenterne was made to 'clean up', acknowledged Lars Nørholt in court.

: 48-year-old Lars Nørholt is accused of having lured a number of investors to borrow Hesalight 562 million. kr. with the help of accounts, which is pumped up with falsified contracts and a negligible intent.

He is also accused of unfair to have pulled approx. 60 million. kr. out of the company in order to use them on the bl.a. properties on Mallorca.

: The defendants have, according to the police hauled 15 million. kr. out of the state treasury by cheating with vat reporting.

: the Accusation is that Lars Nørholt should have given a customer a wrong account number, so a payment of 1.8 million. kr. instead ended up with himself.

the district Court in Roskilde, known in January 2019 Lars Nørholt guilty of all five counts, but 'only' in the fraud of the ca. 350 million. kr. and the total fraud of more than 400 million. kr. The punishment was seven years of unconditional prison and a fine of 15 million. kr.

Both the defendants and the fraud squad have appealed the verdict to the Eastern high Court, where it is now pending and expected to be completed during the spring. The police requiring a stricter punishment, while Lars Nørholt refuses guilty of all charges.

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As you led the board behind the light?, asked the police prosecutor Nathalie Elias.

Perhaps, said the former director.

He, however, had to creep to the cross, and recognize that in each case the two members of the board Martin Kent Nielsen and Niels Mikkelsen not got anything to know about what the money was really spent on.

do you think Lars Nørholt, was his chairman Lars Jørgensen aware, however, of the cunning plan.

- Lars Jorgensen is aware of these things, said the accused director in court.

It was the prosecutor Nathalie Elias to ask if the president knew, that there has been written untrue information into lånedokumentet and on the way was medsammensvoren.

- I don't know. But he was aware that that was invested in properties through Hesalight, and that should be cleared up, said Lars Nørholt.

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Lars Nørholt also tried to hide the purchase of an empty lot, with this view over the Port d'Andraxt for its board of directors. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

the Extra Leaf has confronted the former chairman Lars Jørgensen with the statements, but he does not want to comment on the matter. Lars Nørholt also do not want to elaborate on his opinions of the opposite Ekstra Bladet.

The former lampedirektør refuses guilty of all charges, while the fraud squad requires him punished harder than those seven years in prison, he was sentenced in the district court a year ago.

The high Court is expected to adjudicate in the matter in the course of the spring.

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