- She was sent home with a month-long headache

the Audience cheered, clapped and hujede. Sarah Mahfoud beamed, and Mogens Palle, yes, he sat with the guarantee of the state at home in front of his tv screen

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02 February 2020 Sunday 07:00
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- She was sent home with a month-long headache

the Audience cheered, clapped and hujede. Sarah Mahfoud beamed, and Mogens Palle, yes, he sat with the guarantee of the state at home in front of his tv screen and cheered with!

the Job more than well done - the american way, emphasized a proud Sherman Williams an hour later alone in the locker room, because Denmark's new IBF interim world champion in featherweight, unbeaten Sarah Mahfoud, still was busy to pose for selfies with ecstatic fans, family members and friends.

Poor Sarah, who, after the rigors just hungered for a icy cold cola - even though she might have enjoyed the many deserved praises from God and every man, which, incidentally, was quite in its place.

Sarah Mahfoud, the dancing diva, as Sherman again and again it has turned solid, dished up with a few dance moves on the blue canvas, before she with his arms raised high over his head in sheer triumph and with a masterful attitude took a sejrsrunde around in the ring.

the victory was unerringly sure, a fight the judges scored: 98-92, 97-93, and 100-90.

I've shown just have to have some food, relax and sleep! So I can just wake up and be fresh in the morning, enjoy it all. I orcs not to have a hangover, it will damn well not very fat. I'm so happy right now, I need no other rus, said a very proud and happy Sarah Mahfoud. Photo: Lars Poulsen

With its aggressiveness, intensity and a battle-arsenal, where, in particular, højrelabben constituted the significant, essential difference, so ended up Sarah pretty quickly to tame the argentine cougar, until yesterday night the reigning interim champion Brenda Karen Carabajal, who never really neither bed from or showed signs of its power.

Argentinerens self-confidence was shattered. It was a cowed the puma, which cracked and with tears in the corner of his eye forduftede from the ring after the defeat, was sent back to Buenos Aires with a severe headache.

- I was aggressive and turned on from the start. I controlled the fight and was quickly put to good højreslag check on her - she was scared and backed all the time away from me. It did not seem like she would check and take up the fight. Sherman roared constantly from my ringhjørne: Came now with the right, come on! Pressure her, run her over, he cried.

I forced her around in the ring, she could damn well don't like to be up there. It was damn cool! said Sarah Mahfoud, who was very grateful for the support, she was met in Frederiksberg Hallerne.

- Simply amazing support - it was wild! Before the fight came with the decision, I managed to look up and out at the audience. Hold up! The people were so lighted, and there were so many, continued Sarah about the heady sensation that certainly has given acute goose bumps!

Sarah Mahfoud peeled the girdle of his argentinean opponent in a big triumph. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Tried to move Brenda during nationalmelodierne?

- She (Brenda, ed.) staring at me, so I stared damn well just again - I would damned hard to lose the here battle.

Has Sherman beaten extra self-confidence into you?

- Yes, it is his work. He has been good to give one some self-assurance. He said I should remember to owne the ring. I could feel Brenda's gaze, we got eye contact: Okay, if that is what you want, so the stares I get just back! And so went her sight: Yes, man, I thought.

Really, the attitude as a world champ?

- It all hangs together, you can cuddle after a fight, but we have never been friends. It is WAR! When you go in the ring. We were enemies.

She cried afterwards?

- Yes, I can damn well understand. I would damn sure also be upset if I had just been steamrollered, said Sarah Mahfoud.

A historic achievement, since you are the only dane who ever has conquered the IBF WORLD title, good enough interim, and so, in your just 10. combat - how does it feel?

- Is it not game? It is a dream that has finally come true - even though I don't quite think it's gone up for me yet. It is the single greatest I have achieved in my life. All the hours I've put in the gym ...

- I was crazy nervous the whole day. My heart beat's speeding along, and I could not relax. But I knew at the same time, I was ready. I had toiled so much. I knew I could go all laps, there was nothing that could go wrong.

- Anyway I was meganervøs. But to stand here now with the wwf title on the belly, it is totally unreal - I am totally high on happiness! stressed the Danish champion, however, not secretly practised to continue the celebrations in the copenhagen nightlife.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Sherman's stroke of genius: - She was sent to Buenos Aires with month-long headaches

No hocus-pocus, stressed, Sherman Williams, the bahamanske boksetræner, for good six weeks ago took over the manager position as Sarah Mahfouds coach.

Then no, it was oldschool boxes-know-how, which made the outcome - and of course the excellent effort from the Danish fjervægter.

Sarah did as she was told. The key to victory was her aggressiveness and her insistence on countries højrehooket. Sarah hit the increasing the argentinian with so many right punches, she was sent back to Buenos Aires with a month-long headache. The just right or overhånds højrehooket, she had been told to go crazy with his højrelab - and she did!

- most european fighters will get the ass on the comedy, when they meet either the american or uk boxers - because the europeans do it too textbook-like, the straight right and straight left. Even Mickey Mouse would be able to give you ass, if you came to Miami with that bullshit. Why should Sarah be moving, aggressive, and chock-full of self-confidence - Sarah the dancing diva!

- After the first training week before christmas crossover, Sarah herself ...

Over what?

- Over everything. But I said: ‘Listen here, if you want to have the WORLD title, so claim it - your fitness, your self-confidence is what it is about. It dawned on me that I had to boostehendes believe in their own abilities, and it worked! Sarah hit Brenda with so many power shots, so it had ended with a KO victory, if they had gone one more round. Brenda was hurt, pointed out Sherman.

- There may have been many who doubted me - maybe even at Sarah. But it makes absolutely no difference, critics who only read the newspapers and watching boxing on the tv, I won't give a shit for, they have never been in an oldschool fight, but we walk the walk. It's damn impressive to Sarah in his 10. battle now is a world champion, joined Sherman Williams.

Impressed Brian Mathiasen, bokseekspert: 'All day long, baby!'

- I had damn been in doubt about how much Sherman (Williams, ed.) be able to reach to change on sarah's boksestil in such a short time, but it was just impressive. It was relatively few changes so that Sarah could boxes much better. She walked away from only to practice the right shock. Sherman got the right left combined with a overhånds højrehook, which went behind Carabajals left the parade.

- The one-two shock settled it all - if she had turned the straight punch, which she wont, then they were gone in the parades. This little change was enough to make sure that sarah's just left and short højrehook went clean into almost every time. Like Sherman cried in the ring: 'All day long, baby!'

Surprised by Brenda's lack of ferocity?

- She (increasing the argentinian, ed.) had no power at all - she had a nice style, but nothing came out of it, while Sarah moved to the really nice and had good parades. A struggle, I without problems would score 100-90: there are two judges, who have two-three laps to increasing the argentinian, I can't understand.

- It is huge, a WORLD championship, good enough only one interim, but it is Sarah who is number one, it was great for the Danish professional boxing with a world champion with women. Now we have both her and Dina, which potentially can meet.

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