Rossell Carol: specialized in orthodontic cases with high aesthetic requirements


Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
27 September 2023 Wednesday 11:28
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Rossell Carol: specialized in orthodontic cases with high aesthetic requirements

Dr. Joan Rossell and Dr. Celeste Fernández are at the head of Rossell Carol, which throughout its almost 150 years of experience has been evolving with the profession and in accordance with the technological advances that are currently necessary. Dr. Joan Rossell has continued the historical-professional legacy of his ancestors, maintaining the high standards of patient care for which the Carol family has always been distinguished. “We can boast history, tradition and respect for the profession, something that our patients value. Since I was little I was enthusiastic about crafts and meticulous work; I am a very patient person and I love working with people. I was very clear that my profession could not focus on computers and machines. Added to that was our long family history of full dental vocation,” points out the doctor.

What does the work carried out in the orthodontic department at the Rossell Carol Dental Clinic consist of?

Our center on Rambla Catalunya in a modernist location represents both the history of the Carol family and the character of the city. One of the sensations that Rossell Carol gives off and that we like the most on our first visits is the history, tradition and respect for the profession that we transmit. Many dental centers are in the hands of businessmen, mutual societies or investment funds. In my opinion, the most important thing is that the center is managed by dental professionals. Normally, there will be the same professional who will take care of the details and will always respond to any situation.

The patient's health must be the object of any treatment. We distinguish ourselves by being extremely conservative with our teeth, practicing the minimum possible interventions and preserving as much dental tissue as possible. Our clear commitment to an integrative approach provides better care for our patients, not only in the dental field, but also in their general health. Our lifestyle habits affect our health and the mouth is an area where many conditions first manifest themselves that affect other organs; Detecting it helps prevent diseases. The orientation of the consultation has always been based on honest treatment, focused on the patient's needs.

Due to my dedication and high degree of specialization in orthodontics in adult, adolescent and child patients, complemented with aesthetic treatments, both of the highest level, we can obtain treatments with excellent results of maximum aesthetic demand. Our specialty is orthodontic retreatment and cases with high aesthetic requirements. Many patients have already had orthodontics with which they were not satisfied and come to look for a solution that provides greater stability to their treatment.

All of the professionals who work at Rossell Carol are, or have been, university professors at some point, we have taught courses on our subject and we regularly attend training courses in different areas. Our work team is a very solid team, which has been working together for many years. This facilitates communication and offers a lot of confidence to the patient, who knows that he will always be treated by the same doctor, who knows his history, the points to improve in his oral health and empathizes with his problems. To facilitate orientation towards the patient's health, whatever treatment he needs, we have created the figure of the dental consultant. The main function is to prevent patients from searching for information on the networks that is often not verified and that generates unjustified alarms.

This figure aims to bring us closer to people who need truthful information. Of course, most of the time we will need to see the patient to resolve their doubts, but it can be a simple solution for people who want to consult something specific, or have a quick impression of the most common doubts that we deal with, such as, for example, different types of orthodontics that we offer, which are the best materials, indicative budgets, etc. We try to ensure that patients have someone to trust, someone who will transmit information to them at the highest technological and scientific level. The unstoppable march of the profession towards the path of digitalization and artificial intelligence implies drastic changes in the way of working compared to what we were used to.

Our great advantage is that we operate perfectly in the digital field, but we have a whole range of analogue training that is not currently taught in universities. In a world as competitive as the one we currently have, the most important thing and the legacy that my family has transmitted to me is the effort, the desire to learn and the hours of study that you dedicate to your profession to offer the best quality of care possible.