- There has not been a damn thing!

Since the history of the interim world champion Sarah Mahfoud last week was hailed at the Copenhagen city Hall with both praise as well as a sportskliché or two

- There has not been a damn thing!

Since the history of the interim world champion Sarah Mahfoud last week was hailed at the Copenhagen city Hall with both praise as well as a sportskliché or two

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 February 2020 Saturday 19:00
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- There has not been a damn thing!

Since the history of the interim world champion Sarah Mahfoud last week was hailed at the Copenhagen city Hall with both praise as well as a sportskliché or two and at least a few winged words from, among others, lord mayor Frank Jensen, in the famous rådhuspandekager was served for the whole of the Shed Pallet-gang, yes, so there was enough for real time in some tough negotiations between Mahfoud-reamer, the 26-year-old WBO champion of the world Dina Thorslund and Team Sauerland, Mogens Citizens evil promotorånd.

A stark contrast.

had a Long cooperation between Thorslund camp and the promoter Pixie Sauerland, to say the least knaget in the joints. The fact was, that Thorslund, quite simply, was running out for the absolute last bit of patience, which she otherwise probably quite diligently tried to scrape together, since she for the first time back in december of last year made a rather sharp criticism of just the Sauerland, which, she believed, more or less deliberately let her career stagnate.

- As a chairman I'm pleased that the Danish boxers to proceed instead of being locked. Dina Thorslund is a very strong world champion, who holds more potential. But it requires a strong promoter who has his finger on the pulse all the time, writes Jesper D. Jensen in a message on Thorslunds break with Team Sauerland. Photo: Claus Bonnerup
For Struer-the boxer was hungry as never before - and, incidentally, also reportedly in his life form. But she could only watch as the months went by, and the big comeback did not materialize.

on Monday, it was finally clear that Sauerland and Thorslund divided up on the ‘good foot’, it sounded. The Sauerland region in search of gold and green forests elsewhere on the globe - the cold and cynical? Maybe. Pure business, they called it even. While Thorslund in cahoots with his faithful coach, Thomas Madsen, now is counting on to kick-start the dream of uniting more WORLD cup titles - a mission that the next year will be on its own.

Brian Mathiasen is an old rat in nævebranchen. Tanned is he in the least - as both boksetræner and ekspertkommentator, but also as a former sekundant - cutman, if you will - in Thorslunds ringhjørne. The decision between Thorslund and Sauerland to go each to his is according to his best knowledge, the only real alternative for the unbeaten superbantamvægter:

- What helps it to be world champion and have a great promotorbiks behind it, if you still not boxer? Dina has not bokset in more than half a year. You can easily run around and embarrass you, that you have a WORLD title, but if you are not a boxer, how fun is it so right? Dina is in her best age, she is strong and have learned incredibly much from his two title defense. She is extremely motivated, so there is damn sure not the time for the gloves to be put on the shelf, " says Brian Mathiasen.

Dina Thorslund from April Adams (d. 22 June 2019. Photo: Claus Bonnerup
- I am thinking then, that Dina also has bills to be paid. The money comes, as you know, not, if you are not in the ring - therefore it was well both financially and on the field it only right to step out of the contract with Sauerland. She was even putting a struggle in view at the end of February, which then was not for nothing anyway. So what could she have done? Been waiting half a year more? it sounds rhetorical questions from bokseeksperten, which at the same time, don't expect to see more of Pixie Sauerland and co. in the near future in denmark:

- Sauerland is well on its way completely out of Denmark? Dina was definitely their biggest attraction - the only boxer in the barn, they could build an event around, " says Mathiasen.

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There has not been a damn thing?

She signed with Team Sauerland in 2015.

Four years of cooperation has, among other things, resulted in a european title, a WBC interim WORLD title, and the WBO's WORLD title for Dina Thorslund - a title which she bravely defended twice last year.

In other words, has he the Sauerland enterprise overall been successful, although the last six years undoubtedly have seen a lot of frustration.
Thorslund in the fight against Alesia Graf for the WBO World Female Super Bantamweight Title. Photo: René Schütze
How has the Region managed Thorslunds career?

- Overall, they have done fantastically well. Dina has been the Youth champion, european champion, interim Champion and is the defending WBO champion of the world. It can be shown only describe as a fine piece of work. But there are, conversely, not done a damn thing for the last seven months. There has been much talk in the wings about potential matches, but they have not done anything here for last - Dina has not been in the ring, and the pigeons simply just not, stresses Brian Mathiasen.

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Wise to go solo?

Dina Thorslund beat even fast on Monday that she now looks ahead towards a future full of opportunities:

- I see not limitations anymore. We puttering now with a project at home, so I hope it really becomes something, it sounded so, while Thorslund, at the same time stressed that the status of a free bird on the promotormarkedet very well may change again in a year's time.

- In the short term, we are trying even to stack anything on the legs, pointed Thorslund, who, together with Thomas Madsen hence the hope on the solid backing from his homeland, Denmark, where a WORLD cup title defense in may has already come on the talk - reportedly against a solid opponent, as shown now are negotiated.
Dina Thorslund going solo. Photo: Claus Bonnerup
But even that would cope alone in the role as stævnearrangør, it is now also a brave, or perhaps foolhardy decision? Brian Mathiasen is confident on Thorslunds-the camp's behalf:

- The lack of experience as a promoter and matchmaker is of course a minus - you can't buy experience, no matter how much money one owns. But all gotta start somewhere. Of course it would be convenient to Thomas Madsen, Mogens Citizens vast experience, but such is the situation just not right now, " says Brian Mathiasen.

- But to Thomas's defense: He has experience from amatørboksning and has been in the sport for a few years now - though he still is young. It is a great responsibility to train a world champion, but he has done well until now. What he has that others may lack, is the love of the sport and the close relationship to Dina. Thomas will go through fire and water for her - he has already done - he lives and breathes, in other words, for the sport and dinah's career. His motivation and Dinas fightervilje can drive them far, despite the lack of experience in the role as promoter, he says.

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Dina stands strong in Struer

If it is bad for business, so it is only skosålerne, looking from Team Sauerland. It has never been a secret, stresses Brian Mathiasen.

- It is pure business for the Region - not a negative word about it, but their time in Denmark has certainly not been due to the sheer leisure-time activity. For if both the viewer and the attendance is diminishing, in line with the magnets as Mikkel Kessler and Patrick Nielsen with the passage of time has disappeared, and Dina at the same time did not draw enough spectators in Horsens, denmark, at the latest, so the accounts could not be passed up.

- It is, in the end, local support and marketing. But in the context I think that Dina is really strong at home in Orange - even without a promoter in the backhand, says bokseeksperten.

Dina Thorslund, Struer (14-0, 6 KO's)

Age: 26 years old

Category: Superbantamvægt

Coach: Thomas Madsen

Titles: the WBO's WORLD title,

Merits: the WBC's Youth title The EBU's EUROPEAN title, the WBC's interim WORLD title

Boxed by 22. June 2019 from April Adams, title defense

Boxing - 12. feb. 2020 - pm. 20:20 Big boksebrag in denmark

Boxing - 6. feb. 2020 - pm. 16:23 'The biggest ever!'

Updated: 15.02.2020 19:00


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