The 7 news you have to know this Friday, March 17 in the morning

Good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 00:48
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The 7 news you have to know this Friday, March 17 in the morning

Good morning!

The balance between the free market and intervention to curb inflation is not easy, but it is what the European Central Bank achieved yesterday. He raised rates and guaranteed money for banks and struggling states. The bags bounced.

The European Central Bank yesterday raised the price of money to 3.5% to contain inflation that will remain high for too long. Her president, Christine Lagarde, followed in the footsteps of her predecessor Mario Draghi and guaranteed that, whatever the cost, there will be money to bail out banks and debt-ridden states.

The stock markets yesterday recovered part of the ground lost since the Credit Suisse crisis broke out last Thursday. They regained confidence thanks, in part, to the 54 billion euros that the Swiss National Bank will put into the battered Credit Suisse.

The Silicon Valley Bank crisis has been followed by the First Republic. Its fall threatened to open a major leak in the US financial system. For this reason, three of its main banks, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, have agreed to invest 30,000 million dollars to stop it.

It was not the end that Macron wanted, but the French president ordered yesterday that the pension reform be approved by decree. He resorted to this constitutional tool when verifying that he did not have the necessary votes in the National Assembly. The measure will accentuate the social crisis in France and highlights the fragility of the Élysée.

Technology is neutral, but its use is not. The problem is not Frankenstein, but Dr. Frankenstein, warn four experts consulted by 'La Vanguardia' about the misuse of a technology that can have perverse effects.

Neuropathic pain is difficult to combat. Many people live with it daily because there is no surgical solution and medication relieves but does not cure. But this is not the case of a patient successfully operated on at the Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona.

The high temperatures resulting from the climate crisis have turned plagues that were previously sporadic and contained into chronic ones. The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona has seen how infestations of rats, bedbugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes have skyrocketed.

Laura Mora, filmmaker. “Justice is a kind of utopia; today it is unattainable”. Read it here.

Who killed Michael Collins? ask the Irish a century after his murder. The IRA leader and Chancellor of Finance, the most prominent figure in Irish history, was shot dead in Cork in 1922. His killer was never caught.

Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, assured yesterday in Foros de Vanguardia that he does not believe that Barça has bought the referees. He recognized that the Negreira case is the most serious reputational crisis in the history of La Liga and recommended facing it face to face and without victimization.

Abu Dhabi has a branch of the Louvre, the work of Jean Nouvel, and another of the Guggenheim signed by Frank Gerhy. Now his petrodollars raise the building that Norman Foster has designed for the National Museum. The emirate is very clear that culture helps to make up the absolutist monarchy.

Massimo Pigliucci, geneticist. "Remember, some things are up to you and others are not." Read it here.