- I am in deep sorrow

Back in april of this year, announced bagedronningen Ditte Julie Jensen, who is known especially from 'The big bagedyst' on the DR, that she and her husband,

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
18 September 2019 Wednesday 09:00
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- I am in deep sorrow

Back in april of this year, announced bagedronningen Ditte Julie Jensen, who is known especially from 'The big bagedyst' on the DR, that she and her husband, Marck Topgaard, whom she married in 2017, would divorce.

since then, the couple has been relatively silent about the divorce, as Ditte Julie Jensen repeatedly with the Extra Leaf has declined to comment further.

But in the new section of the 'dinner with...', which will be sent on Wednesday night on TV3, open Ditte Julie Jensen up for how she has experienced the divorce.

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- It (the divorce, ed.) is really hard, and it is very, very new. It is enormously difficult, for I have tremendous difficulty finding my role in it, because it is so new. There are so many emotions involved, and right now it is very difficult to find my role in it is practical. I must take into account other, myself and my children, which for me is the most important in the here. It is enormously difficult and hard, " she says honestly in the program.

this tells 'Bagedyst'-participant, how eksmanden Marck Topgaard and she has registered itself in relation to their two common children after the divorce.

- the Children living at our shared place of residence, and so be changed my ex-husband and I to be there, so right now I spend several hours here (in the studio, ed.), than I usually do, " she says, and explains that this is why her three guests have been invited to dinner in the studio instead of at home with herself.

Ditte Julie Jensen and Marck Topgaard was married two years ago in Tårnby Church outside Copenhagen. Photo: Bo Nymann/Ritzau Scanpix

Ditte Julie Jensen's ex-husband, Marck Topgaard, whom she married in 2017, selected in the spring to announce the divorce in a special way, when he put a video on Instagram, where he threw his wedding ring in the trash and told him he felt let down by his now ex-wife.

it Was to bagedronningen was the divorce, however, have not been announced at the way.

- It was not just the way I wanted, it had to be interpreted on. It is perhaps hugely naive thought of me, but I would so like to have it just here had been in silence, but I can't control what others do, or what he has done, but it did, I felt that I had to go out and make a public announcement that it was right, such as it was described: We must separate, " she says, and continues:

- After that I close as an oyster. For it is so vulnerable. There is a whole family on the other hand, who does not have a howling fis that should have said, my children have not chosen to be public. I have chosen to be public and have a fire action. It will be hugely sensitive and difficult to navigate for me.

In tonight's episode of 'dinner with...' is it bagedronningen Ditte Julie Jensen, who is known especially from 'The big bagedyst', who is the main character. Photo: Bjorn Jakobsen

Ditte Julie Jensen does not hide the fact that she has a hard time with the divorce, and that it is hard for her to talk about it, as Mille Funk and Jan Linnebjerg gently ask for it in the program.

- I have a little stomach ache over having to talk about it, for I do not think it is particularly fun to talk about, " she says, and continues:

- Inside I'm in deep sorrow, and I have a lot of things that need to be, and I have a whole family having to take care of, and right now it feels like the eye of the hurricane, because it is so new.

a few weeks ago confirmed Marck Topgaard to Ekstra Bladet, that he has chosen to rally Ditte Julie, because he is not satisfied with the division of property after divorce, which must therefore be decided by the court in the near future.

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the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Ditte Julie Jensen, who informs that she did not have any further comments to the program before she even seen it on Wednesday night.

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