- It would be kept top secret

the Stomach bulges, on your finger shines a nice engagement ring and the calendar is well filled out with interesting tasks. the Singer and musical star Maria

- It would be kept top secret

the Stomach bulges, on your finger shines a nice engagement ring and the calendar is well filled out with interesting tasks. the Singer and musical star Maria

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Ann McDonald
16 February 2020 Sunday 22:00
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- It would be kept top secret

the Stomach bulges, on your finger shines a nice engagement ring and the calendar is well filled out with interesting tasks.

the Singer and musical star Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg can hardly dream of more. It should then just be a completely crazy trip to the UNITED states to perform at the world's biggest filmfest.

The dream went as so true in the last week, if it were to be gone any nose over.

But it was in the absolute last moment, the many pieces fell into place, so the 36-year-old Danish version of the Disney character Elsa, be able to perform at this year's Oscarfest. It tells Maria Lucia Extra Leaf under a cup of morning coffee before it goes loose with the samples on 'The bald hairdresser'.

- The com able very, very quickly and had to be kept top secret. I'm used to having to keep things secret, but I had to not once talk about it to him, that would make my dresses, she says.

Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg on the red carpet with the other Elsa's. Photo: Courtesy of AMPAS

Thursday was exactly a week ago, she sat on the plane at Los Angeles in business class, but that she ever came off, she thought, almost not even on, before she sat there.

- It was very hectic, up to, and I actually thought not even on it. I was supposed to work in the UNITED states, and usually it takes months to get a visa to the. So long had we not. It was like the first in the middle of January, the Oscar nominations were announced, and the show was 9. February, " she says, and continues:

- I got first my visa in the mail on Saturday, the ticket came Tuesday and then I flew on Thursday. So it was the pressure, the laughs she.

It was not only Maria Lucia, there was the pressure. Also kjoledesigner Jesper Høvring got busy.

- First Monday he got the fabric for the dress, I had to act in. He couldn't reach to sew the two, but fortunately he had a graviditetskjole hanging. It was actually the Louise Wolff bar during one of the christmas shows on TV2, tells Maria Lucia.

Louise Wolff with Andreas Bo. TV2-host's dress from the christmas were reused for this year's Oscar-fest. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2
When she arrived in Los Angeles, was Maria Lucia staying at the luxury Beverly Hills Wilshire.

- It was very fine. I had all inclusive, but when I saw the price, for example, for breakfast, I seemed well enough, that it was wild. It's pretty distant for me, when things are so expensive, but of course fun and delicious to try, she says.

however, It was not much, the singer managed to stay at the luxury hotel.

I was most in the Dolby Theatre for the samples. All of us Elsa's were gathered in one room with our managers. There was so much space, but we had it really nice. We would all together sing a single line, so on the way we were equal, she says.

on Tuesday, landed Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg in Copenhagen again after his Oscar-adventure. Not a single selfie with a world star or an autograph, she had a home.

- To be on the red carpet was one of the things that made the greatest impression on me. It was just a wild place to be, she says. Photo: Stone Kundby
- The whole was so big and there were so many talents together in one place. But I was there to work, and it is in fact a little something else. So you can't go and hunt down selfies all the time, " says Maria Lucia, but admits that as she stood a meter from Brad Pitt, she could not help being a little starstruck.

I was about to pee in his pants when I met him. But it was right before I had to act, so my focus was somewhere else. But clearly I was ripped out of it in seconds, laughing she and tells it to take the images in connection with the show is not something you do.

- There are so many rules and restrictions, and it is actually ok. Today, there is a tendency that you have to have a great picture, just can prove that you have experienced something great.

- I'm fine with that, it just lives in me and that I can tell about it, she says.

- I was only on the scene for 20 to 30 seconds. But what an experience, " says Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg. Photo: Courtesy of AMPAS

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the Last role in the birth

Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg was given barely a day to land after his adventure at the Oscar party.

So it was back down to work and rehearsals for the musical 'The bald hairdresser'.

- I got free five days, and I am deeply grateful for. It is not usually during rehearsals for a performance, so thank you Jesper Winge Leisner, smiles Maria Lucia.

the Role in 'The bald hairdresser' is Maria Lucia's last before she becomes a mother, and then waiting for quite a new world, she is well aware of this.

I have always worked very. I have priority over everything, but it's going to change now. So, there are new young talents, having full blast on, as I myself have had, and it is so fine, she says.

- Are you afraid of being overtaken and sidelined by them?

- No! I'm ready to take a step back, says Maria Lucia, who is engaged to Albin Ljungqvist, who is also a singer.

How to get their new life as stage parents to work, she knows not yet.

- But who is other than us, who have tried it, so I wonder if it goes. We take it as it comes, says the pregnant musical star, who have had to opt-out of this autumn's 'She Loves You'-performance in order to be on maternity leave.

- It is of course too bad, but I would like to keep a little maternity leave with our child, she says.

When she must give birth, want Maria Lucia to keep private.

'The bald hairdresser' has premiere 5. march.

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