Feijóo has Rafael Matesanz for the foundation that will help him make his program

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Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 March 2023 Wednesday 06:50
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Feijóo has Rafael Matesanz for the foundation that will help him make his program

Add and continue. The president of the PP wants the best in his foundation, which aims to provide the PP with ideas for its electoral program. And among the best will be the founder of the National Transplant Organization, Rafael Matesanz. It is not the only incorporation announced today by Rajoy's team to the foundation that Pablo Vázquez will preside over. The PP announced this Wednesday that she will also form part of the Noah Higón Foundation, the young Valencian graduated in Law who suffers from seven rare diseases that she has visualized on social networks.

The president of the PP has also decided that figures from the world of culture form part of the Foundation, such as Montse Iglesias, former director of Culture at the Instituto Cervantes or the writer and diplomat Juan Claudio de Ramón, the latest David Gistau Prize for Journalism. All of them will form part of the Foundation's Advisory Council.

These new incorporations are added to those that the match has already announced in recent days, where they will be, in addition to the coach and current sports technical director of the "Rafa Nadal Academy" Toni Nadal and the journalist and president of the Querer Foundation, Pilar García de la Granja, the president of the civil organization Concordia Cívica; Teresa Freixes; Ramón Gil-Casares, former Spanish ambassador to the United States; Nuno Crato, former Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal and Javier Santacruz, member of the platform "The Spain that brings together".

Likewise, Mercedes Fuertes, permanent member of the General Codification Commission of the Ministry of Justice, and Noemí Gámez, lawyer of the Council of State, have also joined the foundation.

The foundation will be directed by Pablo Vázquez, Ph.D. in Economics, with a long management career behind him. He has held, among others, the presidency of RENFE, has been director of the Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (FEDEA) and until now part of the management team of the McKinsey consultancy and served as the visible head of the Madrid Futura initiative.

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, intends, with these signings, to build an alternative to the Government of Pedro Sánchez with people with extensive experience, management and great knowledge who bring the best ideas to the Foundation to put them into operation as soon as the Spaniards as well decided in a general election.

Rafael Matesanz. Nephrologist, former director general of the National Institute of Health (INSALUD) and advisor to the World Health Organization, his greatest recognition in the health field is having created the National Transplant Organization. Matesanz is the architect and person in charge of the so-called Spanish transplant model that has led Spain from medium and low donation levels during the 1980s to being in first place in the world.

Montserrat Iglesias. She graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, she completed doctoral studies at the Universities of Pennsylvania (USA) and the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and obtained the European Doctorate. She is currently the president of the Teatro de La Abadía Foundation. She was director of Culture of the Cervantes Institute and general director of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM).

Juan Claudio de Ramon. Graduated in Law and International Relations at ICADE and in Philosophy, this writer and diplomat has written in various media such as "El Mundo" or "El País" and has addressed cultural issues in magazines such as The Objective, Letras Libres, Jot Down , Keys of Practical Reason or The Deer. Winner of the last David Gistau Prize for Journalism, he has published books such as Canadiana: Viaje al país de las segundas oportunidades and has participated, for example, in the collective work Anatomía del procés. Keys to the greatest crisis of Spanish democracy.

Noah Higon. A lawyer, political scientist and writer, she has made rare diseases visible on social networks. She has published two books, has thousands of followers and like so many other patients with rare pathologies, Noah has dedicated a good part of her life investigating and researching rare diseases, which in Spain suffer from more than three million people.