The 7 news that you have to know this Thursday, May 25 in the morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 04:57
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The 7 news that you have to know this Thursday, May 25 in the morning

Hello good morning!

Buying votes in Spain, anti-Putin militias in Russia, police reports based on rumors, spinal cord injuries who are walking again... What seemed impossible not long ago is now a reality. And set the pace while waiting for more last-minute surprises.

The electoral campaign suffers a reversal. A vote-buying network twists the final lines of the 28-M campaign. His focus was on Melilla. And now it is also in the socialists. The PP points to Minister Bolaños.

How is it possible that this still happens? Many more accustomed to reading similar cases in history books than in a news paper will wonder. "Vote at the Post Office and then collect 100 euros": this is how the plot operated in the 21st century.

"There is a risk of civil war in Russia." This same thing was said months ago. Today it is gaining even more strength, as the historian Orlando Figes quotes to this newspaper due to the recent incursions of the Russian military from abroad. It is believed to be the best anti-Putin asset.

The police scams uncovered by the case of Sandro Rosell add blushes. The new one, the last one, refers to the report that led to his imputation, prepared on the basis of rumors and false data. There is even a computer scientist hospitalized for "psychic alteration" by source.

The energy sets the pace. At the same time that the EU asks Spain to withdraw aid for the energy crisis and allocate the savings to reduce deficits, the energy companies fear the excess power of governments in Europe. Everything reaffirms that in this sector the future is at stake.

Fly French? No. Paris has eliminated short regional routes, those that can be done by train in less than two and a half hours. The Spanish government suggested it years ago. Part of him even plans to go further. But nothing. Only the commotion remains.

Soccer turns the page. While the Vinícius case and the debate on racism in the fields and beyond are still kicking, Alba says goodbye to Barça like Piqué and Busquets. Today, by seniority, Dembélé and De Jong would be captains. It summarizes the change of times that is lived.

Natalia Vía-Dufresne, legendary sailor. "Nothing empowers like sailing." read it here

A connection without a cable between the brain and the spinal cord has worked the miracle that has allowed a spinal cord injury to walk again for the first time in the world. A Swiss made advance that includes a company to try to take it to the globe. Chapeau!

We insist: mental health is, moreover, one of the great concerns in the post-pandemic. Where does it exit? Specialists such as Anabel González advise: "Write down on a piece of paper the hours lost due to things that never happened." And so, more, here.

'The queen of rock', Tina Turner, has died at the age of 83. She leaves a legacy of great successes that will be difficult to match after spending half a century on the stage. And also a personal story from which you never stop learning.

Santi Moix, painter, muralist, ceramicist, sculptor. “I paint with misspellings”. read it here