- I suffer from obsessions

the 19-year-old Stephanie Siguenza, known from the documentary series 'Year 0' on TV2, has not always had it easy. Viewers of the programme since its early

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Ann McDonald
11 January 2020 Saturday 01:00
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- I suffer from obsessions

the 19-year-old Stephanie Siguenza, known from the documentary series 'Year 0' on TV2, has not always had it easy.

Viewers of the programme since its early years been able to follow Stephanie Siguenzas somewhat chaotic upbringing, which among other things has offered a wide range of movements, a dramatic divorce between her mother and father, her father's imprisonment and her mother's relationship with a violent man.

And just the very chaotic and ever-changing everyday life, has left its traces on Stephanie Siguenza, who today are still struggling with the aftermath.

she says in the programme 'Year 0: Stephanies story, as of Thursday, was broadcast on TV2.

In this context, she says to tv2.dk, that one of the consequences of her upbringing has been, that today she suffers from obsessive thoughts.

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for Extra Magazine she explains, and explains that the tvangstankerne is something that affects her every day.

- Everything that I have experienced, has made, that I at some points is a little more vulnerable. All the movements and mother and father, from each other, and then they are together again, and one does not know what is happening. There is really much for a little girl to have to deal with, " she says, and continues:

- It is clear that it has been difficult, and it can be difficult to handle certain things. By the smallest of things can I for example start to howl. It is very strange, and a time in between, I think, that it is not worth whining over. But the feelings are sitting out on the clothes at times.

According to Stephanie Siguenza, the lack of stability in her childhood made that she had sought verification in other ways, and it has led to, that she with own words today are suffering from and struggling with obsessive thoughts.

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- There have been so many things that have not been in control, and that I haven't had control over. All the change, there have been, have done, that I feel I must have control, and that I need to make sure that things are in order. And it is here that the obsessions have sprung up. It is just something that has come gradually.

Stephanie Siguenza tells that tvangstankerne translates in many different ways, but that particular number, she has a certain relation to.

- One of the things that go again, is that it must be just figures it all. I put for example, never the sound on the tv to the 33. It must always be 32 or 34. The same is true on my iPad. I can't see what the screwed up on, but as press I is an even number of times, " she says, and continues:

It has also been proven by that when I, for example, was down to mix the candy, so I took always with gloves on, so I could count the pieces, I took. There should also always be an even number.

Stephanie Siguenza along with her mother, Christina Siguenza, and sister Isabella Siguenza. Photo: TV2

'Year 0'-the participant tells, however, that tvangshandlingerne never something that she has been diagnosed.

- It is not something that I have been given a diagnosis for, and it is not something I have spoken with a doctor about. It is my brain that needs to figure out that the world is not crashing, if it's not just a straight numbers. I simply must be able to let go of control, and the practice I me to better.

- It's become a habit, but I can feel that I'm quietly getting better. I have started well to be able to give a little slip as I practice.

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Stephanie Siguenza is not in doubt that tvangstankerne is a relic from her chaotic childhood.

- It has been a big part of it the there with, that there have been so many shifts and movements. A lot of uncertainty, new people and relationships. I do not think you can avoid that it affects a lot.

today, Stephanie Siguenza is a much more stable life with her boyfriend Jeff and a permanent address at svigerforældrene.

- Now I have come into this family, and that's it, as I have been missing, and it is clearly a positive for me, that I have come into it, for it has given me more stability and a ro. I know who is home when they come home, and where things are. It has been wildly nice, and it has given me so much, " she says, and continues:

I have always been very insecure, but they have also helped to teach me that it is okay to say what you mean. I have become much stronger, and I can feel in myself, that I am a really good place.

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