The 7 news you need to know this Thursday morning, November 16

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 November 2023 Sunday 16:13
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The 7 news you need to know this Thursday morning, November 16

Hello good morning!

Today is when what was planned has to be fulfilled. Sánchez has the agreements that give him the votes to be sworn in as president in the first vote. And the moment of truth arrives. The day after another rooster will crow.

The investiture debate began yesterday with the expected anger over the PSOE pacts with the independence movement and the amnesty. The positions of each other do not vary. Of note, however, is the “don't tempt fate” launched by Junts. It ended with charges in Ferraz.

The votes therefore seem assured for Sánchez to be sworn in as president today. In parallel, the feeling is growing that the European elections in June, half a year from now, will be the “great revalidation” of the tense moment that Spanish politics is experiencing.

Meanwhile, the analyzes summarize what aims to stay: “The hyperbole about the end of Spain acts as glue”; “he overreacts”; “if the negotiation was difficult, the legislature will be more difficult”; “the kicking dictatorship”… Everything adds up and goes on.

The US and China break the ice in their relations with the sole objective of not worsening the relationship. Biden and Xi meeting near San Francisco. Aim? Competition yes, conflict no, at least on the table.

The war in Gaza seems to be decided in a hospital. Israel emphasizes the relevance of its siege of the main health center in the strip. The UN Security Council, with the US abstaining, approves its first resolution: it establishes humanitarian pauses.

Health professionals “can't take it anymore.” The pressure on care and the lack of resources aggravate the discomfort of doctors and nurses. Be careful: your loss of identification with work extends in the post-covid scenario.

Occupancy has decreased by 10% since 2016 but even so, the latest count says that there are almost 79,000 occupied homes in Spain, more than 30% in Catalonia. And the concern, the tenant who stops paying and does not leave, here, now, takes its toll.

Belén Rueda, actress. “I wouldn't go back to 20 years old, not even a joke.” Read it here.

The fight against aging is a commercial hotbed that always sells. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to what the scientist Manel Esteller details when interviewed in La Vanguardia: “At least half of your aging is in your hand.”

The European Capital of Culture changes every year and each year it discovers a treasure that, no matter how you look at it, is better to put on your agenda to visit. The one in 2024 is the Estonian city of Tartu. It looks like a classical music set.

Traveling in time is possible with a little imagination and a lot of data and, thus, to specific questions such as what does the Middle Ages smell like? What was medieval hygiene like?, new answers arrive. Spoiler: everything is cleaner than you think.

Manuel Valls, former Prime Minister of France. “I maintain my convictions regardless of the personal cost.” Read it here.