The 7 news you need to know this Friday morning, November 17

Good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 November 2023 Sunday 16:12
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The 7 news you need to know this Friday morning, November 17

Good morning!

Sanchez third. A large score of political parties support the new government, a reflection of a plural Spain that is opposed by the PP, Vox and their allies, supporters of a more homogeneous country. Sánchez's third term depends on the agreements between the PSOE and the Catalan independence movement, starting with the amnesty law. It is a difficult path that does not guarantee the stability necessary to face the great social and economic challenges.

President. There were no surprises and Pedro Sánchez was elected president yesterday by 179 votes in favor and 170 against after a fierce debate that illustrates the enormous fracture that has opened with the right due to the pact with the Catalan and Basque independence movements.

Legislature. The upcoming territorial debate will be high-voltage and Sánchez faces it with a new government. The PP announces a tough opposition with an eye on the European elections next June. The pulse between autonomies will be very intense. The possibility of major State pacts over the next four years fades.

Catalonia. ERC and Junts opt for suspicion and prudence. He announces very close monitoring by the Government so that Pedro Sánchez fulfills what has been agreed so that he can become president again.

Loop. Israel strengthens military control in the western sector of Gaza City, while controversy rages over the assault on the Al Shifa hospital on Wednesday. Yesterday the Israeli army recovered the body of one of the hostages next to the health center. She claims that Hamas murdered her.

USA and China. The best thing about the meeting between Biden and Xi in San Francisco was the handshake because underneath the message the pulse is still intense. The geostrategic interests of both collide with their economic interdependence. They are condemned to understand each other and, for now, also to confront each other.

Education. Teachers are calling for cell phones to be banned in schools. Students do not make good use of them. Distraction and cyberbullying are the most negative consequences. Without mobile phones, spaces are recovered for play and dialogue. Madrid, Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha have already banned them.

Drought. Catalonia is suffering the worst drought in its history since there are records. In the last three years, in the basins that supply Barcelona, ​​it has rained 32% less. The city is preparing to bring water in boats.

Bojan Krkic, former footballer and tutor of the young talents of FC Barcelona. “I was 16 years old, it was not the age to tell about my problem.” Read it here.

Latin Grammys. Seville elevates female voices. Shakira, Natalia Lafourcade, Karol G, Niña Pastori, Joaquina and Julieta Venegas triumph in a gala with an Andalusian accent and flamenco flavor.

Cinema. Director Marc Recha premieres Ruta Salvatge, a 'western' set in Cerdanya. Two Serbian jewel thieves arrive in this Pyrenean valley who need a small plane to leave the country.

Iceland. The fishing village of Grindavík is the epicenter of the biggest ecological disaster that the island has suffered since 1973. A lava tunnel makes its way under the houses, now evacuated.

Barbara Kingsolver, writer. “I write in the manner of Dickens to move your hearts.” Read it here.