- It was simply scary

Thursday night was the ’Lion's den’ is back on the Danish tv-screens, and it was with two new faces, as the aspiring entrepreneurs should try to impress. Chr

- It was simply scary

Thursday night was the ’Lion's den’ is back on the Danish tv-screens, and it was with two new faces, as the aspiring entrepreneurs should try to impress. Chr

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 January 2020 Friday 14:00
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- It was simply scary

Thursday night was the ’Lion's den’ is back on the Danish tv-screens, and it was with two new faces, as the aspiring entrepreneurs should try to impress.

Christian Arnstedt and Jacob Vogl did Jesper Buch, Mia Wagner and Jan Lehrmann company in sæsonpremieren, and the former was early allowed to invest money.

Here appeared Lissen Marschall up as the season's first participant and sought an investment to his company Siccaro, which produces absorbent tørredragter for dogs.

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Lissen Marschall's got plenty of think about in the 'Lion's den', but she is happy with the outcome. Photo: Per Arnesen/DR

She got bids from both Jesper Buch and Christian Arnstedt, but after negotiations ended the program's latest lion buying 33,3 percent of Siccaro for 1.125.000 dollars.

the Company's valuation on the 3.375.000 crowns were somewhat lower than the 5.300.000 million, which Lissen Marschall himself had in mind when she gave the lions its first bid. Anyway, she is happy, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

- I am well satisfied with. I can well see that when a lion in such a short time to relate to my business – in relation to an ordinary investor, who may have three months to see all my accounts through and follow my sales and the like – then it is also fair enough, that price is not the same here, she says.

- I had to think after, because the valuation was not the same, but I'm most fond of – besides money – that the Christian comes in with a lot of skills, is very excited about the product and have a lot of knowledge and experience with online sales. It is just before, I will say that I am most fond of.

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Lissen Marschall admits that she was somewhat nervous when she stepped into the room in front of the lions.

- It was simply scary. You are the roasted. You don't see it on tv, but you are actually in there for 55 minutes, when you make a ’Lion's den’, and I must admit, that it was to be for the ultimate exam, " she says, and continues:

- But it was a positive experience. They did not go after the throat, and they were reasonable in their questions and treatment of me, saith the her.

the Entrepreneur did not know what she should expect when she chose to participate in the program.

- I could not read it, they were happy for the dogs, or whether they were hunters. And if no one had a dog or knew of the problem, then it could well be even harder to get sold the product.

- But if not I got an investor with a home, I could say that the product had been shown to mr. and mrs Denmark, and so it had, of course, had a value, say Lissen Marschall.

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When Christian Arnstedt volunteered on the course and told that he was a hunter and already well-known product, it was therefore a relief that hit.

It was, of course, so the birds were singing. I could not have wished for more, cheering, she.

The two have not been able to work too much with Siccaro until now, because the investment has been secret because of the Lion's den’. Little has however been done, and that's going to happen more in the near future.

- We've got a Danish website, it was missing there, but otherwise we have kept some hosting strategy sessions strategy: and learned to know each other. We have talked a little bit about what we want, and what the opportunities are, when we come over in his machine. And all that we must begin now.

the 31-year-old Christian Arnstedt invested as the first lion in this season of the DR1 program. Photo: DR/Per Arnesen

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It is Christian Arnstedt completely agree with. In the program, he does not hide that he knew Siccaro in advance, and it is among other things one of the reasons why he chose to put an investment in the product, as he sees good export opportunities.

'It's only a short time ago, the programme was recorded, but I can say that I have had a good job with Siccaro ago investment. My team and I have had the opportunity to help them to make a Danish website and to get ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google m.m. We have just put in the time, and until now very good results, so we are very happy for, he writes in an email, and continues:

- I think my team in the Blazar Capital can contribute a lot to the Siccaro, since we are good at e-commerce, and Siccaro have a fantastic good product, but has a little less e-commerce experience. In addition to ongoing support with our people, so I am thinking to make some workshops with them along with some of our other businesses, as for example, Nordgreen watches, which is really good for e-commerce. Additionally, their founder, Lissen, hugely comfortable, so I am looking forward very much to the journey with them, he writes.

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