5 Valid Reasons to Pardon Your Criminal Record

5 Valid Reasons to Pardon Your Criminal Record

26 July 2019 Friday 18:09
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5 Valid Reasons to Pardon Your Criminal Record

There are many things you do in your lifetime, and some of them are regretful. A person wants to get a pardon to make wrongs of the past right. If you have a criminal record and wants to get a pardon in Canada,you’ll require good representation. The reality is that applying for pardon requires both money and time. A clear criminal record is essential for your future and can have positive impacts on your life in Canada. Some of the top reasons to pardon your criminal record are as follows.

1. Applying for a Job:

If you have been through the application process of a job, you must know that the employerswant you to have a clear criminal record. Question about the criminal record isa mandatory part of every job application and interview. Employer will always question you if you have ever been convicted for a crime which you have not been pardoned for. If you really want that job, don’t lie and be truthful with the employer because they will run a background check before officially offering you a job. After getting a pardon, you can truthfully answer ‘no’ to that question without the fear of losing job opportunity, and you will be confident on that background check.

2. Traveling Where You Want:

When you choose to get a pardon, you will be able to travel wherever you want without the fear of your visa rejection due to a criminal record. You may need to visit another country urgently due to an emergency or business matters, but criminal record severely limits your access. Traveling to the United States will require you to have U.S Entry Waiver that needs a lot of documentation. Let National Pardon Center help you get the pardon and U.S entry waiver so you can travel anywhere you want.

3. Obtaining Canadian Citizenship:

You may already know that a clean criminal record is necessary to apply for Canadian citizenship. Ifyou had been charged with a crime, orit had dropped, dismissed, or stayed, it will cause hurdles in obtaining Canadian citizenship. The government of Canada does not provide citizenship to individuals with criminal records that have not been pardoned.

4. Applying for Financial Loan:

You probably need a loan to buy a car, home or continuing your education. If you have a criminal record, most of the financial institution view it as a warning sign that you are unable to meet their financial obligations. A criminal conviction might indicate them that you are dishonest and you might have trouble getting a job. This means you will not be able to pay back the loan on agreed terms and conditions. The lender assumes you to be a prospective loan defaulter, but getting a pardon will ensure that you get the loan you deserve rightfully.

5. Getting Child Custody or Adoption:

If you happen to go through a child custody battle, keep in mind that your child custodial rights can be reduced or completely eliminated due to your criminal record. Moreover, you will not be eligible to adopt a child. You’ll be strictly required to have a record suspension.

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