A cod to the Danes Light

Never is the provision of Ekstra Nytårstorsk place under the more distinctive shapes than in the 2019 edition. for unknown reasons, the Rasmus Paludan chosen

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 January 2020 Wednesday 09:00
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A cod to the Danes Light

Never is the provision of Ekstra Nytårstorsk place under the more distinctive shapes than in the 2019 edition.

for unknown reasons, the Rasmus Paludan chosen to go against the big fish in front of Viborg Cathedral. Nearby held a plain clothes guard the eye with the historic event, one of politites patrol cars circled constantly around the square, and the whole session was recorded on video by paludan's solid filmmaker.

the Head of the firm seemed somewhat sullen, when he arrived, and the mood was definitely not better along the way.

I began otherwise to give him two bottles of brandy as well as a fine framed piece of art.

- Here is Morten Ingemann's beautiful drawing.

- By whom? It is difficult to see.

- I think you can say that it is the Danes Light.

- I think the most, it looks like Poul Madsen, if I am to be completely honest.

Which well underlines, that the man does not have the sense of art. Alone kropsbygningen, isn't it?

Drawing: Morten Ingemann

member of parliament Inge Krogh

member of parliament René Brusvang

Sømandsformand Preben Møller Hansen

Partistifter Erhard Jakobsen

the Aalborg mayor Marius Andersen

Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

Transport minister Arne Melchior

Interior minister Britta Schall Holberg

best known Isi non-european ethnic background

DBU-chairman Carl Nielsen

member of the Danish parliament Mogens Camre

health Minister Elsebeth Kock-Petersen

Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

president of the Danish parliament, H. P. Clausen

Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

police commissioner Poul Eefsen

Transport minister Kaj Ikast

minister of Culture Jytte Hilden

Danish Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

party leader Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

Danish Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

minister of economic affairs Marianne Effect

Danish Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

Member of parliament Keld Albrechtsen

Mayor Peter Brixtofte

member of parliament Jacob Buksti

Prince Joachim of denmark

real estate agent Hanne Nørrisgaard

Imam Abu Laban

member of the Danish parliament Jørgen Poulsen

minister of Integration Birthe Rønn Hornbech

Mayor Klaus Bondam

Minister for the environment Karen Ellemann

Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

party leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen

party leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen

member of parliament Carl Holst

the EU Parliament member Morten Messerschmidt

Minister for foreign affairs Anders Samuelsen

Finance minister Kristian Jensen

party leader Rasmus Paludan

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So, we came to the main proceedings. A great and mighty cod. For 824 crowns fish, which I had personally shipped all the way from Amager to Denmark.

- I don't touch it, right?

- Yes, you need the stand with it, just like I do. I reach it to you.

- Well my clothes are dirty.

- Yes, it makes my also, and I have not even won a cod.

Reluctantly handed Paludan his hands forward and touched the fish.

- I can tell you that you got more votes in torskevalget, than you got to the general election.

- Yes, you may say, but what you can't prove, and Extra Magazine lying always.

- You also say that there was tampered at the general election, isn't it?

- Yes, and in Extra Magazine's choice. Just in the opposite direction.

- you Have no foil, you can fold a hat of? You see the fraud in all places.

- I think it is Poul Madsen, who deserves a sølvpapirhat. He has blood on his hands.

Photo: Ernst Van Norde

At this time had both Paludan and I pity also the blood on your hands. Fiskeblod.

He had slipped the cod again, so I stood with it alone.

- There is something, yes, there is much I do not understand in your programme. But you write, among other things, that adoptees are only allowed to be in the country, if they came to Denmark as an infant. So if a dane was adopted as, for example, two-year old, so is it out?

- No, it is not only the tender, which are allowed to be.

- It stands in your program.

- Yes, but an infant is indeed a broad concept.

- No, Danish is an infant up to one year.

- you Must tell me what our policy is?

- No, but I can tell you what you write.

Photo: Ernst Van Norde

it was Here that the City and the decidedly sur:

- Now it can be just much with you, for you are not voting on us anyway. How any traitors like you, In the is here the not so long yet.

- What do you do about traitors like Poul Madsen and me, if you get power?

- What I want to do?

- Usually will treason be punishable, not?

- Yes, but it is apparently no longer, when Poul Madsen and you and all sorts of other can tea you that you will. So it's not punishable anymore. Unfortunately!

Which we can probably conclude that Poul Madsen, I, and a lot more go hard times in the meeting, if the City wins other choice than cod. But he probably will not either.

So was the photographer persuaded redecorate to stand with the cod alone. He did briefly, and when he had thrown it away again, he declared:

- So! It must be so!

And it was. It was well almost plenty.

Photo: Ernst Van Norde

voted fewer than 10,000 Rasmus Paludan, and he was not in.

Totally different it went in the fight on the cod. It was here that the City and over 13,000 votes.

that made about 85,000 votes, and it is the record.

the voting results in percent


Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille: 15%


Ghita Nørby: 13%


Lene Due: 10%


Lars Løkke Rasmussen: 7%


Michael Borre: 2%

Ghita Nørby and Karsten Hønge got the same percentage, it should be mentioned that Høngerøven received almost 300 more votes than Divaen, so his third place was not seriously threatened.

the dozen or so of the votes were invalid. Mostly because they went to candidates who were not nominated.

for those kind words, which in several cases came with the ballots.

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